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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 3 2012 9:00 a.m. MST

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David King
Layton, UT

It's a good thing the Deseret News feels there are no other candidates worthy of their coverage. If there were, I might have to think about my vote, look at all the candidates, and consider their positions. Fortunately, the DN has done my thinking for me, winnowed the field to one candidate, with the occasional brief aside on Jon Huntsman, and ignored the other.

Voting has never been so easy! Thanks Deseret News!

Syracuse, UT

@ David King

Try thinking outside the box! You have a computer, try and goggle some of the other people or does your computer just work with DN.

Cardston, Alberta

simple solution...spare yourself all the grief (and us as well from all your whining)and read another daily!

Salt Lake City, UT

'Try thinking outside the box! You have a computer, try and goggle some of the other people...' - Eddie | 11:44 a.m. Jan. 3, 2012

So...newspapers can't be balanced now?

They MUST be partisan?

That speaks volumes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Caucuses favor the groups that are reliable voters (elderly, evangelicals) and the devoted (paul fans, or obama supporters in 08 as he did way better than clinton in the caucuses whereas she did better in primaries). Romney better not sound too confident, it is entirely plausible that he finishes third today behind Paul and Santorum in some order.

American Fork, UT

Any other candidates in the race?

Kaysville, UT

The caucus in Iowa isn't going to be impacted by the Deseret News publishing articles about any of the candidates. If people want a balance on the news, they can review the Salt Lake Tribune, which is our area's balance for news and reporting and even comments. We are fortunate to have balance in our news companies in the Salt Lake City reading area. The Deseret News and Tribune have always provided that balance and we can subscribe to their services. Reading either paper can give anyone the opportunity to see the national and international news in perspective to what the audiance wants. If one wants more access to news there are probably 100s sources either on the Internet, public and private media sources available from most homes. Magazines are not as flexible due to publishing limitation but we have so many sources available without government interference. I have lived in countries that are limited on sources and variety of information due to government interference, whether police or army forces intervention. People in those countries don't have real freedom and we are blessed to have a U.S. Constitution and form of governmen to protect us. Thanks for good Editors

Centerville, UT

@David King

While it is true that there ARE other candidates in the race to win Iowa, Mitt Romney has a huge lead (RCP average 21%) in the New Hampshire polls. Earlier in the year the Romney campaign had pretty much written Iowa off as a loss. It is a pretty big deal that he's even tied in this race.

Paul and Santorum will most likely fade into the sunset after Iowa. They way behind in New Hampshire.

Ogden, UT

Santorum did this well because he spent an enormous amount of time cultivating relationships with the people of Iowa. By his own admission, he did well because of his grass-roots efforts. Once he leaves Iowa, his 'grass-roots' are behind him. He'll fade.

I thought Iowan's thought better. 22% for Ron Paul who is dangerous. He's so far right, he actually relates better to the far left (dismantle military, etc.) Iowa's not such a good conservative proving ground after all.

Romney and Gingrich will survive past South Carolina.


Having Chaffetz hanging around w/ Mitt is reason enough to vote for another canditate.


Ron Paul is dangerous? The only man who consistently supports the U.S. Constitution is dangerous? Romney is supported by the same people who are fine with Obama being president. They're actually not too far apart in their decision-making. Romney or Obama being president - they would both make the same decisions. Ron Paul is the only candidate in the field who actually will stand on principle, who hasn't been bought and paid for by corporations with big federal contracts or a hand out wanting a taxpayer-funded "bail-out", who has a decades-long voting record of supporting legislation that keeps us staying true to the Constitution. Please, research before you label Ron Paul "dangerous". He is dangerous only to the professional political class, the large corporate empires who care little for the U.S. or its people, and those who see politics as a game akin to football. I suggest you go to the horse's mouth and visit Ron Paul's website to find out what he truly stands for and who he represents.

Spanish Fork, UT

@Observation-ist, Paul doesn't propose that we "dismantle [the] military" ... do you believe following the Constitution to declare wars and no attacking nations that never attacked us to be dangerous or somehow translates to "dismantling our defense forces"? A President Paul would likely have accepted a captured Bin Laden from Afghanistan when the Taliban offered him up in 2001 just weeks after the attack instead of unleashing war on five entire nations and creating new generations of survivors who might hate the seemingly unjust occupiers who killed their family members with mistaken drone strikes and bad intel and thousands in "collateral damage".

Saint George, UT

Romney should fire his Super-PAC.
6 years of campaigning and he is no further ahead than he was in 2008.
25% of Iowa voters say yes.
75% say NO.
All of the candidates are united in making President Obama a one term President.
The problem Romney faces is ALL the candidates are united in making him a TWO TIME LOSER.

Provo, UT

The media keeps saying that Romney isn't doing any better in Iowa than he did 4 years ago. It was a two horse race then. This time there were 3 other people winning counties and splitting the votes. So it actually means Romney did better this time because he didn't lose supporters even though there were more candidates vying for them. Simple math.


Next stop for Romney: New Hampshire and his $10 million house there.

Durham, NC

I watched both speaches tonight hoping I would hear something new and fresh and all I got anearfull of was how we are going to make America great by lowering your taxes and eliminating taxes for corporations. The rest was a bunch of promises that neither could keep because the things they promised to do were not powers granted to the office of president. But most will ignore that little detail and cheer the promise makers.

What can't we have a candidate that runs on what they actually can do, and not on over applying blame to someone who doesn't have powers to do all they credit him with doing.

Honesty, from an LDS candidate, wouldn't that be worth voting for? Mit may be a good LDS dad, but he is letting his political ambitions taint his ethical judgement. Run an honest campaign and I will vote for ya... Don't and I won't because I hold you to a higher standard because he is representing my faith as well.

Waianae, HI

One Non Issue beats another Non Issue by 8 Votes, in somthing that is Not a Free Election and America Wins. Get over it.

If Mr. Mormon but not Mormon enough wins the Nomination then Obama will have a real good shot at a 2nd Term.

We need to directly elect the President and the VP needs to be a seperate issue. This would have ment Al Gore but perhaps people would be more careful.

How about the President being a Non Partisan Race. No one gets 50% you have a run off. Millions of people less will vote in a run off because they already Voted. That would be the fair way.

The Mayor of Honolulu is Non Party and two Dems are leading the field 1 a former Gov. Great side story don't like his stand on Abortion. Do not like the fact he Vetoed Hawaii's 16-5 Law. Overturned the Veto but people still think its 14-0 because the do not understand override. The mayor who was DA at time selectively enforced it as DA. However the 16-5 law has helped a lot of Parents keep Control of Daughters and Sons.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Not surprised be the turn out of the Iowa Caucus. Seems like the media is running off of "Poll Numbers" and not the issues that really need to be addressed!!

At this point, I'm disappointed in "all" candidates for the GOP and sick of Barack Obama, who taunts about how great a President he is......seriously what has this guy done beside ruin America and bring in "BIG GOVERNMENT" to control your life style???!

Miami Area, Fl

Odd that no one mentioned the amount of money spent on Romney's behalf.

Don't you think that may have played a part in the outcome and Newt's 4th place finish?

You can be assured that there will be an outrage when Obama's PAC's start spending money.

The Citizens United ruling was a sad day for America.

We need to get corporate and union money out of our political system.

And we need to complain about it even when it helps our own candidate.

Anyone think that UNLIMITED, Anonymous corporate money is good for our election process? If so, please explain.

Cedar Rapids, IA

My wife, daughter and I attended the Iowa caucus last night. Our precinct gave Mitt Romney a 45-vote cushion by the time our precinct voting was completed. I think every Iowan is thrilled to have the campaign completed. The robo calls came 10 to 15 a day from all candidates (except Jon Huntsman).

@UtahBlueDevil: As a watcher of the political process as a journalist and citizen for many years, I've met few candidates who felt they alone could change the course of government. Did you expect to have a detailed action plan provided in a 30-second or less sound bite on every topic?

What is unstated by all candidates, not just Romney, is the process requires enough similarly-minded elected officials to effect change in government.

As for finding out about all the candidates' promises in Iowa, the Des Moines Register has a website that is kept well updated.

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