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Published: Monday, Jan. 2 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Bell and Hayward score a combined 3 points from the two wing positions.

Howard and CJ come off the bench to score 24 points from the wings. Geez, I wonder who should be starting?

Has Bell scored this year?

Farmington, UT

@CJ Since you asked, Burks should be starting at 2 and Howard at 3 if we are going off of consistency. CJ's bonehead fouls (plural) is what kills his ability to be a savvy vet on this team. Plus, Hayward would flourish at 2 rather than 3 but Corbin obviously can't see that.

My starters:
Jefferson(needs to pass more)

Then have Millsap come in and run the offense through him with Miles and Burks at the wings.

Bell? Well, he needs to benched permanently next to Harpring, holding his fry sauce.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Wow, the Jazz are terrible.

Hornets did not have Eric Gordon and the Jazz barely get by them, Utah is bad.

It's pretty sad how desperate the Jazz are for any type of win.

Just move the team to either Seattle or Kansas City already......we all know they're moving within the next 4-6 years anyways.

Tokyo, Japan

i hope they realize that we arent going to win a lot this year...and i hope the coaching staff and the brass...should commit to the young guys this year...for them to learn and improve...i dont think Al Jefferson is our future...Favors is...i hope the brass would swing a trade for a young PG...and just go all out with young guys...and give them all the opportunities to improve...let them score the ball...design plays for them...i think this should be the year they do that...with a deep talent pool on next year's rookies...because right now...i cant see us getting to the playoffs...and im not also sold on Corbin being the coach...


Hey Jody,

After your "Marvelous" article yesterday about Bell, why didn't you write about his performance tonight. Bell had no points in 19 minutes. O for 3 if I remember right. You and Corbin need to regroup and both of you need to move on.

Santa Ana, CA

I sense there is something more at play here than Raja JUST STARTING. Called Internal clicking...CJ: Your man still shoots about every time he has the rock, and the schoolyard fouls. Of course one day, that will cost us a game. Favors had his moments. Harris, Jefferson and Millsap played well. Kanter was good offensively, he struggled against Kaman. We were fortunate New Orleans missed Trevor Ariza. Bellilini or whatever his name is, missed some makable shots. Still Paul and AJ together worked to slow down Kaman. Overall, it was a pretty good effort. Burks started off poor with the charge. However, showed nice speed, vision and instincts. He needs to play. This is a team, I expected to beat. Tonight presents new and tougher challenges...Oh by the way Bell was 0 for 3er? Must be nice to play 4 on 5 and have his teammates ignore him...We start a game like playing Soccer 10 on 11

Richfield, UT

@CJ, you mean on Howards 18 points on 6 of 16 shots and CJ's 11 points on 12 shots?

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