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Published: Sunday, Jan. 1 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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Pocatello, ID

If Mitt is elected POTUS, I wonder how the RS visiting teachers or home teachers will fulfill their callings. Just a thought. Bet Bro. Romney won't be called to be a scout leader.

Murray, Utah


You finally said something I agree with. Actions speak louder than words. That is why I will never support or agree with BO.

Springville, UT

@ Eddie, what does this story have to do with President Obama? Must he be your whipping post for everything?

Farr West, Utah

For all of you who thought that it was inappropriate for DN to run this article: maybe it would be quuestionable for a different newspaper. But I'm sure many DN readers are interested in this. I actually wondered yesterday as I watched the news if Mitt Romney attended church in Iowa on Sunday. Not every story has to be political or politically correct.

By the way I do think some of the above comments are insightful about Romney quietly attending church, rather than campaigning in church as many Democrats and many conservative Republicans have done.

Marine Corps Vet
Tempe, AZ

Brother Chuck Schroder;
My oh my, you do get around. Had it not been for your presumably first-hand obsrvation regarding all of the nifty conversational tidbits that took place in the LDS meeting house foyer between Mitt R. and ward members, I would never have known that he was signing Books of Mormon and stumping for Iowa votes. Please keep up your factual and enlightening reports and blogs. You sir are to be commended for reporting the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!

Sacramento, CA

Eddie, just because you wouldn't want to worship in somebody's church, doesn't mean that for someone else, it may not be the beginning of faith. They may not stay there once they find it isn't enough, or they may find something you and I don't know is there. Since I have never met the man or worshipped there, I do not know what is there that he offers his congregation, so please let us not judge him or his congregation. And I am sure that no decent presidential candidate on any side of the fence, including the one so many are apparently wanting to succeed here, would encourage such a judgmental attitude, at least not as a campaign issue, and certainly not as an LDS person.

Cedar City, Utah


I'm glad my brother lives in Oregon and has the ability to cancel out your vote; or is that mean to say that?

Richland, WA

If Romney is elected, I can imagine stories about the ward he will attend when home at the White House, as well as arrangements made so they can have Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers. We Mormons are going to look disappointingly ordinary to most people, instead of scary.

Beaverton, OR


That is never going to happen.


Oregon is a strong blue state. Too bad for your brother.


I fear for your sanity when Obama wins a 2nd term.

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