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Published: Sunday, Jan. 1 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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Al Thepal
Salt Lake City, UT

First, although I am a Romney supporter and I think it is cool he stays low-key going to Church even at this time, I don't think this is really news worthy. He probably does the same thing every week that he visits a ward or branch other than his own.

Second, if I was Mitt and I wanted things to be low-key at church and a young volunteer got this on the news, I would be a little mad at Fullmer. Mitt tries to go to Church and not have it be a big deal, and Fullmer gets it in the news (at least in Utah). Oops.

Sarah Rose

Why is this even in the news? Mitt was at Church...one is there to worship..not do campaigning. Mitt did what any other LDS would do. Good grief..!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Actually, I do think this is newsworthy. Mitts counterparts are milking religious congregations all across Iowa, using the pulpit as a political tool, pronouncing their belief, saving themselves, declaring thier deviations etc. While Romney, the so called "cultist" show up to church low- key and refuses to use it for polical means. If Romney was flip- flopper, he would have denounced his religion long ago, it gives him 0 advantage in Iowa and beyond from an election standpoint.

Florissant, MO

That really impresses me, I heard a story about Daddy Huntsman (SR) at a Stake Conference that was the total opposite. No way to know if it is true, but it was very self important. I am not surprised that Romney was low key, I think that is really who he is, but he is a good leader and has good ideas.


Well on second thought Uncle Rico..I agree with you. Sad day when political campaigners use their religion as a campaign tool. Good for Mitt!

Syracuse, UT

I heard a lot on a big network that all the others were at one church or another trying to get votes and they named them all but not Mitt. I guess they just will not go near an LDS church building. I think that it was wonderful what Mitt did and how he did it. I would love to see what the others said in their "meetings" and then how the media plays (spins) it.


This is not a news article! Items like this is why there is discust on the mormondom culture.

American Fork, UT

Every candidate needs to keep their religion personal. All the time.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Mr. Romney seems to be the only candidate who attends church to worship God. The others, at least the ones that we read about, think that church is just another campaign stop.

It's refreshing to finally see a devout man do what a devout man should do - attend church for the right reason.


DN is not doing a good job of informing it's readers! We don't know where Romney had dinner last night, how he celebrated the New Year, nor how many houses he owns or what they're worth.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL


CAN YOU BELIEVE that Jacob Fullmer, now a member of Mitt Romney's Iowa field staff, said the presidential candidate didn't mention Iowa's upcoming caucus vote, during LDS Church services Sunday. But after the closing prayer, out in the Foyer was more then just a general discussion of his issues and experiences with Mormonism and that he needs their votes in 2012. Mitt remembers the French, social center, from Old French foier way to much also. I'm sure he posed for pictures and signed several Book of Mormon's also.

I told you I would tell you the truths.

I didn't say you would like them.

Right Brother Romney?.

Centerville, UT


"Items like this is why there is discust on the mormondom culture."

...not to mention 'discust' among teachers of English.

Holladay, UT

Deseret News: Really? You post an article about Romney going to church?

Just because someone goes to church doesn't mean they can be trusted. If you need an example, look to Utah County's troubles with financial schemes on the premise of being a member.

Washougal, Washington

...This sounds a lot like what I did at church today, except I didn't have to stand up as a visitor...Nice, informative article...I hope we see more of the same as Mitt rides this wave.

Ivins, UT

Sorry Brother Schroeder...

No votes again on your comments. Why not try something else for a career.

San Francisco, CA

The LDS church specifically forbids using its services, activities, or facilities for campaigning or partisan political events. The church is neutral on candidates or parties, and on issues except those of moral or social significance. Leaders are expected not to involve the Church in these issues.

In some churches, Sunday services actually feature candidates who mount the pulpit to garner votes. They vie for the pastor's endorsement and bash each other to a chorus of "amens" from the congregation. This is quite common in some demographic sectors, at least where I live. It isn't unusual to see candidate endorsements in the official (county-issued) voter material by "Reverend ______ ______, Pastor, ______ Church."

We don't hear a lot of agitating about the need for those churches to lose their religious tax-exempt status.

But I digress.

Political candidates, or the POTUS, or any public figure, ought to be able to go to religious services without a lot of fanfare and commotion. If any politician wants to let God influence his life, please! please! don't ANYBODY interfere! And the congregation of good and faithful people deserves the right to worship in peace and quiet.

Miami Area, Fl

"Mitts counterparts are milking religious congregations all across Iowa,"

Yes, because they believe it will help them get GOP votes.

The only reason that Romney is not is because it WONT help him and will most likely Hurt him.

Please don't make it sound as if his motives are more noble.

Beaverton, OR

Romney leaves the political scene outside of the church services, where they should be. Separating church and state.

Gotta hand it to him.

Sacramento, CA

So does Harry Reid and so do many other candidates and public officials, LDS or otherwise, of both parties. They go to their religious meeting of choice, and worship, and if they are visitors, do whatever is customary. Case closed. And yes, as we often discuss everything in the foyer from dinner to dresses, I bet Mitt had some things to say that would not have been proper in the meeting, although I have heard such things come as close to being discussed as one dared do. And in regard to the comment about English teachers, I'm glad I didn't have to say that, although I'm glad someone did--given my opinions, it may have been taken too lightly. But if one wants to make it a point of pride, one should do it with correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Thank you for your time, and happy new year!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Joe Blow: I dont see your point, and unless you are a gifted mind-reader, I doubt you have any more insight on Romneys intentions than I do.

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