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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 28 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Polls can be made to give any results desired.

It is telling that in this case 557 of the 1,220 adult Hispanics were registered to vote, meaning about 55% of these adults were not registered to vote.

The results show 60% object to deportation of illegals.

Question- How many of the adults who are not registered voters are here illegally?

Sort of silly to ask people who are violating the law if the approve or disapprove of enforcing the law.


Illegal immigrants disapprove deportation. Shocker. I wonder how our Canadian friends feel about this.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I suppose a handout is still better from a foe versus no handout at all.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

good for the latinos. their lives will really improve with the likes of obama. hopefully they will figure out that this guy is not their frien.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

Obama breaking promises? No way! He'd never do that!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

"At this stage, they're just trying to get the votes they need so they want to sound as extreme as possible," Yapias said.

I don't see anything extreme about enforcing the law.
I do find it extreme that in spite of the undeniable evidence of the harm that illegal immigration is doing to our country and the devastating effect it is having upon unskilled labor in this country, that our government refuses to enforce our laws.

So they want the immigration system fixed? Fixed for whom?
If you break into my house don't expect me to serve you dinner.
If you break into my country I would send you packing just as fast as if you broke into my house.

Mcallen, TX

Obama has an aunt and uncle who are illegal aliens from Kenya. The uncle recently got arrested for a DUI.

Clearfield, UT

What the Deseret News appears to overlook in its article is the reporting by other major news outlets about how huge a margin Obama leads any of the Republican candidates, with even The Christian Science Monitor headlining how Obama would trounce his Republican rivals with Hispanic votes.

Leesburg, VA

The ignorance and hate of some of the comments here always makes me wonder if this is representative of the LDS church. I hope Not.

As a Latino, I dissaprove of President Obama on several fronts. However, he still will have my vote because the Republican Party does not represent our interest, nor the interest of any minority, Hispanics, Blacks, LGBT, Women, etc. The only exception being Cubans and certain Asian groups.

Obama is far from perfect, but the man is trying..... If Republicans are not able even to form a united front among themselves, how do they expect to unite our country?

The only decent candidate Republicans have is John Huntsman, unfortunately, Republicans are so blinded for their hatred toward President Obama that they don't see it.

The Republican Party, the craddle of idiocy is destroying the country and now hopefully will lose Congress and the White House again.

Bronx, NY

@trustjenn and Tibi001
Sorry to say this but your bias is showing again, this was a poll of Latino's not illegal immigrants or welfare recipients. Believe it or not there really are latinos that are citizens and who are not on welfare.


Baccus0902 isn't expressing hatred. It's an opinion.

Why do DN readers always resort to hyperbole?


Smokescreen. He told them in a speech in Denver that the numbers were fixed. They were counting people turned away at the border, and releasing felons in prison if they self deported.

So why are we getting this polling of people with unknown nationality?

Rutland vs. Medfield
Seattle, Wa

@ute alumni 8:55 p.m. - "Your guy, obama, has done more to harm this country in three years than any one including, Nixon, Carter and Clinton"

Glenn Beck, Fox News, and the voices that filter through the tinfoil are not the only sources of information out there. They do, however, feed your (and others') obvious xenophobic denigration of Latinos.

Mcallen, TX


Don't be so easily deceived. Baccus0902 was expressing bitterness, and how can you categorize DN readers into one category?

You and Baccus0902, are very similar.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

So in other words "Latino's" still believe it's ok to break the law, drive without drivers license's, no insurance and show up to our hospitals ER's to be treated at the expense of the American people.......WOW! And then smuggle in drugs on top of all this, what gives???

Lafayette, IN

That we are deporting so many is an indicator of the size of the problem. If most Latios wanted their peers deported, that would be news.

Cache, UT

Now we are calling them "unauthorized immigrants"?

So if a burglar breaks into my home, I should call him an unauthorized occupant?

NO. They are illegal immigrants. This means criminals. P.C. garbage minimizes the fact that they don't follow the rules. Secure our borders. Enforce the law!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Leesburg, VA

"The ignorance and hate of some of the comments here always makes me wonder if this is representative of the LDS church. I hope Not."

I read through these comments and saw no hate. Why is it that you think it is hateful to disagree with you?

I agree the Republican Party has problems. They are far too much like the Democrats.

How can you say that Obama is trying? He has created more unemployment that he has fixed. He destroyed drilling in the gulf (in spite of court orders, yes, he is in contempt of court), he has shut down several coal burning generating plants, Obama Care is making people think twice about hiring new people. Obama likes to talk about jobs "Created or saved" (and you can't measure saved jobs). It is more like created or destroyed.

A president with any sense would have had the unemployment rate down to 5% eighteen months ago.

Yes, President Obama is trying...my patience.

Allen, TX

" the craddle of idiocy "

So funny.

Cedar Hills, UT

Not to worry, Obama. Groups can be bought with other peoples money, its called redistribution of wealth, and it works like a champ. We have all become divided, you know. The politicians are the ones in charge of this plan and its never failed them yet. Now, go out and purchase those votes.
One nation under the heavens, DIVIDED, with liberty and justice for the right group.

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