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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 27 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Bloomington, IN

Scary first half but amazing run in the 2nd by Carlino and Co. If BYU can figure out how to go inside first (and do it) they are going to be a really good team. This team, as a team, is deeper and more talented than last year. Granted, there is no Jimmer this year, but they certainly have the potential to return to the sweet 16. These first few conference games will be a good indicator of how good they really are. I expect a 25+ win season. Go Cougs!

Highland, UT

Painful game to watch. There were five minutes of good basketball to watch in the second half. I guess if your going to lay an egg this is the one to do it.

Hopefully, we can play more consistent against St. Mary's.

Pleasant Grove, UT

It's easy to get caught in the trap of playing down to your opponent's level. Oh, well. No harm, no foul. On a very bright side, Carlino is the Truth! Go, Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT


Cougars - 19
Carlino - 0


Frisco, TX

Sometimes you play to the level of competition, and tonight the Cougs did just that against CSUSM.

Thursday's game against St. Mary's should be a great game. On paper, the two teams look similar - both beat Weber State and both lost to Baylor. Both teams have the potential to be Top 25. I'm looking forward to watching it on ESPN2.

Everyone, except Hartsock and Carlino seem to be inconsistent. They have one great game followed by a mediocre game. If Davies, Zylstra, Abouo, Winder and Harrison can be more consistent; this team has the potential to be Sweet 16 material.

Orem, UT

I am a huge Dave Rose fan. My hec, who wouldn't want to play for him?

Carlino is a freshman, a freshman? wow!

Hartsock is BYU's clutch player.

I think BYU will be just fine at St. Mary's. The game will be close, and then we'll see who gets the ball.

Park City, UT


nitpik if it makes you feel better, but Carlino is averaging:

6.3 assists/game
1.6 assist/TO
16.7 points/game
2.0 steals

Matt has scored in double figures in every game he's played in, so far.

Not bad for a freshman in only his fourth collegiate game.

Park City, UT

If Carlino was playing for Utah he'd already be leading the Utes in scoring, assists, and steals.

Morgan, UT

If the Cougars start their game against St. Mary's the way they did tonight, they will dig a hole so deep for them that they will not get out and start conference play 0-1.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Losing their WCC opener at Saint Mary's wouldn't be a big deal; in fact, at Saint Mary's and at Gonzaga are the only games BYU won't be favored in the remainder of the regular season.

On the other hand, beating Saint Mary's on the road would give BYU a huge leg up in the conference race -- it would be the equivalent of starting the MWC season beating UNLV, SDSU or New Mexico on the road.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Cal State San Marcos? What City League Tournament was this at???

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Honor Code
I know right! The only opponent that would be deemed less worthy would be, what, the U of U?
The hatred is just eating you up, isn't it?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Honor Code:

How are your runnin' little utes doin'.

Bloomington, IN

RE: Honor Code

"Cal State San Marcos? What City League Tournament was this at???"

I know, right. Probably the same weak league that has the following games this week: Lamar (vs. #3 Kentucky), Maryland-Eastern Shore Men's College (#24 UVA), Central Arkansas (#20 UNLV), Elon (#6 North Carolina), Howard (#18 Kansas and #25 KSU), Western Michigan (#5 Duke), Towson (#24 Virginia), Yale (#10 Florida), North Dakota (#18 Kansas), Monmouth (#6 North Carolina)...

Oh yeah, it's called Division 1 NCAA basketball. The difference between BYU and the team in SLC you likely support... BYU wins the cupcake games (usually by 20-30 points) instead of getting blown out at home by the team neither of us have heard of.

Frisco, TX

re: honorcode
I sort of understand why you think you would be entitled to talk trash about the BYU football team, since they laid an egg against Utah and special teams choked against TCU. But keep in mind, they are 9-3, and they are on the brink of moving into the Top 25 if they beat Tulsa - unlike any other team in Utah or Colorado.

But to talk trash about the basketball team? Come on, this is a team that will be in the Top 25 within a week or two, is headed for another 25+ win regular season, and will be dancing in March. They are young, and they are talented.

CSUSM was a great tune-up game before heading into conference play on Thursday.

Just curious, honorcode, what team are you a fan of?

Draper, UT

Does anyone know why Coach Dave Rose, many times during a game, will stare at a place on the floor out in front of him?

Morgan, UT


If you really feel that losing a game or two in the WCC is no big deal, you probably also feel the Utes are in contention for a conference title.

You lose and guess what...You Lose!

Omaha, NE

This is the most boring time of year for every basketball fan as schools like San Marcos go around the country making money by playing good teams, except we never really know how good because there is so little competition. Even powerless bball teams like Nebraska were 8-3 before Wisconsin beats them by 20 in the opener. Glad the Cougs won because a loss would be really embarassing but no real joy in the victory either.

Boise, Id

The team is playing well and all of the freshman are looking good, Carlino, Austin, Winder and Harrison are all contributing to the team. Going forward we need to get Steven Rogers back to make a good run in the Conference and NCAA tournament. We were already short a spot with Collinsworth out for another season. The coaches need to evaluate that position, it seems the last two years we have been hurt with depth because of the Collinsworth position already being short and with one or two injuries like what happened with Rogers, Harrison and Austin. Rogers will be the difference in big games, with some reliable scoring punch coming off the bench. Does anyone have an update of when he may return?

Orem, Utah

Even though San Marcos is in its first year of basketball, its players were mostly experienced guys from other D1 schools. That showed early, as the BYU players only seemed to be up for the scrimmage they thought this team would be.

Bright side: it's really nice to see we have a legit PG. When Carlino woke up and started playing to his potential, the game was suddenly over and no longer close.

Carlino is the real deal. Doubters either have their head in the sand or haven't watched all of his few games so far.

Remember, he's just a freshman who's never played D1 ball before. That shows now and again with mistakes and turnovers. But, his contributions are far outweighing that, and by a mile!

Not sure whether BYU will start its WCC schedule with mostly wins, but if Carlino continues to mature, BYU should be the team to beat.

Can't wait for tomorrow night's game!

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