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Published: Saturday, Dec. 24 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Williams, AZ

What doesn't this doctor understand that he broke the law and was convicted of the cases against him. They just don't understand what made him think that they would give him the right to dispense control drugs after his conviction. What he wants another chance to hurt somebody? He needs to just leave well enought alone. I hope they make him go to jail right away to procect the public from him. I am glad the 10th Circuit denied his petition and hope the courts will send a clear message to this doctor and tell him enough is enough. I don't care how good a person he is he broke the law and got caught and needs to pay the price for what he did. End of story.

Waianae, HI

I am not exactly on the Dr. side but I am in favor of being able to get enough drugs to stay out of pain. I have known to many people either in Rest Homes or other places of care, and their Dr. is scared to keep them totally out of pain, because doing so might kill them.

I also Believe that an Adult has the Right To Die, as much as an unborn child has to be born. I have always seen it as two different issues.

I hope the Dr. can be of some use during his jail time.

He did know better and he did break the law. We have laws for a reason and great freedom within the scope of those laws.

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