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Utah relaxes, loses crispness after posting early lead

Published: Thursday, Dec. 22 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Go Wildcats!

Highland, UT

This is pretty much going like I thought it would.

O-town, UT

Great game Wildcats! The Purple Palace is a tough place to play.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

the conference of champions got royally blown out tonight by inferior conferences in both basketball and football. awesome.

Making Sense
Herriman, UT

Observation: ute faithful troll around in the comments of articles about BYU while they avoid stories of their own teams. So much easier to root against a foe than to cheer on your struggling team.

Congrats on a great game Wildcats!

bountiful, ut

Conference of Champions is the least fitting label in all of sports.... At least for those who live in the present which I will grant as the past 10 years..... Gymnastics, baseball, swimming etc don't count and they are the only types of championships I can even see the over credited conference winning in the recent to early distant past.

On the game at hand I am a little less than thrilled that Utah went against a team with a winning record and got pummeled. It clearly shows that contrary to what I had hoped, the Utes have far from arrived..... Games like tonight will completely prevent winning the conference from being even a slight chance of happening.

Roy, UT

The Utes are a Has Been as far as Basketball is concerned, They stink!

Salt Lake City, UT

I didn't torture myself by watching this game. I decided to have some fun and watch "World at War" reruns instead. I knew the Utes were going to be bad, but this is pathetic. They are not getting any better. A quick look at the stats and the recap reveals that the Utes don't play defense, can't shoot, and have a coach who has no clue how to stop long runs by the opposition. It is one thing to lose. It is quite another to lose because you are too lazy, apathetic, and poorly coached to give yourself a chance to win. And that is where the Utes are....

Sandy, UT

I guess that whole
BCS Conference, Conference of Champions, Mid-Major, Non-Equity....blah...blah....blah, was just nonsense all along.

It's all about performing Utah. Face it Utes, your cute little Pac-12 logos don't mean a thing when it's 5 on 5.
Riding others Coat-tails will take U only so far.

The sooner U realize this, the sooner U can get back to respecting your opponents and maybe yourselves once again.

The WCC is a better league than is the Pac-12 and Utah simply cannot compete at the Division 1 level anymore.

Morgan, UT

Smart decision Utah not to play Utah State and Weber anymore...perhaps you need to no longer play Hillcrest, Highland and East...they would ruin your record as well...

I wonder if coach K really understood the Utah program he was getting into...however, they are probably in the right conference...the PAC12 is probably one of the worse conferences in the nation...period.

Nephi, UT

Don't worry Utah fans, things will get easier once you get out of Big Sky play and into the Conference of Champions.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

Anyone else surprised weber came back from that 0-3 deficit? Great game!

Frisco, TX

Congrats Wildcats. Weber State has a legit shot at the big dance this year.

Up on the hill, this may be the beginning of the longest losing streak in Utah BB history. I don't see U winning another game the rest of the reason. With a year like this, I have to believe there will be another exodus at the end of the season - current players and / or recruits. I hope Coach Kry is calling Loveridge every night to ensure he stays committed.

The entire PAC12 is struggling again this year. It could be a one bid conference this year, two teams at most. I thought Stanford had potential until seeing the low lights of their loss to an average Butler team. Colorado squeeks past a 1-9 Texas So team, and USC is getting taken to the wood shed by Kansas. In fairness, Arizona seems to be picking up some of their mojo from last decade.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Shouldn't we hang up some banners for whatever conference Weber St. is in?

Is this the same Weber St. team that BYU handled without any problem?

Wow. Just wow.

It is going to be a long, long, long road back from the abyss for Utah.

Sad to see a once proud program in the tank with no real hope in the foreseeable future.

Is it still great to be a Ute like I keep hearing?

sacramento, ca


Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

Wow. Good think the Utes are in the Pac. They actually have a chance to win a couple games in that sorry conference. The Big Sky is just too much to handle.

Springville, UT

Too funny. A piece of coal for your stockings Utesies. Merry Christmas!

Long Time Ute


Give me a break, BYU would kill to be in the PAC-12. The conference is down this year probably as bad as I have ever seen it. And who exactlly are we riding the coat-tails of. Utah and Colorado have been on the top of the conferences list since the early 80's, yes before Chris Hill was even there.


How hard do you think it is to win the College World Series, I'm sure the kids from the state of Utah that Oregon State has come and got don't feel that it doesn't count. Those two pitchers from UCLA that went 1-2 in the MLB draft last year probably think that playing in the PAC-12 is pretty good.


That is exactlly what we said about that 1-27 the Y had a few years back. There were ward teams that could have kicked the heck out of them, but look where you are now. Utah will do the same, Dr Hill finally got it right with BB coach it's just going to take him a little bit of time. Has been, that's what I think of your football team, it's not true though.


The utes will not have a single meaningful win this season despite the nonsense about resurgence!

O-town, UT

Glad to see BYU fans beating up on the Utes when they are down, but remember the WCC was a one-bid conference last year just like the Big Sky, and probably will be again this year unless Gonzaga loses in the conference tournament.

All I have learned from the instate games this year: BYU, USU, and Weber State have tremendous homecourt advantages. BYU and Weber State have good chances to win their conference and conference tournaments this year. The Utes have a tough rebuild ahead of them. If USU gets healthy at the end of the year, they might be able to win their conference tournament. Lillard is the best player in the state.

8-3 is a great non-conference record--all three losses were to good teams on the road (BYU, Saint Mary's and Cal). BYU is a great team, but I wouldn't get too excited BYU fans, they didn't play a true non-conference road game other than USU--and we all know how that went, the rest were all at neutral sites.

Good luck to all the instate teams from here on out. GO WILDCATS!

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