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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 20 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, Ut

It's past the point of asking. Americans want business licenses pulled.

The Supreme court gave it their stamp of approval.

Salt Lake City, UT

JBrady | 10:31 p.m. Dec. 20, 2011,


EVERY employee.

Regardless of appearence.

West Valley, UT

E-Verify needs to be nation wide law. If individual cities and counties have to suspend business licenses in order to get businesses to use it then so be it.

We don't need to arrest anyone, we don't need to deport anyone, we don't need to check anyone's documents at a traffic stop.

Illegals come here for jobs. If the jobs go away the illegals will depart of their own accord, costing the government nothing.

Saint George, UT

Rather than a resolution, how about passing an ordinance with enforcement provisions as was accomplished in Washington County.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Without fines/penalties for non-compliance its not worth the paper its written on.

WVC apparentally expects unethical employers to act ethically just because they ask!

Larry M
Chicago, IL

@Fitness Freak | Salt Lake City, UT
"Without fines/penalties for non-compliance its not worth the paper its written on."

Thank you for being one of the few independent thinkers among Utah LDS.

As I often say, a bought name and social-security number can be written on a napkin and pass E-Verify if the employer submits it into the system.

Also, I was denied a job a few weeks ago because I didn't pass E-erify due to a hyphenated last name. It was enough of a hassle that I missed 4 weeks of pay already.

Reasonable people need to stop demonizing the immigrants and concentrate on strong enforcement among employers of the illegal immigrants.


@fitness freak

wait I thought you was a conservative, is that not what conservatives tell us all the time that big business is picked on and there are to many rules for them and that we need to just trust them? For some reason conservatives think Business should be totally free from regulation and trusted except when it comes to this issue.

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

"Yapias said. Immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, cannot find jobs. Things are hard here as it is." Tony, you missed the point. Illegal aliens are not supposed to be here in the first place taking American jobs. In addition E-verify is not about "immigrants" it is about preventing illegal aliens from working ILLEGALLY in the United States.

You say that illegal aliens are only taking jobs Americans won't do? That may be true, but only because they have driven the wages below what Americans can live on. Also they are taking jobs at the restaurants, fast food outlets and other unskilled jobs that used to be taken by teens and young adults.

This article is correct, it is a message ordinance, but message bills/ordinances have a way of getting attention and becoming effective ordinance/law. If the WVC Council had the courage they would have required employers to use E-Verify. They are testing the waters and may require it in the future.

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