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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 20 2011 7:00 p.m. MST

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Monroe, UT

Dear states:

We can not do our job to control immigration, but we prohibit you from trying to do the job!! That would make us look foolish!

The Federal Government

No wonder this country is in such a mess!

Sandy, UT

"Utah's new immigration enforcement law "threatens the human and civil rights" of Mexican nationals, attorneys for the government of Mexico wrote in a friend of the court brief filed in U.S. District Court in conjunction with a lawsuit that challenges the law's constitutionality."

Ok.. since WHEN does Mexico even have any right to get in our business? They are a different country. WHY/HOW can they even try to sue??

This political correctness stuff is getting out of hand...

I'm just wondering why our political leaders even listen to this and LET them file stuff in a US court about this. They are a different country and have no business suing us!!!

TR 4 President

If this law gets thrown out (which I suspect it might) here is my suggestion:

States do not have the right to legislate on immigration policy, but they do have the right to decide issues related to employment. Fines (ranging from moderate to extremely punitive) and even revocation of business license for U.S. Citizens who illegally employe undocumented workers would be more cost effective (even revenue positive), more free market, and even more humane (not deporting families, only strongly encouraging them to move if they cannot get a work permit).

In the end the only thing that will work is this: make it harder to come here illegally, easier to come here legally, and harder to stay here illegally.


There is nothing uncivil or inhuman about enforcing illegal immigration. When other countries think they have a right to tell us how to run our country or state, things have gone to far.

Murray, Ut

Well this will make Americans feel good good about these countries. I guess they are not aware that we have immigration laws, and there are right ways to do things. Our Statue of Liberty has been defiled by those who come here without permission, and those that help and encourage them.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Why is a foreign nation that is intent on invading our country allowed access to our courts?
The Utah law's treatment of Mexican nationals is far more kind that Mexico's laws regarding people who enter their country illegally. The hypocrisy is unbelievable.

The constitution of the US requires the federal government to defend the states against invasion upon request from the chief executive of that state. Mexico is clearly invading Arizona, California, New Mexico and even Utah. Our federal government is in violation of the constitution when it comes to immigration.

Obama should be impeached over this alone.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@JBrady, those who came here without permission defiled the land long before there was a Statue of Liberty.

Murray, UT

Illegal immigration has destroyed relations between the countries. Just how much do they think the American public will take?

Lansing, MI

TR4President wrtoe:"States do not have the right to legislate on immigration policy, but they do have the right to decide issues related to employment. "
-------------Funny, isn't it, that the federal government and Mexico aren't going after states that have a sanctuary policy? That is, after all, legislating on immigration policy and moreover, VIOLATING federal law against sanctuary states and localities. If states can't have a policy that reinforces federal law, then how much more illegal is it for states to have policies which violate federal laws?

Lansing, MI

TR 4 President wrote:"In the end the only thing that will work is this: make it harder to come here illegally, easier to come here legally, and harder to stay here illegally."
------------You know why it's hard to come here legally? Because immigration policy should be for the good of AMERICANS first and foremost and it harms us to add millions of people who compete with American citizens for jobs, drive down wages, and use social services they come nowhere to paying for. Even more legal immigrants we get these days come under family reunification and are not particularly well-educated or skilled, so use far more in services than they'll ever pay in taxes. Moreover, non immigrants (visitors, students, etc.) have an unfortunate tendency to believe that lying to get a non immigrant visa that they then overstay is perfectly acceptable behavior. Were there far fewer visa overstays from some countries, we could afford to be more generous in admitting visitors from those countries.

Murray, UT

I guess invading the U.S. is now a "civil right" if you are from Mexico. Do we have the same right to crash into Mexico when we want to? Do those from south of the Mexican border also have the same right? This is so outrageous it is beyond belief.

Ogden, UT

Mexico and the other 13 countries are only interested in two things and they are not civil rights. First their citizens leave their countries so that the involved countries do not have to care for them. Secondly the money sent home by the illegals is a valuable assett to the country of their origin. Mexico has one other interest that is that they hope and have said that the way to get back the southwest territory is through population. If the illegals ever get to vote mexico believes that that vote will return Atzlan to Mexico. Beware of amnesty or anything that slightly resembles amnesty. The U.S. is in great danger if that ever happens.

Portage, MI

The core issue is not whether we are an independent nation that can make its own immigration policy--the issue is that states are usurping federal responsibilities and meddling in affairs between sovereign countries. The state doesn't have the right to interfere with immigration policy. All those people who wave the constitution ought to read it.
The solution is not to deport and build a bigger fence. That completely ignores the dependence our society has on immigrant (legal or not) labor. We need to change federal immigration policy to make it easier to come here legally, so the farmers in Georgia can harvest their crops rather than watch them rot because Americans can't/won't do the work.

Cache, UT

Really? The Mexicans are suing us? Really!?

How many "rights" do we have in Mexico?

Hamilton, IL

Do we really care if our relations are strained with Mexico? What does Mesico do for the United States? They send their drugs here, there unemployed here, and then they have a problem because we want to secure our borders and take care of our own citizens. Am I missing something?

Williams, AZ

With Mexico and other Latin American counties getting in this court action lawsuit maybe we should start sending them the bills that these ilegallys cost us. I say send them back and if they want to come back do it the legally way. I for one am tried of my tax dollars going to the ilegalls in this country and I don't care if it breaks families up the people who married the ilegalls knew they were here in this country ilegally and maybe even deport them with their families back to the country that they came from.

Kearns, UT

Mexico is really a country that is an expert on human rights or the lack thereof. I seem to remember that a bunch of U.S. expatriates that owned property in Mexico on a beach where they retired lost their homes when Mexico decided that they couldn't own the property and evicted them. Had I been one of them, I'd have burned my house down.

goochland, va

The Mexican government is not suing us. They are not a party to the lawsuit. They filed an amicus brief which is merely a brief by an interested person or group who is not a party to the lawsuit. The U.S. government does this all the time in other countries where we believe we have an interest in the outcome of a lawsuit. People please get informed before flying off the handle.

Also, Mexico is one of our greatest trading partners so we need to be respectful of their right to file amicus briefs just as they allow us to do the same.

The best enforcement measures we can have are to take away the job carrot through business license and e-verify enforcement. Show me your paper laws ensnare too many legal residents and violate the Constitution. They also can greatly hamper business. Look at Alabama where uninformed local police officers under the color of enforcing immigration arrest and detain German and Japanese executives working for Mercedes and Honda. Future companies will look at these actions and think twice before investing.

Santa Clara, UT

Mexico says its not right for us to enforce our immigration laws but it's okay for them to shoot trespassers on their southern border. Go figure.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Mexican government is upset because it would make it harder for them to distribute their drugs in the United States.

I think that instead of sending illegals back, we should send each of them them to the border for a year to help build a better wall, and every time they come back illegally, we ad an additional year to thier wall building punishment. This would serve three purposes, discourage illegal crossings, provide cheap labor to build up the border, and eventually create stronger border protection.

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