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Published: Monday, Dec. 19 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Good thing Portland did not have Aldridge playing or this game would've been even uglier for the Jazz. Can't wait for the regular season to start.

It's too bad Portland wasn't given better competition in the pre season to get them ready for the regular season. Wish it would've been Portland vs either Oklahoma City or Denver, both are major upgrades in competition versus playing the Jazz. Playing the Jazz is boring, and it only makes it worse that it's pre season. The Jazz looked terrible, this is going to be a long season for them.

Wesley Matthews is a stud, I'm glad he's rockin it in a Blazers uniform.

Jefferson and Okor are garbage. Actually the entire Jazz team is garbage.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Players like Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, Gordon Hayward, and Enes Kantor cannot be denied playing time. You decide. I have.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Note to Jazz fans....

The Jazz are not the next OKC Thunder, if anything they are the next Vancouver Grizzlies or Charlotte Hornets. HA!

Richfield, UT

Dear Portland Trail Blazers,

I have one question for you my good sir, Why? Why do you troll the Jazz message boards so much? If you are a Blazers fan then why dont you go to a Portland website? OR is it that you are so starved for attention you need to troll Des News constantly? Yes the Jazz got whooped and yes the Blazers most likely will do better than the Jazz but for reals man, let Jazz fans cheer on our team in peace. P.S if Des news didnt moderate these comments this comment would be far more colorful. P.P.S With your arguement that aldridge didnt play we could counter with that Milsap didnt play. You know him? He is the guy who dropped 11 points in 29 seconds against the Miami Heat? That guy your team tried to but couldnt get?? cheers mate

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Portland Trailblazer

"The Jazz are not the next OKC Thunder, if anything they are the next Vancouver Grizzlies or Charlotte Hornets. HA!"

So why should they move to seattle? Seatlle let the thunder move away? The city of Seattle is the dumbest in the world and besides you will never see your team in person if the jazz leave. Think about that.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Portland Trailblazer

When they do that in the regular season then you can talk. But I doubt your a real blazer fan anyways I think you are just bitter that the jazz didn't draft jimmer.

Good Job Favors. 25 and 12.
Good Job Kanter 6 and 10.

If Kanter can rebound like that, he will get playing time.

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Portland Trailblazer

The Grizzles aren't in Vancouver anymore they have been in memphis for 10 years so you better get your facts straight.

BTW the Grizzles knocked off the Spurs in the playoffs last year so I will gladly take that comparison.

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Utah Jazz to Seattle or Kansas City in 4-6 years, mark it down.

Richfield, UT

Please stop Blazers. You are just embarassing yourself

Highland, UT

I enjoyed watching some of the younger guys. I can't believe CJ is still on our roster???

One thing for sure is, I would be surprised if we won more than 22 games. Starters not much there. We have a long way to go.

willard, ut

The Jazz in the Finals before Portland mark it down; Oh wait, they already have in 97'-98'.

Salt Lake City, UT

Portland Trail Blazers,
I think Utah is more like the Indiana Pacers. A lot of good pieces, nothing great, and could scratch their way into the playoffs if they were in the eastern conference.

Bountiful, UT

You guys realize that Portland Trail Blazers poster is nothing but a career troll right?

Don't get mad at him. He is just angry that his team is nothing but a 1st round exit and that their team is plagued with health problems.

Sorry, but that squad that the Blazers is sporting will never be a championship caliber team.

Wes Mathews is too small for a SG and it showed in the playoffs last year, I'm glad hes gone.

Felton is overweight and will wear down halfway through the season.

Gerald Wallace is a tweener.

LA is alright, but will probably get Roy'd or Oden'd or what should we call it. Seriously, what in the water there in Portland. ROFLROFLROFL.

Seriously, what do you guys have to look forward to? I'll answer for you, mediocrity. That team will never be a contender, and you wont get a pick to become champ contenders.

Jazz have top caliber rooks and sophs and have more coming this next year. They have a bright future, not one stuck i mediocrity for a decade.

You guys haven't been relevant since Drexler, enjoy the perennial mediocrity friend :)

Portland Trail Blazers
Sandy, UT

Please leave Utah Jazz, you're an embarrassment to the state.

willard, ut

@portland Trailblazer. Interesting that ESPN is reporting that Paul Allen is selling the team! Funny you mention teams that are on the market. The Seattle Blazers, Vancouver Blazers; both have nice rings my friend!


portland trailblazers, how do you think the trailblazers are gonna do this year? they look like a good team, but like always half the team will be crippled come playoffs and theyll have another first round exit, like always. yes the jazz are teh next okc thunder because the players will be properly coached, nate mcmillan os one of the worst coaches in the league, remember the trailblazers were the bottomfeeders of the nba not too long ago, and the jazz wont be good but definitely not the worst team in the league. soon the trailblazers wont be any better than the jazz because once lamarcus' contract runs out he'll join a superteam somewhere else in teh league, and portland will be no better than utah is right now. just think before you post about how wll your team is gonna do before you rag on anyone elses team

Cedar Hills, UT

Corbin is not a good coach. If thats his new defensive philosophy on display tonight I say take it back, and why did he start Okur when he had to guard a small forward everytime down? Okur looked terrible tonight along with Jefferson, Devin Harris, and Miles again. Lets just start the young guys and let them play, they played with some intensity and passion. booo to that performance but then again it is just preseason

Santa Ana, CA

Well back to reality changing the subject to an old familiar one.

New Defense? HEE HEE HEE HEE

Okur recovered, ready to go, active?


Same old thing. Talk just Like Sloan "new Grading System"

Bell, and Hayward do not even look at the wide open corner 3s. If they had focused giving the ball and someone like Babbitt, but Matthews in more?

Portland wins by 30.

If Hayward and Bell will be non existent with "this pack the paint" instead off to a side doing ZERO, might as well see Korver back at least waving his arms like a Chicken late on the shooter.

At least Favors looked like a beast. Burks looked pretty good except for getting schooled at times Defensively. Kanter and Evans had good moments. Kanter at least aggressive at the basket and the 10 Boards.

Ah good to be back after 8 months, I see nothing has changed in Corbin/Sloan ball and the loving Sloana.......

Salt Lake City, Utah

There is a reason why Jerry Sloan resigned in early February of this year. When the spectators put more effort into getting to the game than the players put into playing the game it is time to focus on other interests.

Alpine, UT

Okur is done as an NBA player because of his achilles injury/surgery. One just can't come back from that injury and perform at an NBA level again. Sorry Jazz fans. What is Corbin thinking starting the five he did?

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