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Published: Saturday, Dec. 17 2011 1:00 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

Wow, is Carlino hot or what? Regardless how the game ends, this season is going to rock.


BYU lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Springville, UT

Tough loss but what a game! Great effort by everyone against a #6 ranked team. Carlino is the real deal!

BYU should have no problems against any team in the WCC.

AK Cougar
Palmer, AK

Sad to see my Cougars lose one at home. They played really good ball, had some errors that is part of the game. Carlino is a real spark, Davies and Hartsock are beasts and played the part. Harrison brings a lot of energy into the game. Baylor is really good, they played their hearts out. Great game to watch.

Go Cougars.

Farmington, UT

When is Rose going to Coach the team?????????? They had a 12-point lead with 2 minutes remaining in the half and he sat on the bench and watched it dwindle down to a 4-point lead. So I quit watching.

Then I turned it on again with 5 minutes remaining and the Cougars were down 9 at 79 - 70, only to come roaring back, but a costly turnover made a great huge difference. With just over 5 seconds remaining and down 3 points, did Rose call time out? NO!!!! He sat on teh bench and watched the final pitiful 3-point attempt get blocked. And BYU had TWO time-outs remaining!

Rose got out-coached again, just like their loss to Florida in the NCAA Tournament last year. Rose should coach the game; the fans can watch it....

Centerville, UT


You DO realize Baylor is a favorite of many to go to the final four this year, right? This was a pretty good effort from BYU.

Salt Lake City, UT

Way to go Bears!

Saint George, UT


Are you for real?

As a UTE fan, I saw two very good teams going toe to toe playing their hearts out.

I saw two excellent HC's.

Thank goodness you have nothing to do with who is the coach at BYU.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Rose did not get out coached. He had a solid game plan and his players executed it well. Rose is part of the reason They were able to get leads in both the first and second half. BYU's front line did extremely well on the boards considering the size advantage Baylor had. BYU played a very good game against one of the top teams in the country. BYU has proven that they have depth, they can play with anyone in the country and that they are a very good basketball team. BYU is very fortunate to have a coach like Rose and will be lucky to have him long term if he is willing to stay here. Carlino is going to be very good, Davies played his best game of the year and Harrison showed some flashes of his potential.


Yes, we are. I am pretty sure most people are.

Orem, Utah

Great effort Cougars against the 6th ranked team in the Nation. Baylor proved how good they are when they can come into one of the toughest arenas the Marriott Center and squeak out a win. It is hard to knock Rose who was a hot commodity after our run to the sweet sixteen last year and instead signed an extension. This team played hard and is putting it together for a great run in the WCC. Great game from the best college basketball team in Utah.

Iowa City, IA

That Carlino was a heckuva pick-up.

Rose is a great coach.

BYU should do well in the WCC and finish with around 22-25 wins. That will make for a nice push for the NCAA tourney.
Yet, to the DN poll "Will (not could) BYU beat Baylor", nearly 90% of respondants said yes. Further, Andy Katz called this his "upset" pick of the week and many of the regular Y posters were predicting a Cougar win. Gotta love the optimism for this program.


Game plan had nothing to do with the loss to Florida last year. Having a guy who wouldn't run a game plan because he'd rather throw up brick after brick did. Dave Rose is the best thing BYU has going for them.

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

I loved Carlino's energy. He'll be fantastic for us. Davies was a great presence inside. Unfortunately, there was no answer for Jones III. He was impressive to say the least. If BYU can hang with Baylor for 40 minutes, they should be able to make the NCAA tournament, and hopefully make some noise.

O-town, UT

I am impressed with Baylor. BYU is a tough place to play for sure. I have a question for Cougar fans. Does BYU every play anyone out of conference other than in-state teams on the road? Not a neutral-site game like they did against Northern Arizona or Oregon or the tournament games in Illinois.

I tried to look up the schedule on the BYU site, but they don't have next year's posted. I would imagine that Baylor wanted a home and home. If not, I am impressed with the schedule maker at BYU--sets up the team for the best chance for success. Gongzaga and St. Mary's on the road may be tough, but it should be clear sailing the rest of the way.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

The Cougars came up short, but a great overall effort. The coaching had nothing to do with at least 5 unforced turnovers which in the end probably cost them the game.

Davies may have had his best game in a BYU uniform.

I think Coach Rose would have called a time out on that last possession if he could do it over - and put the ball in the hands of Carlino instead of Davies for the three pointer.

Carlino was outstanding considering he came in off the bench and this was his first D1 game since high school. He is smooth and plays with a ton of confidence.

Layton, Utah

Bummer what a tough loss, but a great game none the less. Ute fans will no doubt try to call the byu season a flop now based solely on ONE game. But there is a bright future ahead with Carlino. Not much you can do against a team that shot lights out from 3. byu will make a tournament appearance. Hopefully they can make some noise.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow, BYU might have lost the game...but I'd call them the big winners of the day considering how well Carlino fits into the program.
I had them going to the tourney this year but losing game one. I might change that prediction to winning one, maybe two.
However, I still see them having trouble come tourney time when play gets a little more physical and whistles get a little looser. They just don't have a great inside game which could ultimately prevent them from accomplishing much more than just a nice season.
Good game today Cougars, nothing to hang your head about. Baylor looked really tough.
Go Utes.

Richfield, UT

@toosmart4u, BYU's best chance at getting an open 3 was to not call a time out, Rose is a great coach.

If Baylor isn't the best team in the nation I would be surprised. Are you kidding me 5 athletic big guys all with 7' or better wingspans and they can all shoot + three point shooters that can kill you.

BYU just showed they can play with anyone. Great game by Harrison coming off the bench, this team is only going to get better.

Herriman, UT

What a fun game, BYU just didn't make the plays down the stretch. Some nice offensive rebounding, a few makes, but just 1-2 shots/turnovers short. Coach Rose has this team reloading quickly after losing some great players last year, I'm excited for the season and the future.

Pity this wasn't a conference game!

Richfield, UT

Jones III may be the best player in the country.

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