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Published: Thursday, Dec. 15 2011 8:00 p.m. MST

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Pleasant Grove, UT

This is good news. His path of destruction will not affect Utahns as directly if he is in Washington. He won't beat Hatch, though. It's nice he posed for a picture though.

Brigham City, UT

Hatch wants 42 years drawing a government paycheck; in tonight's debate Gov. Perry called for a part-time Congress, less hours, less pay for which we should all cheer!!!----someone has suggested Congress should live like the military: in a barracks, under one tent, same entry level pay. Liljenquist is a businessman which Mr. Hatch has never been.

Pleasant grove, UT

Woohoo! I'm so glad Liljenquist is getting in the Senate race. He is a fiscal policy genius and Senator Hatch has been in there WAY too long.


If Hatch is re-elected, and the Republicans take control of the Senate (very possible), Senator Hatch will be Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, arguably one of the three or four most influential people in the country. Senator Hatch can do much more to help our state that Liljenquist could ever dream of. Like it or not, seniority makes all the difference in DC and until there are term limits and seniority is no longer paramount, we need Hatch. Liljenquist would be another invisible senator like Lee.

Farmington, UT

What do we need to do to get another dozen or so state senators to resign?

Spanish Fork, UT


When Hatch has shown time and time again that he is more interested in representing special interest and cosponsoring socialist bills, why would it matter if he is the Chair of the Senate Finance Committee?

He has done a poor job of representing the conservative beliefs of the Utahns he pretends to represent. Except in an election year of course.

Bountiful, Utah

He did nothing for me even after many attempts with senior issues put before him. I'm glad he is gone so that maybe we seniors can get something done now by his replacement. He may be good but not that good.


Let's stop with the seniority thing. We fell for that for years and look where Hatch's seniority has gotten us. A country that's bankrupt. We need Hatch out. Please look at his record. He has always been most concerned about being reelected and power then his country. If he cared about his country and state he'd let a much younger person take his place who has ten times the energy he has at his age and that hasn't lost his soul.

Kaysville, UT

I'm glad he resigned and I will do everything I can to ensure he doesn't ever get elected to another office. The man is destructive. His politics did not help Utah and it will not help the Counrty.

South Jordan, UT

Hope everyone looks at his record. I do not want this man in Washington.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Vote for Pete Ashdown.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Watch out Orrin, there might be a train comming down that election track. I hope Dan Liljenquist decides to run.

Salem, UT

Of couse he is going to run Freedomworks has already paid him to do it- and we think politics is about ideas and passion- money and more money and kid yourself all you want but no matter which ego you elect it will always return to money- it always has and Utah has shown no propensity for stopping that

Salt Lake City, UT

We need Term Limits. Career politicians have their own agendas and owe so many favors to people that they can't be trusted.

Ms Molli
Bountiful, Utah

I seriously think that elected officials who resign before the end of their terms should be required to give part of their pay back. This should be a two way promise -- the voters vote for them in exchange for their full term.


From my perspective, Dan Liljenquist is the bravest, most clear thinking, legislator this state has seen in decades. As a freshman senator, he identified the catastophic problem that everyone else chose to ignore regarding our state-wide employee pension program and pushed a resolution through that is now being followed by other states throughout the country. Was that a popular cause to take on? Absolutely not (as you can see by the negative comments above.) But was it the right thing for Utah and our economy? Absolutely. Just take a look at this guy's record--he's a superstar and I do hope he takes a run at Orrin Hatch.

Kaysville, UT

I am glad that he is resigning. His ego and those backiong him tell him that he has a chance for the Senate. Orrin Hatch is going to beat him handilly. A number of other legislators may resign to run for more lofty office--Great! I hope we get some individuals in office that will not bow to pressure from the power brokers in the legislature and do what is right for the people of this state--especially our schoolchildren.
Cronyism needs to give way to statesmanship.

Layton, UT

I wonder who would be in charge of the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee if Hatch isn't reelected? I think it would be foolish of Utahns to lose this chance. I like Senator Hatch. I think he is a good man. So he isn't perfect. Who is? He's got my vote. Like it or not, there are no term limits and I doubt there will be in the future, although I do think it is a good idea, but then how will they decide who is on each committee? I guess they would do a drawing from a cup.

Cedar Hills, UT

Personally, I am glad to see him leave. Mr. Lilenquist has messed with state retirement enough. If he really wanted to save money, he should have taken away the lifetime retirement and lifetime insurance of senators that only have to serve two terms. Instead, he makes public safety people work five years longer in high stress situations, physically and mentally. Shame on any senator that thinks that is right.


Liljenquist has proven in the Utah legislature that one can have a lot of influence for good without a lot of seniority. Mike Lee is proving it can be done on a federal level. The more years spent in Congress, the more ties to special interest groups and lobbyists. I hope Liljenquist has the chance to really make a positive difference on a national level.

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