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Published: Thursday, Dec. 15 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Go Jim Matheson! He has been wonderful at representing our district & we will miss him. Seems like deja vu... We Southern Utah voters voted Jim in during the previous boundary changes when they were gerrymandering the districts & thought Jim would loose. Come on Utah, we can't be a one party red state in every office. Where is the balance? I predict a win for Matheson. Now we need more moderate Democrats to toss their hats into the voting ring!

Rick for Truth
Provo, UT

I will spend all of my retirement spare time (of which I will have) to defeat Jim Matheson, I will donate to whom ever the Republican's nominate to run against him. It is time he recieved some unemployment quality time with his family.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@TRUTH, your response to Justcap intrigues me. Here's a member of your own political party, who probably agrees with you on political issues more frequently than they disagree with you, but because they express one opinion different from the party line, you disparage them with a label that suggests that they (and diversity of thought in general) are not welcome in your party. Given that there are only two major political parties in this country and way more than two ways of seeing the world, it's naive to assume that every party member will agree with the party on every issue or prefer the party's candidates in every contest. The last I checked, membership in the Republican Party wasn't an all-or-nothing deal, and intolerance and incivility weren't considered conservative values. Surely there's a better way to respond to differences of opinion than to resort to name-calling.

safety dictates, ID

South Jordan, UT

Yes, he will never win my district. I don't know of a single democrat in my neighborhood.

I would never move my family into your neighborhood and reveal that I was a Democrat- as is the case with many Utah neighborhoods.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jim Matheson would have been a good governor. Still, I like his decision to run in the 4th district. I sure didn't want to see that Wimmer guy get the job. Thanks Jim.

Saratoga, UT

Never understood why Jim Matheson wants to tout being an "independent" but still remains a fixture in the Democratic party. Oh well, I guess I still think in terms of yes vs. no, did vs. did vs. did not; there is not a party of luke warm.

Murray, UT

Both Wimmer, and Sandstorm, are members of the Utah legislator, that in and of itself, disqualifies them for a national office in my view.
How can we send them to the super bowl of corruption, when they can not even handle the minor leagues?
The Utah legislator has refused to pass ethics reform, because they believe they do not need it.
They see no problem in taking gifts from lobbyist.
They also passed a law, which would make if more difficult to obtain public information. Only wickedness wants to hide in the dark.
Now, they do their business behind doors, calling it party planning sessions
Anyone wanting to clean up Washington, should not start to do so by sending someone who belongs to the Utah legislator.

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