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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 13 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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spring street

Crosses aren't religious - Christmas trees are.

Does anyone else find that a little wacky?

Sandy, UT

I personally like the fact that a group decided that the crosses, which are designed to remember those who have died in the line of service, are too offensive because they are crosses. This is in a state where the major religion feels that a cross is not a good representation of their faith and does not have them on their church's.

And the group that wants these removed hasn't offered a better way of remembering those killed. I guess in their opinion, people shouldn't have to be reminded that people die trying to protect them.

All the problems in this country, and the government can "firmly" stand behind this one. Pathetic.

Midvale, UT

A country in which the minority can rule the majority.... /sigh. What's happened to America?

Tyler McArthur
South Jordan, UT


The Constitution reads "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

I'm not a student of law, but I have some comments:

1) People often forget the second clause of this statement.
2) State Agencies are not Congress.
3) The exegesis of the first amendment is to forbid the establishment of a state religion, not to censor religion from the public sphere.

Miami Area, Fl

"A country in which the minority can rule the majority.... /sigh. What's happened to America?"

Yes Arynen,

Why should we let "those" people sit up front on the bus?
Use the same bathroom or drinking fountain?

Majority rule. Go to the back.

What HAS happened to America?

Paul in MD
Montgomery Village, MD

I think it's a slap in the face that the UHPA has to ask for permission from the state agency to go onto state lands to take down the memorials the state is requesting them to take down.

Provo, UT

Maybe we should go remove all the crosses engraved on the tombstones in Arlington National Cemetery. Or maybe we should go through all the public graveyards and remove any tombstone in the form of a cross.

People need to relax. As long as the family is okay with the memorial we should let it be.

Springville, UT

Another step closer to iniquity.

I hope good people step up and give permission to erect memorials on their private land adjacent to these locations.

Old Gregg
Alpine, UT

This is an absolute joke! I do not see how building a memorial to falled HP is a violation of seperation of church and state. Those of you who are offended by this really need to grow up. I seriously can't believe they had to remove these memorials.

Tooele, UT

If I remember correctly the State of Utah was establsihed by people who wanted religious freedom? LDS Pioneers came to this great State and wanted those who came to have just that..religious freedom and now even it looks like that has be done away with because of politics..how sad :(

Marlborough, MA

Bravo! Keep up the good work of separation. It is the right and just thing to do.

Kaysville, UT

Since UDOT and Facilities Management deal with private citizens it seems like these two agencies would attempt to work with the Association and let the Association work with private citizens to put the crosses on their land, just on the other side of the fence.

I noticed the crosses north of Panguitch and I believe the Association did a good job of painting over the logo and is appropriate for the court's order, except if it is on public land, people against people seem to still be pushing it.

We are divorcing our people and country from the One we Trust.

Phoenix, AZ

They should not have put them up in the first place and then there wouldn't have been a problem.

City, Ut

wah waah waaaaah!!

City, Ut

Its truly amazing that with all the problems there are that could be helped by some attention and focus, that there are those that keep wanting to focus on "crosses on state property violate the separation of church and state."

These folks would surely blow a gasket at a place I visited recently--Crosses as far as the eye could see on FEDERAL land-a federal military cemetery.

Leave the poor UHP alone and let them honor their dead.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The highway patrol is the agency with guns and political support from the extreme right.

Mesa, AZ

...or prohibiting the free exercise thereof!

There is no mandate to keep church and state separate. This is the most misconstrued tenent of the US Constitution.

Flower Mound, TX

I personally don't like memorials on roadways, crosses or not. This is a sensitive subject for many and I don't mean to sound uncaring at all. I just think that there are better ways to remember our loved ones than to place a "marker" where they died. From a logistcs point of view, people die every day and we can't possibly put a marker every place they die so why are some places of death worthy of a marker and others not? I guess I don't understand the need to memorialize the place of death. If it's to remember them, isn't that what a cemetary is for? I would much rather go to a quiet cemetery to grieve for a loved one than sit on the side of a busy road or have too look at it every time I drive by. If it's to honor them I'd rather see a tree planted or something positive. A young man from our neighborhood died in an accident at the entrance to the neighborhood. It was tragic. I didn't even know him and I cried for his family. They placed a cross (with a Star of David painted on it because he was Jewish) at the site immediately and people placed flowers, notes, etc. for several weeks. I understand that and have no problem with a temporary memorial to help in the grieving process. However, after a while they put up a more permanent cross and a larged framed picture of him that they also put solar lights on so it can be seen at night and they decorate the memorial for each holiday. I am extremely sorry for their loss and for the terrible grieving they obviously feel. However, I would like to drive into the neighborhood without a constant reminder of death, just because that happened to be the location were he died. Perhaps people could build memorial gardens in their backyards or something where they can spend time to think of them privately. For everyone else, life has to go on with hope and optimism and not the constant reminder of sadness and tragedy.

Holladay, UT

Many seem to not have read the case as it proceeded, the real shame is that the supreme court did not hear this one. This is a boarder line case but the liberal Judges decided it. It is not the state that is doing it.
But having said that why not put up another memorial as they take down the crosses, or leave the crosses as frame work to put a plaque up or sign over them.

St. George, Utah

The cross does not represent my religion and I am not offended. No one can be offended without their permission, so dont give the permission! Oh I am sorry, maybe it is because they want the suposed power. Please put your energy towards something that will make a real difference rather than whittle down on the heart strings of those that lost their loved ones in honor! I understand the Star of David and the Muslim symbole can remain on public lands, thats ok!
Now what about the universal symbole of the dead. Lets choose our battles, this is only a small insignificant one (or step) towards the great one comming. Some day the moral majority will be pushed to far and wake up and take no more.

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