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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 13 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

UCLA wants our O-courdinator?

Hmm... Okay. Go right ahead!

Riverton, UT

Can Utah win a Division 1 basketball game? In a word...No.

Herriman, UT

What on earth was that football line in here for?

BYU has a shot at the upset, but I think it will turn out like that Wake Forest game a few years back - BYU plays well, keeps it close, but just can't pull it out in the end. A "quality" loss but still a loss. An upset would be so sweet though.

Salt Lake City, UT

Most likely not, but they at least probably won't humiliate themselves.

Orem, Utah

I watched one of the recent Baylor games and noticed the color announcer kept repeating how the three bigs for Baylor don't use their feet very well, relying on their combined wingspans to cover ground. BYU could easily use that to their advantage, as not moving your feet can get you into foul trouble.

Love to see how Nate does against their bigs with his ability to score at the basket under duress.

It'll be interesting to see whether a loud, full Marriott Center (only nosebleed seats are left) and BYU's overall scoring punch can win this one. No one this year to concentrate defenses on!

Beating Baylor is quite possible, especially after the poor showing against Utah. I expect a much better game this week.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

If we can get the crowd there (23K+) then we can have a good shot. I think finals are over though??? May lack some students. Then the guys need to play like they can then I think we have a good shot. If they come out flat or play only so so then Baylor is going to win. But BYU gets 4 extra points for being at home and 2 more if we get more than 18K in the stands and 2 extra if we sell the place out. Come on fans. Wish I could come. ASU just does not cut it.

Any good team can beat another good/great team on any given night. Now if you play 7 games I think Baylor may win 5 but I think we often do not give our guys enough credit. Look at how USU beat us and WS beat USU and then we killed WS. USU got the 8 extra points the night we played them at home.

If this were the Utes I would say Uh.....No!

Go Cougars!!

Idaho Falls, ID

I'll be there cheering the Cougs from the nosebleed section this Sat.

Doman being considered for OC at UCLA? Really? That is hard to believe.

I don't think he'd take it, even if it were true. I think he has designs on being Bronco's heir apparent.

Frisco, TX

If BYU plays like they did against Weber State, they have a shot at winning. Carlino is the X factor in all of this. Will he improve the overall play of the Cougars or will his insertion into the line-up disrupt the chemistry? I'm inclined to think it's the former, but one never knows for sure.

BYU hung with Wisconsin for 30 minutes, before getting buried by a slew of 3 pointers. If BYU keeps it close, I'm inclined to think the magic of the Marriott Center will carry us to victory in the end.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

I thought this was a basketball article. In a word, BYU has two chances to beat a ranked Baylor club; slim and none. They don't have the athletes to get the job done. When they get in a game with drastically inferior teams such as Utah, and don't get the ball in the hole early, and let a Utah hang around they way they did; it doesn't suggest to me they will come out flying around with Baylor and get the ball in the basket early. I may be wrong, since they will be on the Cougar floor; and I hope I am wrong; but Baylor appears to be a superior team, even though they are on the road. If BYU has any thoughts of being a force in the WCC, then they had better win this game; otherwise they will not contend for the WCC chamnpionship in my opinion this season, because they are undersized, don't jump, and aren't quick enough to go with the good teams. And they will need to hit a high percentage of their shots.

Columbia, MO

I'd like to know who the officials will be for the game, before I weigh in on Katz's prediction. BYU was able to beat Oregon, despite some one-sided officiating. But if Baylor had a say in who the refs will be and they bring some from back here in Big 12 country, it will be tough for the Cougars, even with a full house of fans to support them.

Orem, UT

Anonymous Infinity

You should stick to analyzing Junior Jazz games, because you're obviously way out of your league with college basketball.

Omaha, NE

Have you seen Baylor's schedule? The only tough team they've had is SDSU at home. I haven't heard of half the teams on their schedule, and I'm sure some are lower division. Baylor at #6 is way too high for a team who has played absolutely no one yet, and no ranked teams. BYU can for sure beat these guys. Baylor still has to play 3 days before playing BYU. BYU has all the advantages in this game, and they get that stud player from UCLA for the game. I honestly think BYU win will. Baylor is so overrated (literally). BYU has already played some tough emotional games and won handidly (Oregon, and their arch rival on the rivals floor). Baylor hasn't really had that emotional game yet.

salt lake city, UT

@true blue what exactly about that statement makes college basketball out of his league and makes you the expert? just cause he said byu is gonna lose? ha its hilarious yall byu fans think just cause you say oh baylors overrated and they havent played anybody is gonna make byu win. lol as soon as they lose to byu all the excuses will start comin out like carlino just joined the team so they dont have chemistry and to just give it time lol i can already see it. funny thing is i have a lot of buddies on the bball and football team so i have nothin against them its just funny when y fans get all wriled up cause someone came on their comment board and said they would lose lol

Luv 2 Troll U
Sandy, UT

"Can BYU upset No. 6 Baylor?"

No. No they can't.

Iowa City, IA

TrueBlue | 6:16 p.m. Dec. 13, 2011
Orem, UT
Anonymous Infinity
"You should stick to analyzing Junior Jazz games, because you're obviously way out of your league with college basketball. "

How so?

Which of his points were "way out" of the his league? Petty insults are not very convincing.

Las Vegas, NV

Baylor will be tough. I saw them play and there very athletic. However, we are playing at the Marriott and anything can happen there. It will be a rocking arena! Go Cougars!!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, Utah

I'm not going to predict a BYU victory, but I'm not going to say it can't happen, either. There are no guarantees, although Baylor is heavily favored.

Simply put, can BYU win? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

Luv 2 Troll U, can Utah possibly lose to Colorado at home in a football game?

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Brandon...pleaaaaase take the job if they offer it.

Oklahoma Cougar
Mustang, OK

If Coach Doman goes to UCLA, maybe Jake Heaps will follow him.

Remember you heard it here first! ;o)

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

@ Riverton Cougar

"can Utah possibly lose to Colorado at home in a football game?"

Can BYU possibly lose as bad as they did to Utah in a football game?

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