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Published: Monday, Dec. 12 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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This article should have been entitled, "Herbert wants to stay in office, and knows that an army of 'educators' can help him do it." Gary be just playin' the politician role, and buying more votes with taxpayer funds. He knows that public schooling is more sacrosanct than either motherhood or apple pie, so he'll sell to that audience. And, he'll conveniently ignore the issue of the fat-cat "administrators," who draw six-figure-plus salaries for wandering around and brown-nosing all day. And you too can ignore it if you want, but you better ante up all day long, and keep paying for this system of public babysitting, where there's no structure, little discipline, and very little production. The young, starting teachers should be the ones we feel sorry for, because the system uses them to the benefit of everyone else.

Mcallen, TX

Wow! Is this the unity Obama was going to bring America?

High unemployment and debt is the result of corrupt government. Period.

No reason for anyone taking cuts in wage and benefits. We need to unite in changing our leaders. Petitions against standardized testing would be a great start for ending wasteful spending. Does anyone see any educational benefits from these tests?

Modify foreign aid. Why see 28,000 postal workers lose their jobs to save 2.1 billion dollars, while sending much more than that to other countries who hates us.

Let's get the Canadian oil line going. Lower fuel prices and tens of thousands of jobs, with less dependence on the middle east. Great. Our commander has vetoed that. Let's get someone who'll work for us.

As a country, we're lying down and taking a beating.

Murray, Utah

Gee whiz, such vitriol over the proposition of taking an expected budget surplus and giving our kids' teachers' a little raise. I'm Republican and I'm all for it as long as it's not all going to Kyle Whittingham's raise (I like Kyle but am hoping his salary is getting funded from some boosters or the revenue he brings in or something and not my tax dollars). I don't feel the need to excoriate the profession or get bent about a raise for the teachers just because I'm not a fan of UEA or bad teachers or stupid mandated curriculum. Lighten up a bit fellow Repubs.

Cache, UT

Dump the illegals. Tax IHC. Then you will have more than enough money to pay for our children's education.

Also, demand merit based pay for our teachers. They work 9 months a year. They have better benefits than most people. Pay the good ones more- show the bad ones the door.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


How about those with the large families stop getting HUGE tax exemptions every year? Shouldn't people be paying their own way? Isn't that the conservative mantra?

Draper, Utah

To all you self-righteous teachers who are complaining about your salary. You don't become a firefighter or police officer for the money. So what's your excuse? Did you become a teacher for the money or for the love of the job?

If you want more money, be prepared to work all year 10 hours a day and risk all you own with the bank, and after paying your taxes, you may become a successful businessman or women. There is a choice, or you can just be happy with your current teaching job, three months off each year, 10 paid holidays, several weeks paid vacation and health care and retirement account and assured to never be fired no matter how bad you perform.

Wow, where do I sign up.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Teachers are paid far too much as it is. All Gov Herbert wants is their vote in the next election.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would love to see a pay raise for teachers, something Governors Jon Huntsman and Michael Leavitt proposed as well. All great intentions but the infamous UEA will find a way to sabotage this process pushing it to the district level where the funding gets pigeon-holed into some other fund or to pay the salary of yet another administrator. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had the right idea about outlawing collective bargaining in public education since it has screwed it up royally throughout Utah and the U.S. The only good union is one that's been busted!

Salt Lake City, UT

And I can hear Dougall already. "Pay teachers more money? What kind of a socialist plot is that? They already make plenty and only work 75% of the year for it. Look at me, I'm really smart and my teachers were just fine while they were they were dining on Top Ramen."

I'm sure this will go over like a lead balloon during the session.

Lehi, Utah

re: Trueman

Just so you know teachers get zero paid holidays, zero paid vacation days, it is closer to two months (also unpaid) and teachers can get fired if administration does their job. If you want to post that is great, but actual facts that are accurate are nice too.

If you would like to teach, feel free to go to college, graduate, go through a teacher prep program and you can apply.

Cache, UT

@CHS 85
I don't have a huge family. I don't get big exemptions for having my family. I get taxed at a rate that is criminal. How about a flat tax with NO exemptions? That sounds like the only fair way to tax Americans. I am independent and don't subscribe either political party to tell me how to think.

Tort reform. Fine the lawyers for filing crazy lawsuits.

Insurance overhaul. Make them cover reasonable medical care.

Educate the children in the US to compete with foreign countries. Reward excellent teachers.

Kick the incumbents out of office after two 4 year terms, without benefits. Return STATESMEN to serve in the government.

Tax IHC.

Get rid of political correctness and call illegal, illegal. Strengthen our borders.

Bring our military home.

Stop bailing out other countries and invest in our own.

Weed the freeloaders off of the welfare rolls.

Enough ideas for ya?

Colorado Springs, CO

Mark T.: Without divulging too much information, they are neither principals, nor do they have a Ph.D., but I'm not sure how long they have been teachers. However, it's my understanding that there is a website, or at least there used to be, that posts all the state employees' salaries. And they live just to the south of you.

I know you
Cedar City, utah


How much is that Ph.D worth in Colorado? I'm sure that the husband and wife teaching duo you are referring to would trade salaries with you anytime. My guess is that each of these individuals probably have an education well beyond a masters and more than likely at the end of their careers. This combination would not be a true representation of most teachers in our state. Now, is there a website I can look at that would compare a Ph.D at your college with those here at SUU?

Mcallen, TX

Here in southern Texas, teachers starting pay is around forty thousand. Out of curiosity, what is Utah's starting pay?


Worf, it's in the low 30's.

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