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Published: Monday, Dec. 12 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Clearfield, UT

To The Big One Teaching is a part time job. You are joking right.

Orem Parent
Orem, UT


Your whole argument was that teachers haven't received a pay cut. Look at the last line of your first post, "I don't see why teachers should receive a pay increase right now -- compared to many others they have already received one since their pay hasn't been cut."

You obviously have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to teachers as several other posters have pointed out. You have some kind of axe to grind against teachers. That is fine. Just don't spout lies and claim they are truths.

Springville, UT

"Utah didn't have massive political strife like some other states because the majority of our legislators understand how important education is to our future and to the economy"

I have to disagree with this. I have never gotten the sense Utah legislators have cared much at all for education. I see too many legislators demonizing teachers and the education process. I applaud their willingness to allow charter schools to create an alternative, but that is in itself quite problematic.

As for the avoidance of a huge political meltdown, I'd say that has more to do with the fact that the number one political question in Utah isn't whether you are Democrat or Republican, but "how conservative of a republican are you?" It's difficult to have a real knockdown, drag out fight between people who are cut from the same political cloth.

Provo, UT

Get rid of the communist teachers union first. An organization funded by tax money should not be able to endorse either political party.

Out There in, WI


The Big One and all the others who say teachers don't work full time are thinking that working 9 months of the year makes it so. As you recognize, that is laughable. Many teachers use those 3 months to supplement their income. And don't even get me started on the brainless ones that claim teachers work 9 months but get paid for 12. They only get paid for 9 but choose to spread the payments over 12. It is very clear that many of those posting here do not believe in fair compensation for value provided. Teachers would be getting paid much better than a lot of provessions if that were the case. The pay disparity between wall street bankers and teachers would be reversed if that were the case. The real solution would be to change the way public eduction is funded, so its not tied so directly to property taxes. That paradigm clouds the thinking of a lot of people on this whole issue. It makes them say crazy things.

Utah Teacher
Orem, UT


That system no longer exists. The legislature did away with it for anyone hired in 2011 and beyond. The old system that your brother was a part of was funded by the taxpayers as is everything in education. The teachers agreed to lower salaries because they knew that the rest of the money that should be going to them was being invested in a retirement program.

The problem is the legislature did away with the retirement program but didn't add any more money to the salaries.

In order for your brother to be getting $45,000 a year in retirement on the old system, he would have had to be earning $75,000 a year as a teacher which doesn't happen in Utah, especially small-town Utah. Also he won't get all of the money unless he agrees that he gets it all and his spouse gets nothing when he dies. A very tough choice that shouldn't have to be made by anybody.

By the way my brother works for Boeing and is going to get a much sweeter retirement package than anything a teacher will ever come close to.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT


There is no such thing as a teachers union in Utah thus there is nothing to get rid of. Nice try with the rhetoric though. You are doing a fine job spouting off the party line.

Uncle Rico Knows
Salt Lake City, UT

One percent! That doesn't even cover cost of living increases. On top of that, it doesn't cover the mounting increases in insurance premiums. Thank you very much, from about 1% of my heart.

Mark T.
Monroe, UT

For those of you complaining about teachers salaries and saying they get paid good. Look at this. Child care is $2 per hour per kid. if you paid teachers $2 per hour per kid they would make around 70,000 per year. Now look at the teachers salaries and tell me they are getting paid fairly. Babysitters get paid better.

Salt Lake City, UT


I would guess that the 7% is aggregate over 3 years, not 7% in one year. In good times, inflation is around 3% per year, so 7% during 3 years of a recession is definitely possible.

Farr West, Utah

Governor Herbert should have proposed a larger salary increase. The legislature always gives less to teachers than what the governor proposes. Setting 1% as the starting point for budget deliberations does not show that the governor really wants to make teacher salaries a priority.

Kearns, UT

For a state full of constituents who are so concerned/paranoid/skeptical about how each of their tax dollars are being spent, I find it amusing that those same constituents continually call for cuts to government employees salaries and benefits, which continue to fall well below the combined salary/benefit of comparable private sector jobs.

Do you Republicans understand all that does is ensure the quality of employees using your tax dollars only decreases with each passing session of the Legislature?

In tough economic times, you can try to use the pitch of "Job Security" as your only selling point. With the hyperbole to square things up later. As things improve, your only selling point goes away.

1% increase? And that follows the study requested by the Legislature that reported two weeks ago that state employees combined salary/benefits are at least 13% behind private sector.

As the economy continues to improve, all this thinking guarantees is that our tax dollars will be spent much more inefficiently.

Farr West, Utah

Ms Molli: Almost everyone I know has received an effective reduction in pay over the last several years with their bonuses being cut, their benefits being cut, they are working longer hours with no additional pay, etc.


Teachers have suffered the same cuts - health benefits have been cut, retirement benefits have been cut, "career ladder" funding has been eliminated, and class size reduction funding has been abandoned - thus increasing teacher workloads.

Salt Lake City, UT

A raise is great, but when my husband's business hit a rough section in the road, he had to take a cut in pay. Seems that in this economy with everyone hurting, we should be seeing how much of the 'dead wood' in the educational morass can be cleared away and what is saved from that given to the teachers, before the taxes which should be in line with the economy are taken from one and given to the other.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: williary | 11:45 a.m. Dec. 13, 2011
"Do you Republicans understand ... employees ... only decreases?"

What we unsophisticated Republicans understand the concept of interest. Unlike California we aren't flushing billions of dollars down the drain in interest on out of control spending of money we don't have.

Liberals understand debt. It is something they expect your grandchildren to repay.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Rifleman said:
What we unsophisticated Republicans understand the concept of interest.

Yes, we know, "interest" in destroying public education, by any means, including de-funding education in Utah to the point it fails.
Pretty soon only the dreggs will come work for a State, who acts like the teaching profession is little more then public assistance for the lazy.

Conservative only understand money, A generation of kids can be uneducated as long as Utah can still balance it's books. How you gunna repay them?

Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks, Utah Teacher, for the explanation. And as I understand PERA, you get around 60 percent of your highest salary - unless that has changed through the restructure - which means my estimate of $45,000 a year is going to be close, maybe more like $40,000. Yes, he's earning in the mid-$60,000 range right now, and so is his wife - also a teacher - so times that $40,000-$45,000 by two, and they've got it made.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Just so I am clear, President Bush and the republican congress fully funded the Afghanistan and Iraq wars the Wall Street Bailout and the Prescription Drug Plan? If we want to talk about the state republicans, their supposed "fiscal" responsibility is less about not burdening their grandchildren, and more about the contempt they have for public education and educators in the state of Utah. Look at the perks they have in place for themselves in the way of insurance and retirement plans. Look at the legislation they pass that provides personal benefit to their business interest.

A one percent raise on a teacher salary doesn't even offset what will probably be the increase cost for health insurance this next year, but it is at least a gesture to say that the increase in class size and the previous pay cuts have been recognized and we want to help as much as we can.

Lehi, UT

@xscribe- Yes, your brother has a very nice retirement. New teachers do not get the same deal. The retirement system was completely restructured to a defined contribution system for all new teachers hired in Utah from 2011 on. The older teachers did get to keep the retirement system they were counting on when they chose the profession.

To say that the teaching profession has not suffered cuts like everyone else is just outright lying. I know the schools in my district have let teachers go every year for the past three years. The number of students has increased at the same time, leaving classes bursting at the seams. Salaries have been cut. Insurance and retirement benefits have been cut.

The system can only be cut so much. There simply must be incentives built into the teaching profession to attract new job candidates. I wholeheartedly support doubling all of the property taxes in all of our areas. We should all pay for education because we all benefit from a well-educated society.

Mark T.
Monroe, UT

@ xscribe

For them to both be making 60,000 they would both have to be a principal or close to that level. In Sevier School District you top out at 60,000 if you have a PHD and 28 years experience as a teacher.

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