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Published: Friday, Dec. 9 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"considering" byu

BYU has as good of a shot at landing this kid as byu does of ever going to a BCS game.

Idaho Falls, ID

Dear Santa:

All I want for Christmas is for Jabari Parker to commit to BYU.


Devoted Cougar Fan


This kid (Chris B) has as good of a shot landing a career of any kind as Utah does beating a 2-10 Colorado team.

Hayden, ID

Chris: This is a BASKETBALL player! There are no BCS games in basketball, just like there is no crying in baseball!


Kalel1 has a no shot at coming to terms with the 54-10 beat down his team got in September.

Columbia, MO

Not every LDS kid thinks like the kids in Utah--that it's better to go to the local state school than to attend a better private school, like BYU. I was at one of the BYU games in the Chicago Invitational and I saw Jabari in the stands watching BYU. The BYU players came and greeted him warmly. I believe it is an accurate assessment to say that he is considering BYU.

If he chooses to make basketball more important in life than other things, that is his decision. However, those who try to belittle BYU on a comment board for an article like this only show how little they are.

I get sick of the negativity posted on these boards by folks like the one above. If your jersey isn't the one somebody supports, why rip on the others?

Phoenix, AZ

Thank you sls for your comments. I only wish certain people could let things go, but they just can't seem to.

Highland, UT


Yet there is absolutely no chance for utah to get him. They offered and he stated they are not even a consideration. Not even a consideration LOL!

Oh and keep on referencing football on a basketball article, it is all utah "fans" have.

Le minerai de plus que les choses changent elles restent les memes.


Orem, Utah

Congrats to Apo for that recognition! He's having a similar year to what Hoffman had last year as a freshman.

Next year with both even more seasoned, and with a consistent QB who'll throw to both of them, BYU fans could be in for a special 2012 season.

rock springs, wy

Jabari Parker may or may not choose BYU, but he sounds like the kind of kid who will "choose the right" no matter what school that is. As a BYU fan, that makes me happy. Seeing him in a BYU uniform would make me happier!

Marysville, WA

After reading the NYT article, *man* I hope he decides to come here. With DeMarco here, and with the Cougs making some noise this year, I think our chances are good.

Crispy, anyone with class would acknowledge she was wrong if it happens. So I don't expect we'll hear from you if that happens.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'd be happy for BYU if they landed this kid... it would be fun to watch him play and I'd like to see my Utes competing against him. He would probably be the greatest recruit to ever hit the Marriott Center floor.
However, all inside scoop to date says he's only kept BYU on his list out of respect for his LDS religion and has little to no intention of ever being a Coug.
Insiders certainly don't always know what they're talking about, so no reason for Coug fans not to hope...but it doesn't look good.


The Ute haters hope he won't come. Because if he does come it makes their "BYU can't recruit anyone" arguement pointless. Like what they have to say ever comes to pass anyway.

metamora, IL

sls: Thanks for your post and observation. I'd would have loved to be there but we were out of town visiting the in-laws in Arkansas.

Frisco, TX

Quoted from CSNChicago "Jabari, is considering Duke, Michigan State, North Carolina, Ohio State, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Stanford, Brigham Young, Washington, Connecticut, Florida, Louisville, Georgetown, Texas, Baylor, Texas A&M and North Carolina State."

I agree 1 out of 18 schools is still a long shot that Jabari will land at BYU. But it's a better shot than the other 300+ basketball programs he is not considering.

His choice will depend on his priorities.

If he wants to stay close to home, Illinois has an edge.

If he wants to play for a storied program; Duke, Kentucky, Kansas or North Carolina may be where he ends.

If his focus is on education; Stanford could be the choice.

But if he wants a well rounded education, spiritual development, association with individuals with similar values, and a solid Top 25 basketball program with a great coach - BYU could be a great choice for him.

Jabari we would welcome you with open arms.

Sandy, UT

Seriously, Chris B.?
First to post on another BYU Basketball story?
Does your insecurity and compulsive obsession for all things BYU, have no bounds?
Seriously, seek counseling and get a Life.

As for Jabari, whether he chooses BYU or not, we are all proud of him for representing himself his family and the Church with Honor.

Good Luck to you wherever you choose to play ball.

Morgan, UT

Chris B

"considering" byu

BYU has as good of a shot at landing this kid as byu does of ever going to a BCS game.

Well lets see Chris B.

Vegas has the odds of BYU going to a BCS game in the next 5 years at 30-70. Not good odds, but do-able.

AND Vegas has the odds of Utah going to a BCS game in the next 5 years at
20-80...Wow, even worse.

And the real stinger is that Utah is in a BCS Conference, with all the hype and BCS ties to bowls...yet Vegas sees them in the lower tier of the league.

Now putting salt on your wounds is the fact that Vegas has Colorado at the same 30-70 odds of BYU of going to a BCS...Wow, you just keep getting kicked when down...sorry.

But then there's always Basketball...Oh, I am indeed sorry...

But, the Red Rocks look good...and they are pretty good at gymnastics as well...

Wow, a silver lining.

Tempe, AZ

Bloated -

You fell for the Chris B. thing, again? Really? I hope you realize that it is one of your own who craves attention. Why do you give her attention? Ignore and it will go away.

jake heaps = ben olson
Orem, UT

Re: Veracity

Since when have BYU fans ever cared what Vegas thinks?

Ann Arbor, MI

@ sls | 10:41 a.m. Dec. 9, 2011

As a BYU supporter, I really appreciated most of comments. However, I am puzzled by your following statement: "If he chooses to make basketball more important in life than other things, that is his decision."

Are you implying that latter-day saints attending a non-LDS affiliated school are somehow lacking in spirituality? If Jabari Parker chooses to attend a school other than BYU, that does not mean that his spirituality is any less of a priority to him. Jabari sounds like a spiritual giant, regardless of whether he attends BYU.

If every person that chose not to attend BYU was lacking in spirituality, then we would need to oust quite a few of our general authorities, including the Prophet!

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