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Published: Thursday, Dec. 8 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Let the speculation begin... I agree with the point that our depth and skill set at quarterback lends itself to a more mobile quarterback. I think that in the last few years we have seen a trend nationally towards mobile quarterbacks, and with good results for the most part.

St George, UT

It sounds like the Cougs are solid for several years at the QB position, which is a huge contrast Whittingham's efforts in this same area.

Salt Lake City, UT

As good an athlete and quarterback as the one he is going to replace? Really,
we all better hope he is a better athlete and an even better QB than the one he'll replace if you want to be ranked and get to a BCS bowl game!

Layton, Utah

Okay, Heaps is gone, we are officially in the post-Heaps era. No more articles please. We have all moved on to the future. I am sure the team is focusing on the bowl game, not Jake Heaps. He wasn't going to start that game anyways.

Salt Lake City, UT

As good an athlete and quarterback as the one he is going to replace? Really...we all better hope he is a better athlete and an even better QB than the guy he is replacing or it will be more of the same. Not relevant, not ranked and no BCS bowl game, which is nothing more than a dream right now anyway.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

At the risk of sounding like I have a man-crush or something, Riley is a DECENT to GOOD passer (and getting better) (really!), a GREAT athlete and a PHENOMINAL leader. I don't see how you can debate that.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

"But what about in 2013? That was the year Heaps and all of his great potential was supposed to have blossomed in full, leading BYU to possibly its first-ever BCS bowl berth." Mr. Gurney, are you serious? Staying as an independent, based on the level of scheduling (which does improve some in 2013), our Cougs have no chance at a BCS bowl. Let's not get too crazy. Let's face a little bit of reality, here. This is the main reson why I was in favor of them joining an AQ Conference. I love me Cougs, but no way do the Cougs get into a BCS bowl in 2 years. Obviously "nat'l exposure" only is the priority in this athletic department. Sorry to break the news to you!

Tempe, AZ

"Next season, Riley Nelson will obviously retain the reins as BYUs starting quarterback. But what about in 2013? That was the year Heaps and all of his great potential was supposed to have blossomed in full, leading BYU to possibly its first-ever BCS bowl berth."

"Possibly its first-ever BCS bowl berth" is the part I like best, but I needed to post the rest for context. This was the funniest unintentional comment I've heard all day. BYU is still dreaming about a chance to play in a BCS game. By contrast, Utah has been there AND won twice.


2013 was going to be the year. I think there are guys that will step in and do well, but we won't make it to a big time bowl game because there is no way that we are going undefeated. I think Heaps departure puts the QB position in flux for 2012. Looking at that schedule Nelson loses to Georgia Tech, Notre Dame(in south bend), at Utah and at Boise St. That means another year of 8-4 or 9-3 plus a mediocre bowl game. When will we get over that hump of 9-10 wins and have one phenomenal year? Like it or not Heaps transfer hurts us. Everyone is maad he didn't stay and redshirt because he could have been great for two years, so don't rip him and say he couldn't hit receivers. It hurts, plain and simple because we are left with a bunch of unknowns that haven't played for 4-5 years. Who will replace Heaps? And who can replace Riley in 2012?

Herndon, VA

Plenty of Unkindness This Week

I am disheartened by the criticism so cheaply directed at Jake Heaps by the media and fans who should on limited information display more heart and less passion. Where is kindness?

All I know is what I saw with my own eyes: An extraordinary talent who is clearly a winner.

If Jake Heaps was not such an incredible talent and capable of leading a team to a championship, why would there be all this fuss? Why would so many care when he left? Its precisely because of that fact that many are upset that he did leave. They are too proud to admit it. So, like children they rant, or like immature lovers they diss their ex as soon as they part ways.

And these comparisons to the early Lavell-era quarterback situations dont cut it, because this coaching staff truly wants a dual-threat quarterback, and a run-first offense. The old pass-happy BYU was a pass first team, with only a few exceptions. Why would Jake stick around for this? Thats not the offense he was recruited to lead.

Y Grad Pumping Gas
Beaver, UT

Wow! that was predicable. Damage control, all this article does is relieve Bronco and Doman from speculation as to their competence.

Now all they have to say is; Well, we had him slatted for 2013.

PR, you got to love it!

Hang in there Band of Lil Brothers!


Although faster, bigger and much stronger which Hill likely is over almost any quarterback remember the jury is still out on Riley Nelsen as he has shown flashes as a pretty gifted passer especially against Hawaii. Nevertheless Taysom is a Steve Young, Jim McMahon type athlete and may have huge upside.
I still don't buy that a redshirt year gives a super bright mature guy like Hill nearly the headstart that a couple of games midway thru his freshman year will give him. If he is there physically and mentally next year I hope he sees the field sooner than 13.

Layton, Utah


Well we know the Utesies won't be getting any BCS berths for a very long time if ever again. With Wynnie and well nobody at QB, unless White the 14th can carry the ball 80 times a game and stay healthy. Get used to losing to the Buffs.


Preston, ID

Devilishute: An your point is......? Good for the Utes, but who cares???

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


Gurney is in a race to put out as many articles as he possibly can these days.....and the quality has suffered.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

DN Sports Writers, enough of the underhanded negative comments about Heaps, only now that he's made his decision to leave the program-- "2012 ... That was the year Heaps and all of his great potential was supposed to have blossomed in full.." I'm firmly in Riley's camp and wasn't a big fan of Heaps ever since he set foot on campus; however, let the guy go. If you didn't have the professionalism to be critical of him while he was actually playing, and you had plenty of chances, why start now that he's walking away from the program? Correct, because it's easy, low-lying "fruit" to pick from. You can do better.

Preston, ID

This was a good article, but I never remember a time since pre-Lavell, where a prediction of who was going to be quarterbacking the team in anything more than next year was accurate. It seems that he who gets the most hype is the one who always finds the bottom quickest! Wonder if it has anything to do with pride and ego.......! (McMahan excluded, of course) Humility never fails to reap the biggest benefit, in my opinion. The word is teachability!! He who puts his talent on the scale with teachability will be the quarterback, and I think the teachability side might even out weight the talent side.

Idaho Falls, ID

I'm excited to see how Hill does in Spring camp. He is bigger, faster, and longer thrower than Riley, but a mission may have taken the wind from his sails a little. If he can return to top form, he will be a contender.

Another thing--He is not afraid of contact. He was a terrific defensive player as well. Also excellent Kicker and Punter.
Amazing athlete.

Salt Lake City, UT

Keep that Cougar PR machine well oiled and running fast and furious. Try winning some games against quality opponents and not losing 54-10 at home.


Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Thanks Mr. Gurney for allowing us to wander aimlessly for a few minutes with such speculative articles as this.

Now a comment about the BCS. With the selection of the BCS participants this year there is absolutely no question remaining about the validity of that system; it has no validity, relevance, or integrity in the post-season realm of college football. Common sense is not present in that committee of money grubbers. Having said that I do hope the team I support gets some of that money pot in the near future.

And how about that beat-down last night of Weber State?

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