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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 7 2011 9:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Great team effort by the Cougars tonight.

Lillard looks like a pretty good player, but he looked like he was trying a little too hard.

BYU fans know Jimmer, and Lillard is no Jimmer.

Orem, Utah

Nate's the next Jimmer for BYU. This kid is amazing. Circus play after circus play. He definitely knows how to concentrate under duress.

If the Utah game isn't a blow-out for BYU, it'll be because the players took the Utes too lightly. Or, maybe that won't even matter.

As for Baylor, can't wait for THAT one!

Idaho Falls, ID

Great game, but BYU could spend a little time on their free throw shooting--C-. It could cost them a game or 2.

I don't remember WSU missing a single foul shot tonight--A.


>I don't remember WSU missing a single foul shot tonight

They were 17 of 19.
BYU was 8 of 13, with the bulk of the misses coming from Nate Austin, who was 0 of 3 from the line.

Sandy, UT

Bastiatarian - thanks for correcting that.

Really - why grading this basketball? I thought the grading was for BYU football.

Don't worry utah up north, we won't push too hard on u because we have to be energy ready for Baylor along with Carlino at the MC.

Go Young Cougars!

American Fork, UT

WhatsInItForMe, I have a feeling it could be another 25 years before we see the true "next Jimmer". Jimmers don't grow on trees...

Saint Louis, MO

Agree with Florwood . . Jimmer's a once-in-two-generations player. Hey, I'm loving Austin (and feeling warm fuzzies towards the whole team), but his skills are merely solid, not lead-story-on-ESPN quality.

Last year, you knew where the rock was going and still couldn't stop it. This year the problem for opposing defenses is the opposite . . the ball could go anywhere, and at least four guys on the floor can score inside or out. That's tough to defend. They may not be ready to challenge the big boys yet, but they look good. We'll see how they do against Baylor and how things change when Carlino's eligible.

Props to Coach Rose for getting the post Jimmer/Jackson era off to a solid start. I thought it would take a while for people to figure their roles out, but everyone seems comfortable. That's good coaching.

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