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Published: Friday, Dec. 2 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I am not one of those volunteers.

And I never will be.

West Hills, CA

Pagan: Don't need to post, we already knew that.

Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

Mitt Romney is the best answer to America's challenging economy right now. If Im just an American,I have been his one of volunteers long before.Go MItt!!!

Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

Mitt is the best answer to Americas greatest challenge right now: economy.

Farmington, Utah

And I am one of those volunteers. Last time and this time, and happy to be there. Met with Ann Romney yesterday and she certainly would be a wonderful, gracious, intelligent First Lady!

Ronnie W.
Layton, UT

Pagan-I hope you don't try to defend the Obama administration. They have been awful. The debt is ramping up(of course that was going on with Bush too). He continues the policy of nation building at the cost of American Soliders lives. He wants to tax the rich more. The richest 5% already pay over HALF the taxes. It just a small degree of socialism.
He continued the patriot act. What really bothers me about Obama is he is so much like Bush.

I encourage members of the church to not vote for Mitt just because he is LDS. If you honestly believe that he has had a change of heart about abortion, gay rights, gun laws then you just might be kidding yourself. I really don't think Mitt will change all that much, except for the fact he might declare a war with Iran.

American Fork, UT

Mitt is heir apparent in utah. The party candidate in a one party state. I'm not sure he needs volunteers here.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I don't understand why any of you people even respond to a bitter, unhappy poster who does nothing but spew his emotional problems all over the internet constantly. I don't even read his posts any more. It's a pointless waste of time.

Go Mitt!!!!


Mitt Romney isn't any different from Obama. All the GOP wants is socialism for corporations.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

The beautiful lady and her beautiful husband should be in Hollywood, making films.
That would be better.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

This is an interesting statement:
In the Nielsen household, there's only one answer Romney. "He has great experience about how to take circumstances that might not be the best, like our economy, and turn them around to the better," she said.

Actually Romney takes a company with a bad economic situation strips it to the bone, sacks everyone, rebuilds it and sells off the best assets to the highest bidder. Is that really what you want for our great country?

I would hope the Republican Party could find some one else with better credentials.

Pagan, keep up the good work, it keeps em on their toes.

Salt Lake City, UT

'Pagan-I hope you don't try to defend the Obama administration.' - Ronnie W. | 8:08 a.m. Dec. 3, 2011

And no one here is defending the Mitt Romney history.

Because, they can't.

They follow the party line, but fail to back it up with facts or anything quantifiable.

Romney on job 'creation':

*'Let Detroit Go Bankrupt' - By Mitt Romney - NY Times - 11/18/08


*'How Many Jobs Depend on the Big Three?' - By CATHERINE RAMPELL - NY Times - 11/17/08

'In both cases, there would be major short-term shocks to employment; depending on which scenario you use, a contraction of the Detroit Three would result in direct and indirect job losses of 2.5 million to 3 million in 2009.'

3 million American jobs....


Salt Lake City, UT

'Mitt Romney is the best answer...' - filformitt | 4:06 a.m. Dec. 3, 2011

Which one?

*'Mitt Romney steers clear of Ohio health, union issues' - By Dan Sewell - AP - Published by DSNews - 10/25/11


*'Mitt Romney reverses himself, supports anti-union law' - By Philip Elliott - AP - Published by DSNews - 10/26/11


Back to the economy...

*'Mitt Romney as job creator clashes with Bain record of job cuts' - By Lisa Lerer, Bloomberg News - Published by DSNews - 07/20/11

'Employees who lost jobs at Bain-controlled companies more than a decade ago say they still hold Romney responsible.
"I would not vote for him for anything," said Phyllis Detro, 68, who lost her job...'

Salt Lake City, UT

'Pagan: Don't need to post...' - kanaka818 | 1:20 a.m. Dec. 3, 2011

'I don't understand why any of you people even respond to a bitter, unhappy poster...' - Cats | 8:24 a.m. Dec. 3, 2011

'Pagan, I pity you. You are one angry human being.' - Dan Maloy | 10:10 a.m. Dec. 3, 2011

So, let me make sure I understand this.

When EYE post something about the story, it is allowed.

And then, everyone and their brother can 'pity' me, Direct comments that imply I am a bitter, angry poster...

and that is part of 'civil discourse.'

It is no wonder people in Utah do not have a FACTUAL understanding of what INSULT means...

*'First Romney TV ad blasts Obama' - By Mercedes White, Deseret News - 11/22/11

'It appears that in that instance, Obama was quoting an aide to then-2008 opponent Sen. John McCain (sic) That might be beside the point though because...'

When Mitt Romney is an 'example' about integrity...

and is PROMOTED, for LYING about his opponent in Utah.

Ronnie W.
Layton, UT

Way to change the subject Pagan. If you read my post I wasn't defending Romney but being critical of him. I am saying you can criticize all you want, but unless you can come up with a better alternative than Obama, please quit talking!

Clearfield, UT

I really wonder why, given her medical situation, she has to undergo the rigors of campaigning. If she was truly cherished, she wouldn't be doing that.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

The fact that Romney spends any money in a state that will vote for him, even if he dropped out of the race,
shows he has poor economic decision making skills, wasting money hand over fist.

Farr West, Utah

Ronnie W. - I support Romney not because we are both LDS but because he has the leadership, character, and economic sense we need in a President. Especially now when our country is facing moral and economic baknruptcy. I think there are many who won't admit that because ROmney is LDS.

Farr West, Utah

SLMG - Romney takes a company with a bad economic situation strips it to the bone, sacks everyone, rebuilds it and sells off the best assets to the highest bidder. Is that really what you want for our great country?
Actually Romney takes a company that is about to go under - COSTING EVERYONE IN THE COMPANY THEIR JOBS - and makes the difficult decisions needed to save the company. That is EXACTLY WHAT OUR COUNTRY NEEDS! It is not easy or popular to cut jobs, but it is NECESSARY when the government is spending too much money.

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