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Published: Thursday, Dec. 1 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Beverly Hills, CA

I predicted this last year and last election and it has started and will continue. Romney need to grow a spine and stop slip flopping so he can concentrate on the the South where he will get bogged down again in the primaries, just like last time.

Yes, people are more accepting of an LDS candidate but religious bigotry still exists and it is powerful.

Anywhere you find anti Muslim, Jewish, etc type people you will find they are also anti LDS and close minded. That is why when I see and hear fellow LDS making bigoted religious comments I have to shake my head. There is a line froma song, "If they hated me they will hate you too".

Watch the phantom robo calls and campaigning by fellow Republicans get ugly on Mitt and the LDS Church. Then you will see the true colors of the close minded Republican party I chose to no longer be a part of. You really think the hateful comments by Bachmann, Perry and other loudmouths who are open to religious bigotry use the LDS Church as a reason not to vote for Romeny, just you watch because they will get desperate.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

I think perhaps the main problem for Mitt is he did not appeal to nor respect the Tea Party and conservative republicans, taking their vote for granted. His endorsement of McCain for Senate in 2010 cemented him as an establishment Republican in minds of conservatives. Add To that his tepid attacks on Obama reinforced him as too moderate. He errored by not respecting conservative's importance to the Primary process.

Heidi T.
Farmington, Utah

Conservatives don't like him? I do. What government survey did you take? This entire article reeks of opinion and mighty poor "journalism."

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I have a hunch why. It is the same reason why Lieberman never had a chance. I think Hagle is wrong.


I think the religion is more a factor than Time Magazine makes it out to be.

Miami Area, Fl

"Add To that his tepid attacks on Obama"

I think Informed Voter has it.

The base wants frothing attacks. For the GOP, anyone who believes that Obama is a decent human being, is the enemy.

Additionally, one can not even entertain the possibility of MM global warming.

The tent is very small, and becoming smaller.

Reagan would not be allowed in todays GOP tent.

Bountiful, Utah

JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt | 7:12 p.m. Dec. 1, 2011
Anywhere you find anti Muslim, Jewish, etc type people you will find they are also anti LDS and close minded. That is why when I see and hear fellow LDS making bigoted religious comments I have to shake my head.

@John: Exactly. What goes around comes around and let the consequences follow.

American Fork, UT

Religion. Why we love him. Why they don't.

O-town, UT

I just don't think he knows how to relate to people or can appreciate what people are facing right now. One example was when he joked about being unemployed--not really endearing to all those unemployed or underemployed right now. Saying corporations are people didn't really seem to make sense either. Saying that we shouldn't intervene and let the foreclosures run their course and let the market fix the housing crisis, while in Nevada--which has the highest foreclosure rate wasn't exactly smart (funny, he didn't seem to share this view with the Wall Street Bailout).

You have to appear like you care about the average citizen even to get them to vote for you.

Salt Lake City, UT

I like Romney.

Of all Candidates I think he is the best qualified to be President.

And I believe that he has the best chance to defeat Obama.

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

If a Republican gets my vote it will have to be Huntsman. Every one of the others is more than my conscience can tolerate.

safety dictates, ID

You are seeing, for now, why Republicans don't like him. I think the GOP is too fickle, hypocritical and single issued to worry about them. The Democrats don't dislike Harry Reid so that negates the Mormon question for them. Conservative evangelicals, for the most part, are too self righteous in their religious views. Mitt Romney will have problems with blue collar Democrats for obvious reasons. And he has sent the message that he really doesn't care what they think. I have a cousin the same age as Mitt Romney. He was drafted into the Marines and spent 15 months as a grunt wading around the Vietnam jungle to draw out enemy locations. He is a blue collar union man. He won't like Mitt Romney if he makes it through the primary. So there are plenty negatives waiting to be expressed. Mitt Romney neeed to show appreciation for those voters but instead he caters to the Norquest elite.

Beaverton, OR

Romney is a chameleon, pure and simple. How do you know which are his true colors?

But Gingrich is a loathsome, bloviating hypocrite.

What a predicament, huh?

Mr. Bean
Salt Lake, UTah

"Romney's... a Mormon 'which usually goes unspoken but is a matter of real mistrust for many Evangelical Christian voters.'"

This looks bad for Evangelical Christians making them hypocrites since the US Constitution clearly states that religion is not to be used as a condition of public office. Apparently they don't hold the Constitution in much esteem.

"But Romney's real problem, according to the article, is "his brazen flip-floppery on issues large and small..."

And what about the flip-flopping of his opponent, Newty? There's the real flip-flopper. Why does he get a pass? He even flop-flops on marriages and fidelity promises in marriages.

Brigham City, UT

Does Time magazine matter anymore? Does anyone read it? Who is Joe Klein?? I read Time 15 years ago, but does anyone read it anymore?? Who hasn't flip flopped?? In this free country, we all can change our mind from time to time----I think it is David Brooks who said he respects Mr. Romney a lot because he IS willing to change his mind. The person we should fear the most is someone who isn't flexible, reasonable and understanding. Unfortunately, many in our country get bored really easily and need someone to always be entertaining them. One of the reasons for the push to change the institution of marriage is boredom, people just want something new. Look at our former mayor of Salt Lake who is pondering a run for the White House----he is a member of one political party on Monday, then another on Tuesday, then another on Wednesday-----we can't keep our attention on one thing anymore.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney has changed or adapted positions no more than Gingrich. I think the media--Time and esp. Newsweek--have to take a good hard look at themselves, on why they are so much more determined to drill down on Romney in this respect than any other candidate. What is it about Romney, Time Magazine, that makes you want to undercut him?

Newt Gingrich is enthralled with a sense of his own intelligence . . . he will not beat Obama. Obama knows that, and thus the urgency to beat Mitt now, because he knows he can beat Newt in the general election. Newt will fall, carrying his horrendous baggage with him.

Why won't the party embrace Mitt? It's partly Romney's money; partly his "perfection"; partly his LDS faith; partly his political changes . . . but I think most of all, those who esteem themselves to be his enemies, many of whom write for the press, are more comfortable with cantankerous adulterers than with what Romney is and represents. So they go for the juggler.

Brigham City, UT

Romney has never flip flopped on abortion rights----he has always personally been opposed to it and at the same time doesn't think a lady should go to jail for it---guess what--that is where 99 percent of our country is at!!! He never said it is a good idea and even today doesn't say a woman should be criminalized---he has never changed one iota---it is the media and ignorant, bored people who can't see that this subject is a tricky one--- evil and legal.


Joe Klein represents the journalistic elite who are in control of major news magazines by their adherance to the socialist Marxist philosophy which is atheistic. Atheists are extremely vulnerable to the philisophical appeal of Marx's dialectic materialism where Marx gives a persuasive but fallacious argument of how everything came into existence without the necessity of there having to be a God or any kind of intelligent force directing it.
Obviously Joe is one of those who can think in terms of focusing on a candidates strong belief in God as being a negative to his fellow atheistic voters.

Salt Lake City, UT

@John Jacob
"so he can concentrate on the the South where he will get bogged down again "

The south is a lost cause. I think Obama outlined the map Romney has to go for. He's gotta get those blue states but he's losing to Gingrich badly in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

@Heidi T.
"Conservatives don't like him?"

Many don't. That's why Palin, Huckabee, Trump, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, and now Gingrich keep spiking in polls as the "anyone but Mitt" people are searching.

@Mr. Bean
"This looks bad for Evangelical Christians making them hypocrites since the US Constitution clearly states that religion is not to be used as a condition of public office."

The Constitution bans the prevention of letting someone run due to religion. It doesn't stop people from using religion in their votes (that goes both ways, voting for or against someone due to religion). Now of course I think using religion in your voting process is wrong unless the candidate's religion includes ritualistic human sacrifice in volcanoes. The thing is you can't directly tell which evangelicals are using religion and which just don't like Romneycare, or flip-flopping.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Romney has never flip flopped on abortion rights----he has always personally been opposed to it "

In Massachusetts he said he didn't oppose Roe vs. Wade and wouldn't work to overturn it. He lied, or changed his view.

"that is where 99 percent of our country is at!!! "

I guess Romney is where 99% of the country is at in that he's taken every single stance on the issue.

1. In Massachusetts he said he wouldn't oppose abortion rights.
2. Running for the president he now wants to get rid of Roe vs. Wade.
3. He told Huckabee he supported the personhood amendment, something so radical that even Mississippi voters rejected it. That would have banned abortion in all circumstances (including all those standard things people allow abortions for like life of the mother). It would ban many forms of birth control and shut down in-vitro fertilization (since they'd have to guarantee each fertilized egg is allowed to develop). Also, like utah's bill last year, it could launch felony manslaughter investigations into miscarriages if the miscarriage was deemed to be due to negligence.

Romney's been all over the map on abortion.

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