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Published: Monday, Nov. 28 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

write it down. Utah will be in the Sun Bowl. No way they get passed over for Arizona State, who will come into the game without a head coach and riding a monumental collapse. There is absolutely NO fan interest right now and while not as viable as before Friday, Utah has much more fan interest right now and will travel much better.

Highland, UT

I've been to El Paso. It is not any sort of a place anyone would ever want to go. Frankly it is a horrible place. It sounds like some are trying to say the Sun Bowl is somehow more desirable than the Vegas Bowl but other than having a little bit bigger payout nothing about it is better than Vegas. If I was a utah "fan", which I'm obviously not, I would be hoping for one of the San Diego Bowls or else the Vegas Bowl over the Sun Bowl.

Bountiful, UT

The Sun Bowl would be a good destination for Utah. The most prestigious non-BCS bowl we've been to, with a long history.

Utah vs ACC #4 (Presumably Virgina) would be a good matchup.

Utah had a solid but not completely satisfying first year in the PAC. We're still climbing, and winning the Sun Bowl would be a great place to start.

Oregon - Rose Bowl
Stanford - Fiesta Bowl
Washington/Cal - Holiday Bowl
Washington/Cal - Alamo Bowl
Utah - Sun Bowl
ASU - Vegas Bowl
UCLA - Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl

(Speaking of the last bowl I mentioned, does anyone else think it's not such a great idea to fight hunger with macaroni and cheese?)

Springville, UT

Ducky is right, El Paso as a place is way out there but the campus and stadium are nice.

Better stick with Beat Down in Vegas II.

Syracuse, UT

Utah Ute obsessed cougs sammy and duhkhunter are right, El Paso is in the middle of nowhere but Ft. Worth and Boise in the winter aren't worth bragging about either.

Bottomline is all three teams are going bowling!

FYI, here are the payouts for the bowl games:

Armed Forces Bowl: $600,000 per team
Potato Idaho Potato Bowl: $750,000 per team
Sun Bowl: $2,000,000 per team

Obviously USU and Utah will share part of the revenue with their conferences.

Utah hasn't been officially invited to the Sun Bowl but it is the likely destination.

Good luck to all three teams!

Draper, UT

El Paso is not THAT bad. And besides, you go to watch the football game. Sight seeing is a plus, but not the reason you go. If you really wanted to do sight seeing in Texas, hop on a flight after the game and take a trip to Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio.

I'm hoping for Holiday or Alamo... but I'm content with the Sun Bowl. Its better than Vegas, and I'd much rather play an ACC opponent with better payout than be back in the MWC, no matter what the scenery looks like. Groan.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"If I was a utah 'fan', which I'm obviously not, I would be hoping for one of the San Diego Bowls or else the Vegas Bowl over the Sun Bowl."

If I were a mid-majorey Utah-hater like Duckhunter or sammyg, which I'm obviously not, I would be hoping the Utes got the worst bowl available...like the Las Vegas Bowl, or the Kraft Fight Hunger should UCLA win their petition for a postseason game despite a 6-7 record. And that would be DESPITE either of those two bowl games being a higher rated bowl game than that $600K nobody cares bowl in Ft. Worth vs...uh...hmm...well, nobody cares there either. If I were a Pac-12 AQ Utah-hater, I'd be a sad, sad, irrelevant, mid-majorey sack.

Highland, UT


Yes El Paso is that bad but as long as all you're doing is attending the game it is tolerable I suppose. San Diego would definately be better as would San Antonio or Vegas. Frankly of all the bowl destinations in the country El Paso is at the bottom of the barrel, about on par with Boise. Even Albuquerque is better than El Paso.

I relaize the utah "fan" spin on this is how great it is, how prestigious a game it is, blah, blah, blah, but in truth it is a mid tier bowl in a low tier destination and that is why it is reserved for a mid tier team.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


what is better? a "mid-tier" bowl or a "low-tier" bowl?

Logan, UT


After seeing your posts frequently throughout these sports pages, I am only more convinced that you are not really a BYU fan, just a Utah hater. Are you so bored and is your life so empty that you must fill the hours with endless, driveling Utah vitriol? If you are truly a BYU fan, as I am, why not spend your time posting positive messages on the BYU pages.

I am a die-hard BYU fan, but I follow Utah football because I like it. I will always enthusiastically root for BYU, especially against Utah, but for the rest of the season, I prefer to see Utah succeed. After all, if BYU beats them and both teams go on to greater success, doesn't it follow that BYU is a good team?

As for your arguments regarding the quality of Utah's team in comparison to BYU, you only make yourself look foolish. Isn't 54-10 convincing enough for you?! I wish the outcome had been reversed, but my team didn't deserve to win!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Frankly of all the bowl destinations in the country El Paso is at the bottom of the barrel, about on par with Boise. Even Albuquerque is better than El Paso."

Albuquerque? Hey...wasn't that your postseason destination LAST year? How exciting for you. I'm sure you were among those dozens of cougar fans who showed up to that game last December.

Typical homer coug. You're a shining example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. No matter WHAT bowl game you wind up in, or who gives the Y a verbal commit, or which mid-majored opponent you added to your future WAC-lite schedule, or how many AQ conferences reject you, you'll ALWAYS behave as though THAT was the most desired outcome.

New Mexico or Armed Forces over the Sun? Haha! Only in the bubble.


Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

Re: Naval Vet

What? Not sure I understand your point other than your upset with duckhunter. Dude, are you sure you were in the Navy? If so, act like it...of course I am assuming you were a Naval Officer. If you were a swab, please disregard my comment as your actions and postings are in line with your rank.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


Duckhunter is going to accuse you of being me with another screen name.....wait for it........

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Gazpacho | 11:49 a.m. Nov. 29, 2011
Logan, UT

Thank you. However, the Duck will now try to call you a Utah troll. Not agreeing with him/her is lethal in his/her eyes.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Cali Coug:

If you had ever served a day in the Armed Forces, you'd have known there is no standard that requires servicemembers [Officer OR Enlisted] to be fans of the team down south. Active Duty is more about defending our nation and our freedoms....such as the freedom of speech for example, even to the extend of ripping on Duckhunter, Y fans, and the Y in general. Nobody had ever been subjected to an Article 15 Captain's Mast for not gushing over those irrelevant, mid-majorey cougs.

If you had NOT ever served a day in the Armed Forces, then don't presume that you're an authority as to how we should behave. It come off as very hypocritical. How very "coug-ish" of you.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Naval Vet | 2:30 p.m. Nov. 29, 2011
Philadelphia, PA

Let it go with Cali Coug. He/she was the class act posting smack on a Utah article about injured players.

Highland, UT


You know it doesn't matter how many screen names you use I always know who you are. Every post you've made under this latest screen name has simply been about me. When a new screen name appears and the posts it makes are pointed at one aprticular individual it is quite obvious what the purpose of that new screen name really is. You do this because you think that by pretending to be a BYU fan and calling me out it somehow will either make me quit making you, and the other utah "fans" look like fools all of the time or else you will somehow convince some real BYU fans to actually side with you.

If you were truly a BYU fan that didn't like to read what I post you simply wouldn't say anything about it. You failed with the "officer coolguy" screen name and you are now failing with this "gazpacho" screen name. Give it up. I will never fall for it and no one else that is an actual BYU fan will ever fall for it either.

Highland, UT

Oh and gazpacho just because you posted under 4 of your screen names here with each post trying to lend credibility to the others don't for one second think anyone beleives it. Even naval lint, who has proven herself to be on the very brink of a breakdown today, knows you are all one poster using multiple names.

It is very satisfying to me to know that I am so effective, so completely irritating to you, that you create multiple screen names and personalities for the only purpose of trying, and failing, to thwart me. I love it. Witnessing your pathetic effrots and naval lints complete meltdown today has to be the most satisfying thing I have ever accomplished on these boards.



Two posts in a row of passive-aggressive snottiness,you must have really got under the Elmer Fudd's skin.
No matter the color of your jersey nothing is more fun than watching a pompous, "I know PERSONALLY blah, blah, blah," kind of guy get his feathers ruffled.

I love this example, "If you were truly a BYU fan that didn't like to read what I post you simply wouldn't say anything about it", as if he's the final word on everything BYU, what an ego. Get over yourself Chris B ehh.... I mean Duckhunter, you're just another hater.

Highland, UT


Like I said it is very gratifying to know how effective I am :)

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