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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 23 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Has BYU lost this PR battle with the Big East or what? I have rarely if ever seen BYU lose a PR battle in my life but this is bad...

Eagle Mountain, UT

If BYU has to take a big step backwards to go to the Big East, I think it is wise of them to stay independent. I can see giving up money but they won't give up the nationally televised games and the exposure they bring. That would defeat their #1 goal which was achieved when the signed with ESPN.

Chubbuck, Idaho

That article about Utah State Univ. is disturbing. Real classy Aggie fans....and the funny thing is most of them are LDS and live the rules regarding morality that BYU has because they are LDS principles and laws yet they still come and "heckle" a player for making a poor choice. That's bottom of the barrel for Aggie fans. It's fine if you dislike BYU as institution and do not like their sports programs but that takes it to a new level. I commend the USU president for seeing a concern and apologozing on behalf of the school

7 to 8 years ago, I went to the Spectrum (first time ever) and BYU came back down from 20 points in the second half and almost won if it wasn't for Spencer Nelson with an acrobatic shot that propelled the Aggies to victory in the closing seconds. it was a great game...but the problem I had was with the Aggie fans that routinely flipped me off during the game for clapping and cheering when BYU was making their comeback. They told me I was not welcome back in the spectrum and that I was not allowed to cheer. Classless!

Sandy, Utah

On this Thanksgiving holiday, I am sooooo thankful for Dr. Chris Hill!

Hang in there Band of Lil Brothers!

Highland, UT

"Utah State's president and athletic director has apologized to BYU for "inappropriate" fan behavior at the Cougar-Aggie basketball game in Logan earlier this month."

Hmmmm.....anyone want to bet that the utah and usu trolls will gloss this over and just continue to talk about the BYU scoreboard incident?

Didn't think so.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ Duckhunter

"Hmmmm.....anyone want to bet that the utah and usu trolls will gloss this over and just continue to talk about the BYU scoreboard incident?"

Which scoreboard in incident are you talking about?

Mr. Obvious
Sandy, Utah

What in the World is BYU thinking?

First the Big 12

And now the BIG East

Forget your ESPN exposure, start working on your PR exposure!

With the arrogance and unreasonable negotiations the Y has bigger problems now to face.

Nobody will want to invite or schedule the Y.

Y ou Blew It!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

The only Utah/BYU scoreboard incident I can recall was when it read 54-10 following this year's game. If you want to keep talking about that incident I'm happy to oblige.

Highland, UT

@mr. obvious

It is hard to "blow" something you didn't want all that much to begin with. Obviously BYU was only willing to accept the Big East's invite on its terms. Short of that it wasn't a very attractive offer.

My guess is that we aren't getting the entire story here anyway. The Big east is obviously bitter about it and that shows you just how much they really did want BYU. They want boise for its bcs ranking, and actually BYU's bcs ranking to a lesser extent, but they really wanted BYU for what it would bring to the tv deal. When they couldn't get BYU to agree to give them their tv rights they threw a fit. I don't blame them either because BYU would have been their main TV attraction and the most valuable school they had in those negotiations. Not ebing able to use the rights to BYU's home games in the tv negotiations severely hurts the value of that potential contract. So now they are bitter and trying to blame it all on BYU. bsicly they wanted BYU to add value to them while they sucked value from BYU.

Highland, UT

@cowardly robin

Google scoreboard incident BYU USU. utah had nothing to do with it other than utah "fans" bringing it up all the time on these boards for the last year.

Sandy, Utah


I Googled "scoreboard incident BYU USU" and it shows a Basketball score board with the words "Dear Utah State, Enjoy the loss, Your Big Brother BYU" is that the one?

That is disgusting!

Utah would never do something like that!

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think BYU just outsmarted itself. They have burned a lot of bridges in the last 72 hours and not just with the Big East.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Unfortunately, I am not at all surprised at the behavior of the Utah State fans. I was truly shocked the last time I attended a game in Logan. Their behavior was kindergarten level and really disgusting.

As for Bleed Red: I attended both BYU and Utah. I have attended a lot of games. I have NEVER seen any BYU fan behave in a way that I have seen many Utah fans behave. Nasty, hateful and religiously bigoted. I went to both schools and I know whereof I speak. The scoreboard incident you refer to was unacceptable and done by ONE individual. It was immediately taken down and apologized for by the BYU Administration.

I applaud the Utah State Administration for taking action. I hope it helps.


if BYU really had a chance to go to the BIG 12 and passed then someone needs to lose their job. Horrible move. BYU should have been begging to get in just like West Virginia and TCU did.

Salt Lake City, UT

From Utah State President Stan Albrecht to BYU President Cecil Samuelson:

"Some fans chose to conduct themselves in ways that went far beyond mere school rivalry, fair play and - most importantly - basic human decency," the letter read. "It is inappropriate for us to invite a guest to come into our home and then have to suffer the language and personal insults tossed at him. We have visited personally with both President (Cecil) Samuelson and Athletic Director Tom Holmoe and apologized on behalf of the USU community."

To equate "scoreboard incident" (which lasted only a few seconds while fans were leaving the Marriott Center) to the way Utah State students behaved for over two hours before, during and after the game, is like trying to equate a 3-second call to a flagrant foul.

Many BYU fans discussed the crude behavior they expected to see at Utah State. Some Aggies fans responded that the Aggie student section was the best in the country and would never do anything crude or vulgar.

Having attended many games in the Spectrum, I knew better.

All of those good LDS kids at USU must be thoroughly ashamed at how their school was represented.

Sammamish, WA

Keep up the good work, Tom H! I trust you 100% that this was the right move. As an Alum who was deprived for years by the Mountain West's TV contract, I'm ecstatic about the current deal. Anything less is unnecessary. To those who might think "stability" comes from being in a Conference, I say "Huh?!" Their overwhelming lack of stability is why they want BYU. Their inability to provide a hedge for BYU against that being foisted on BYU and/or general bad decision making by a new Conference (e.g. Craig Thompson)is reason enough not to jump. Control of home games is a clincher. Thanks again to Tom and the Admin that backed him up on this!

PS - I think BYU would have jumped had Notre Dame been willing to join for FB and both had gotten to keep most or all of their respective TV deals.

Clearfield, UT


"Utah would never do something like that!"

So what you're saying is you don't follow Devonte Christopher on twitter.

Sandy, UT

BYU has not said one word. They Profesionally negotiate in private and they keep confidences.
BYU has not burned any bridges at all.

BYU held all the cards. Seriously, why would BYU give up what it already has? BYU is not demanding anything, they merely want to keep their current contracts. Don't contracts mean anything anymore?

The Big East is the one which is making demands on BYU. They are trying to take away and diminish what BYU already has. Does that make any sense?

If the Big East was solid and the whole AQ to Conferences was going to be maintained, then there might be a reason to join.

All that changed last week when the BCS brass indicated the AQ's may be gone in 2013.

All BYU needs to do is improve their November and late Oct schedules and all is good.

Many of you who think you have a "Right" to know what is going on are just naive.

The catty remarks from those who have no inside information just demonstrates how ignorant you are to business negotiating. Some former BYU players/radio hosts act as if they are entitled to all the information.

They are Not!

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

I hate seeing children at live sporting events these days. Pro or college, it doesn't matter. Players with foul mouths and classless fans are only creating an even more crude and classless younger generation of moral pygmies.

Colo. Aggie
Loveland, CO

I think that BYU just made an enormous mistake. It seemed like a "No-Brainer" to join the Big East for football only. It would give them an upgraded schedule during November and provide an opportunity to play for a championship and even a BCS bowl after they lose their first game. I don't understand BYU insisting on even more TV rights than Texas gets in the Big 12 It seems like they just passed up a great opportunity to get more exposure than they will ever get as an independent. Time will tell who is right here. Either the BYU administration will be viewed as geniuses a few years from now, or fans will be calling for their heads! But, this much is certain, BYU has really burned some bridges over the past few days! Don't expect another major conference to come knocking anytime soon!!

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