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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 23 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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salt lake city, utah

I'm really hoping Fed44 was being sarcastic..however..that does lead to the point of let's do a study of the best states to be an employee in. Categories, wages paid, security of employment, environment (air, water etc.), level of worker autonomy, company contribution towards retirement.

Cedar Hills, UT

@CHS85 - why is it funny that I didn't mention your blue states? Try reading the article - it's about the best states for business, not a ranking of lowest unemployment.

What's funny is that you bring up Minnesota, Hawaii, Vermont, and New Mexico, but they're not even listed among the top 10 states in the article.

Nice misdirection of topics though. At least it's entertaining.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I was not advocating that we end child labor laws, or end the minimum wage. I was making the point (probably a little sarcastically)that the Forbes ranking doesn't matter that much because even though Utah is a right to work state and typically pays very low wages, we still cannot compete with third world countries who don't have child labor laws and don't have a minimum wage. Big business does not care about this country or the workers they hire in this or any other country, they care about the bottom line. Labor costs are typically the biggest expense for any business and third world countries will always have lower labor costs. I would like to see us do what most other industrialized countries have done to protect their own workers which is place a high tariff on imported goods. If we did that then the Forbes ranking might matter because the bottom line might be equal to or better than doing business abroad. We need to start doing what is best for America, not big business, not other countries, but put America first.

Durham, NC

I never know what to make of these reports. This year my adopted home area of Raleigh/Durham NC was also named by Forbes as the "Number 1 place for Business and Careers". So two reports, two very different states, two number 1 rankings in the same year.

As to the silly talk about child labor and all that, a recent wage summary I read about manufacturing jobs stated that many companies are looking at "near shoring" because by 2015, the cost advantage of manufacturing with transportation added will be more in China than producing products in countries like Mexico.

I do agree we need to establish something like an ISO certification products need to meet to be imported and that would include setting a minimum standard for things like child\prisoner labor, product safety, etc... which would greatly level the global manufacturing playing field.

But then again, conservatives would argue protecting human rights is nothing we should be doing if it doesn't directly impact us.

And Utah, good job being the low cost labor state of the nation... something to be very proud of.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Actually, Nevada is NOT a red state and Florida went blue last time. I don't think either one of these states will make the same mistake next time.

Minimum wage is one of those things that is, in fact, counter-intuitive. It seems logical that minimum wage would help people, but it doesn't. It is actually the cause of a lot of unemployment. You will find virtually NO economists that are in favor of it. It hurts poor, unskilled people and young people the most. It's actually a cruel thing that people believe will help them but it doesn't.

Who minimum wage does help are politicians who fool people into believing it helps them. It also helps more expensive union workers. That's why unions all support it. It protects them against lower-priced competition.

A few people on these blogs need to take an economics course or two.

Congrats, Utah. We're doing a pretty good job.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT

that sounds a lot like the movie zoolander. Maybe you could hire a male model to assassinate the prime minister of a foreign country to push your agenda to hire 10 year olds for a dollar a day to work in sweat shops! :)

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


You are correct. I mis-read your original post, and for that I apologize.

Utah is a great place for business. There is a culture here that makes people not want to move away, so they will settle for lower wages in order to remain near family. I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing.

But just to be contrary and throwing a wet blanket on the party, where is Forbes' list of best states to be a worker?

Cardston, Alberta

I can speak from experience as I have operated my own small business for over 30 years. I currently employ thirty workers (20 adults) and have NEVER paid adults at or even near the minimum wage. I do not need government telling me how to retain employees. Minimum wage laws are a JOKE. The only workers at the minimum wage are 15-year olds and many are not even worth the minimum wage. Wages should be MARKET driven.(supply and demand).If you can find a better job you have my blessing, and if I wish to keep you I will offer you more. I have a ton of money in the bank and I have no debt. Started with $400K loan. My workers know I truly value them as human beings not slaves. My biggest competition for labor is government. (too many gov't jobs are over-paid). Pat yourself on the back Utah...good work ethic is HUGE. Right to work legislation is HUGE! Keep it up.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

It used to be that Utah's wages were low but the standard of living was low. That is no longer the case with the latter.

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