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Shurtleff hopes to modify law to end challenge

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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one day...
South Jordan, UT

Time to clean the house, to be honest nobody in the congress or the president (and all those before) have worked for the people in this country, they get money from the corporations, to eliminate, create and change was to help them to make more money. Economic crisis made by and for those ones in power...again we paid for it! Sad but those ones that received our vote, doesnt matter rep or dem are working for their own pocket$.
They make money from US citizens and Illegals, its all about money.
We lost our country years ago!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ronald Reagan offered amnesty. I find it ironic that Republicans now would find Reagan so liberal as to not vote for him! If Reagan is to the "far left" now, God save this Republic from those who would move us so far to the right as to make the Founding Father's question what they had wrought for us.


I have read in some articles that it is not just the low paying jobs that the illegals are taking these days, but some high end type jobs also. I mean, we give then a discounted college education why not use that to take away better paying jobs from our citizens also.. all they have to do is steal an SSI and other ID documentation. Also, if employers would pay a decent wage I am sure more people would take the jobs. It's not so much that we feel to good to do the low jobs but that we have to support families with all the financial responsibilities that entails and most people cannot do that on lower the medium wage earnings.

Miss Piggie
Salt Lake, UTah


"Ronald Reagan offered amnesty. I find it ironic that Republicans now would find Reagan so liberal as to not vote for him!"

Ronald Reagan would likely be among the first to now admit his amnesty program was wrong-headed. He didn't know it would invite millions of illegals to come for the same treatment. Besides, he had amnesty hooked to completely closing off the border... which didn't happen and ain't never gonna happen.

Mr. Bean
Salt Lake, UTah


"I have read in some articles that it is not just the low paying jobs that the illegals are taking these days, but some high end type jobs also."

You go that right. The 'jobs Americans won't take' is a red herring to suck us all in to believing we should be nice and let them flood in to take that work.

"I mean, we give then a discounted college education why not use that to take away better paying jobs from our citizens also.."

There's the proof of what I'm saying. They don't need a college education to do jobs Americans won't take... such as picking apples and making motel beds.

"...all they have to do is steal an SSI and other ID documentation."

That's the angle Utah law enforcement should be going after. ID theft, which is a violation of state law. But, for some strange reason they won't touch it. Elect me, Mr. Bean, and I'll go after 'em.

Good Guy

Allow the local county sheriff to uphold his Constitutional Oath and serve the people who elected him. The sheriff is the supreme law enforcement of the land and needs to rid our counties of illegals. We are a nation of law. Holder may find himself in a local jail if the sheriff keeps his oath.

I like the idea of work camps that help pay for the less fortunate. Thugs would stay clear of a constitutional sheriff and a county that is well armed with educated, American-sovereigns. We make this life way too difficult than what it has to be.

Cedar Hills, UT

Obama to the rescue. Don't enforce the federal law so the states will feel like they have to. I have a great idea...Secure the border. Then we can talk about amnesty. Every once in a while politicians will enforce the immigration law but the funny thing is that without first securing the border it doesn't matter. They just waltz right back into the U.S.

Cedar Hills, UT

Isn't that the gun runner Erick Holder that is suing Utah over enforcing the immigration laws. No room to talk and no leg to stand on!!!

Santa Clara, UT

@Teka - Neither Bush did or Obama is enforcing the 1986 immigration law, but for different reasons. Meanwhile we pay and the legal immigrants stand in line and wait. Say hello to the Abdullah Fouad Companies for me. I worked there for years.

@one day - You are confused about illegal labor & immigrants (they are legal). My legal immigrant father-in-law cleans toilets at one of the big box stores and is thrilled to have that job.

wrz - You are spot on.

Just Gordon - You are really confused.

Salt Lake, UTah


"I have a great idea...Secure the border."

Never happen. Many fly in over the border. Others (fully 40 percent) come here on legal documentation, including student, tourist, and work visas, but overstay. They stay on and on. They forget to go home.

Furthermore, at busy check points on the Texas border vehicle traffic is so heavy that no one is stopped for inspection... going both ways. Totally uncontrolled.

The only way to stop illegal immigration is to enforce federal laws governing employment of illegals in the US, using all the tools available, including E-Verify.

And immigration must be stemmed else we become totally overrun and turn ourselves into just another third world nation where the language of foreigners may well become the dominant language.


Obama going after just the states that want to enforce the laws, shows the dishonest side of the discussion. It's not about the Federal governments exclusive rights, or the sanctuary cities would not exist. Obama would have them in court also. His fixed deportation numbers should infuriate Americans. Turning people away at the border should not be counted as deportations.

Border, E-verify, etc, enforcing one law will not solve the problem, we must enforce all of them.

As for people who have been here for 25 years. They are the ones who have no intention of becoming citizens. They have lived off the American taxpayer for 25 years, they should feel guilty instead of entitled.

Dan Maloy
Enid, OK

The Feds suing a state (again) because the Feds won't do THEIR job?

I'm not surprised by the ridiculous things this administration does anymore. Obama lacks the wisdom and leadership skills to lead a group of Girl Scouts out of a wet paper sack.

November 2012: Our last chance to save America!


wrz: Thanks for the intelligible comment. I have to say that last line about getting in line had me laughing.


I have a question I'd honestly like answered. If an owner of a fruit farm needs 100 employees for an upcoming harvest and only 20 citizens apply for a job, what should he do? I do believe there is a small percentage of citizens willing to take these jobs, but not enough to fill the need. I would say that common supply and demand would push the employers to raise wages and entice more citizens, but that would hurt the small business owner and/or affect prices. I think we must find a better solution to control immigration, but at the current moment we rely on illegals. We can't just kick them out, we have to ween ourselves off of them first. Alabama may have dropped unemployment by 1% but they are having a hard time filling every needed position. The small business owners are really struggling without enough labor and if they go under, nobody has a job.

Tell me what you think. I know most people have a more firm stance on illegal immigration, but this is something to consider. How do we remove illegals without crushing small business owners that rely on them?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Stopping and questioning someone locally based solely on their skin color is profiling, Burbank said."

No one is calling for stopping or questioning persons based solely on skin color. Not a single soul.

So then what is Burbank's point? Is Burbank subtly IMPLYING, with an intent to mislead, that this is what Utah's immigration enforcement bill, HB497, and Arizona's bill, SB 1070, are about, when he knows perfectly well that each of these laws specifically prohibit profiling on the sole basis of race, that these bills therefore are no more "inviting" of such profiling than any other law in the book?

He's not? Okay, then, so again, what then is his point?

Burbank talks about bias, and non-bias. But why is he okay with assisting in the enforcement of some federal laws, such as those related to bank robbery, but biased against assisting with the enforcement of other federal laws, such as immigration law?

By taking a stand against such enforcement at the local level, Burbank is helping to facilitate the illegal-alien invasion that is destroying this country.

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