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Shurtleff hopes to modify law to end challenge

Published: Tuesday, Nov. 22 2011 5:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

@Andrew Marksen
"Gotta solidify that illegal immigrant voter base right Mr. President? I notice the Democrats in Utah, the ones who have our best interests at heart support this nonsense. No such thing as right and wrong for a Democrat, for them breaking the law is condoned as long as the votes turn up for them in November. "

Heh, they can't even vote (and if you want to argue that they do then have fun coming up with documented cases that they do). Besides the LDS church (hardly a liberal entity) is against splitting up families and amusingly Gingrich took a fairly similar position in the debate last night. On the plus side, considering Romney's attacks on Gingrich for that stance we can see that Romney's definitely not going to just follow church political positions.

Roosevelt, UT

Neither party will address the real issue of the porous border. When Bush was approached by states concerened over illegal immigration he totally ducked the issue. Had he not he would have lost all popularity at home as Texas runs on the hired help.

When approached about healthcare reform Bush chose not to address the issue. Had he actually lead as presidents should, the GOP may have been able to set aside all the confusion this country has experienced over the past 3 years.

Now we have lived through this I am not in a rush to reinstae the other party just because they are the other party. This time I want somebody responsible to be elected. Someone who will change the way our country does business.

We cannot afford to pay the military a billion a day. We cannot afford to run bases overseas like it was 1967, nor do we need to.

We can't afford 20 million illegals in the country. We cannot afford to have state people like Shurtleff who wants to run his own country. We are all grateful for the work he has done but are more grateful he is leaving.

Clearfield, UT

Hopefully this lawsuit will be an opportunity for Herbert's administration to work with the Obama administration to work out a comprehensive, acceptable path for immigration reform. Will all the work that this State put into it, it has the best chance to become a national model for the rest of the Country, something that Congress and Obama could move towards in passing next year. If Utah can support this reform model, then the rest of the Country might be able to accept it too.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The feds may sue, and they may twist the facts and the law enough to win.

But they are still wrong.

The root cause of so many of our problems is that the feds have totally failed, no, they have totally abandoned, their very real responsibility to control our borders and enforce immigration laws.

It they won't, then who will? If they won't allow the states to do so, then the essential question is "Why not?"

It appears that some in this administration do not love this country, or want to do their Constitutional job to defend our country and constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

all hands on deck
Sandy, UT

Sue Utah for enforcing Federal Law. Wow.

The constitution says, the federal government is responsible to establish "an uniform rule on naturalization," not immigration rules. Go figure. So we should now stop catching bank robbers, because that is a "federal" crime?

There is a bigger end game afoot.

Sanpete, UT

This is sort of like a bad boss who doesn't do his job and is risking the company to go down hard. So you jump in, try to save the company, then your boss sues you for not doing his job the way he wanted.

Bountiful, Utah

I am very surprised at some of the comments. Do you not have to take a course in high school in Utah to understand the basics of the US Constitution, particularly the separation of powers between the States and the US Government?

West Valley, UT

This is *exactly* what I'm talking about when I say we need a Constitutional Convention.

Power needs to be stripped from the greedy and corrupt federal government and given back to the states, where it belongs.

Magna, UT

I understand some of the frustration over this issue, but I have a Latino neighbor who is a young mother of two small children and is going through a divorce. The husband refuses to pay support. She can't get a job because of the law and can't pay her rent and no one can help her pay her rent because of the law. There is no help! Maybe some people do need to go back, but we need to have some compassion and make sure our laws do not hurt the week and downtrodden. Also, I would like to remind us of what John said, "If anyone says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Whichever way you lean politically, consider the bigger picture here related to politicizing law enforcement.

Thats a very common trait of 3rd world countries.

Up until now the U.S. hasn't had that problem. Sure, law enforcement can't be everywhere at once, but when they REFUSE to even take into custody law breakers, think what COULD come next.

Today its' failure to enforce illegal immigration violations (or let the states do it), whats next?


I understand your point and concern.
But, what about the family of US citizens that cannot get a job and pay their bills and are losing their homes etc.. do they not also deserve your concern and charity. If we open our doors to all the weak and downtrodden then soon we will become a nation of weak and downtrodden ourselves. There are poor and weak people ALL OVER this world that would love to be here. WHY are we allowing the Latinos the right to come here at their will breaking our laws and not allowing others the same opportunity? How fair is that to the people who are doing it the right way and waiting and working to do all they can to come here correctly and not under the wire? OH and by the way... just because we want people to OBEY our laws, does NOT mean that we hate them!!! In my opinion they show more hate towards us when they come here illegally. I personally don't care what their nationally is - if they are here illegally then they are putting our lives and country at risk.. and that is not love!!!

Bountiful, UT

The Utah law as written may invite profiling and low grade harassment of people who happen to look the part but aren't. Given our history, of Utah AND the nation this isn't acceptable. President Obama recognizes this.

We can keep our law, we just need to take out those parts that invite discrimination.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

I am hearing people say here that the federal government is not enforcing the law, but then I hear in other news reports that a lot of illegals are being deported by the Obama administration, even more so than the Bush administration.

Of course, if the federal government is so big into the separation of powers, then they should stay out of education.

That is good news that Alabama has declining unemployment.

Farmington, UT

THIS is why the government wants to raise my taxes? And the taxes of the rich? So they can sue their own states?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I really am impressed with the way the Feds handle illegal immigration... impressed at how well they do nothing. Does Eric Holder fail to understand what "illegal" means?

If you have the proper documentation with you, then you won't be detained... but wait you say.. that is like fascist! Well, considering well have to carry "papers" called our drivers license or other ID.... pretty much the same thing.

You also have to wonder where a lot of illegals are getting their false SSNs.... Hmmm

But wait! Not only do you get an fake SSN, but you get free food and living off the backs of legal citizens.

Oh sorry... I, a legal citizen, who is a disabled veteran, who was not even born here.... am being insensitive.... somehow, I don't care. You want to be here legally? You do it like my family did or you get out. I bled for America, not illegals.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

@ "Tekakaromatagi"

There haven't REALLY been higher deportation numbers. Napolitano, Holder, Obama, et.al. have just changed the way they "count" deportations.

Among other things; now, if a border agent catches an illegal 5 feet inside the border and tells him to "go home" THATS considered an "apprehension and deportation"! They didn't use to count those. There are some other "fudging the numbers", "cooking the books" issues, but you probably get the idea!

This "cooking of the books" is purely a deceptive move on the part of an administration that DOESN'T WANT to do their job! They think we're stupid!

Obviously they DON'T WANT immigration enforcement to occur at all since they won't even let the states do it for them!

one day...
South Jordan, UT

Americans need those jobs, and Alabama proves that getting rid of illegal labor puts Americans back to work.
REALLY??? Would you clean my bathroom, my house, paint houses, @ construction sites, warehouses etc at low pay, no benefits and more than 40 hrs a week, I don't think so! that's why you need immigrants, to do the job that NOBODY wants to do! sad, honest and true! dont blame the immigrants, blame your system!

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

If the Federal government was not so busy suppressing US production of energy, produce, manufacturing, etc, we would have so much industry here we would be begging foreigners to come here and help us produce. Jobs would be plentiful, we would have more money to spend and immigration issues would be non existent.

No, illegal immigration is not the problem. The Federal government is. Obama has to go first. Then his henchmen. Then most Senators and Congressmen that love money and power more than their constituents.

Time to clean house!

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

@ "one day" Funny you should ask!

From the time I was 13-17 I worked at Granite schools district doing those things you describe during the school year. Then, during the summer I worked in the orchards of Orem/Provo alongside illegal immigrants.

SOME kids won't do that kind of work anymore. But, some might!

Problem is, we'll never know if they will or not because THOSE jobs are already taken.

Don't we owe it to ALL the entry level workers to FORCE employers to at least pay the minimum wage along with state/federal taxes, etc.
Many don't. Thats why they hire illegal immigrants.

How can a LEGITIMATE employer compete with that?

Salt Lake, UTah


"Or can we not pass laws that simply say 'we can enforce the law'?"

That certainty would be a good approach. But apparently we can't since Holder insists it's a federal issue to enforce.

However, there are provisions in the federal law that allows states to partnership with the fed to enforce federal law. Some states have this type of agreement but Utah does not.

Speaking of AG Holder... he needs to try to keep up on so-called Fast and Furious gun walking. And he needs to take legal action against the Black Panther group intimidation at voting places... And why doesn't he? His response... 'becasue they're my people.'


"Hey, they can't even vote..."

That's not the problem... The problem is, their citizen friends and relatives vote for their cause. Plus, many states do not validate citizenship for those who turn out to vote. ACORN signed up illegals to vote on many cases.


"Hopefully this lawsuit will be an opportunity for Herbert's administration to work with the Obama administration to work out a comprehensive, acceptable path for immigration reform."

We already have such a path... It's simple. Go home. Get in line.

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