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Published: Saturday, Nov. 19 2011 6:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

C'mon thats going a little too far saying the Pac12 is a tough conference. Washington state is bad, too pull out the win good, but to go to overtime against them doesn't deserve an A. There's 3 legit top 25 teams in the conference but most of the teams are just lousy this year. I doubt anyone in the Pac 12 could win the Mtn West this year.

Sandy, Utah

It was Snow White as we dwarfed the other Cougars!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

dnay, you must be a delusional Y fan to say you doubt any PAC 12 team would win the Mt. West this year. How about USC, Stanford and Oregon for starters. PAC 12 is a far better conference than the Mt. Worst though the Mt. West is better than the Big Least.

Iowa City, IA

Despite stacking the box at times with 10, this guy still finds a way.

Nice win.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

dnay is not delusional, just blue with jealousy.

Next year the Y should try to upgrade its schedule with some Big Sky teams.

White is all machine. But the U has a track record of producing those to run the ball.

Pocatello, ID

dnay, how's that WAC championship working for you?


I'm glad the Utes have John White...the guy is a stud, no question. The rest of the offense...pretty dismal. White's been a godsend.


Assuming you are a Y fan I just wanna point out the fact that they lost to this 4-4 Pac 12 team by 44 points...BYU would have 2 or 3 wins with Utah's schedule at best! And yes, USC, Oregon, Stanford, would all win the MWC. Considering you play in the WAC, 12 out of the 12 PAC teams would win the WAC as well...

Santa Monica, CA

Okay, let's get this straight...
I luved me some Carl Monroe--but his 82 team was 5-6 and they beat the likes of Utah State and UNLV and lost to the Y and Hawaii. The Wolfman is doing it in the big time. As of tonight, he is the best running back the Utes have ever put on the field for a single season. This kid ran it 40 times in the snow tonight and he'll do it again against Colorado. (But please, no snow...).

Payson, UT

Offense was horrible the first half. Not until the weather got worse and we fell behind did the team start putting together some good plays. White had An amazing second half, but that was negated by horrible defensíve schemes the last 10 mins of regulation.

The bottom half of the pac 12 is not any better than the bottom half of the mwc, but utah has shown they can compete in this conference and given all the serious injuries they've suffered and the lack of returning starters, there is a lot to be excited about. The UTES will continue to be in the top half of the conference in years to come.


"It will be fun to watch the Utes be bottom dwellers in the PAC-10.2. Welcome to the big boys little brother."
"There is no way Utah can compete week after week in the PAC 12."

"C'mon thats going a little too far saying the Pac12 is a tough conference."
"I doubt anyone in the Pac 12 could win the Mtn West this year."

There is no arguing with jealous reasoning.


"I'm glad the Utes have John White...the guy is a stud, no question. The rest of the offense...pretty dismal."

I am now converted to the offensive front line. I even knew when they were going to run up the middle, but the offense still opened up holes a truck could run through. Utah does not have a passing quarterback and the defense and special teams are more likely to score. Can you imagine what the score could be if the offense could take advantage of all the turnovers? With all that said, the offense front line and John White deserve a lot of credit.

Saratoga Springs, UT

They say better to win ugly than lose pretty. That offense is hard to watch sometimes, it looked to me that we could have thrown the ball a lot more yesterday WSU was getting no pass rush at all in the 2nd half.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

The bottom half of the pac12 is no better than the bottom half of the mwc? All I can say to that is New Mexico, UNLV, csu (lost to CU). I think these 3 teams speak for themselves.

Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

hahahahaha its funny that byu fans still talk on the Utes and yet they lost to them by 44 points.


I don't think Specials deserves an A+, probably an A or A-. They fell apart near the end of regulation, getting a personal foul on the PAT, allowing the ensuing kickoff to be returned past the 50 (which set up a TD on the next play), and our returner not having the sense to pick up some additional yardage. All of those contributed to scores that nearly cost us the game. Actually thinking about it now, A- would be very generous.

Sandy, Ut

Just so happy I don't have to watch my team play New Mexico St, Idaho, Idaho St, San Jose St et al. Thank God for relevance!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I find it funny that Ute fans constantly attach Cougar fans for not being realistic, yet when it comes to your own situation your the same or worse. None of you have the common sense to look at that game with BYU earlier and see it for what it was a fluke. Now I'm not even saying BYU's is better, not at all but the difference between those 2 teams are not that far apart. But with no common sense you wouldn't see that. The bottom line is the Pac12 is w e a k plane and simple when a pac12 power plays another good team from another conference they loose. And yes I don't think Oregon, USC, or Stanford would beat Boise State, or TCU so no I doubt they would win the Mountain west. So you boys can't have it both ways you can't ride Cougar fans for being unrealistic in their expectations and turn around and do the same thing, I think they call that being a hypocrite! BYU fans know that there schedule isnt great but don't think yours has been that much better. Remember Washington state got worked by San Diego St.

Salt Lake City, UT

So this is what it comes to? Trying to convince everyone that the MWC, who Y "upgraded" to a WAC schedule from is better that the PAC12. You should be a comedian. Why would that even matter anyway as the MWC has no relevence to you. If you think 54-10 is a fluke, what would you say to OT victories? Or what is your response to 7 out of the last 10 and 3 of those victories being blowouts by the utes? Don't tell me, you have a better TV deal and for a chunk of history your team dominated the Utes. As for hypocrisy, please take the beam out of your eye....

Salt Lake City, UT

Typical Ute, did you even read my message? I didn't say BYU's schedule was better, I made a point that the Ute schedule isn't really that great either, but I didn't compare the two. If you looked at it without your blinders on you'd agree that the Pac12 who consistantly gets beat by mountain west and wac schools is not that great of a conference. A better conference would have been if Utah, BYU, TCU had stayed in the mountain west and brought in Boise, that would be a better league! As far as that game being a fluke that stands, I watch the games and see the teams play. I'll spell this out for you you so you can understand. The Utah game against Washington, are you telling me that Washington is that much better then Utah because they smoked you on your home field? Because watching the game they weren't any better, if Utah hadn't of given them 5 turnovers it would have been a different game, same with the Arizona State game. I think Utah is the 4th best team in the Pac12 and maybe 3rd. Think and you'll realize I'm right!

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