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Published: Friday, Nov. 18 2011 10:00 a.m. MST

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Frisco, TX

Here we go again. Any BCS changes will trigger conference realignment as teams try to position themselves to maximize the revenue to their school.

I don't expect to hear any response from BYU about their Big East invitation until the BCS figures out what they will do next.

Can't we just get back to playing football and quit focusing on conference realignment and BCS talk.

Minneapolis, MN


Without the AQ, a Big East schedule is still a November upgrade from the 2011/12 version (yes, I know, in 2013 it's suposed to get better, but still...)

...and if bowl bids are to be based on putting fannies in the seats, BYU should be just fine...and that partnership with ESPN won't hurt either.

(...and don't think The Worldwide Leader isn't going to have a big say in who goes to what bowl...)

Sandy, UT

It's like this: Before you had a "dumb and dumber" kind of a chance to get to a BCS bowl. Something around 1 in a million. Now that "1" will be gone. Got to love being in the Pac 12!

Idaho Falls, ID

This was an informal proposal that is being tossed around. Whether it is being seriously considered is questionable. The proposal essentially states that the BCS is just going after a national championship game and the rest the bowl games will be open to all 11 FBS conferences and independents. I seriously doubt the AD's of the BCS are going to release the stranglehold they have on the currently lucrative BCS Bowl games.

But let's suppose this proposal is implemented. If BYU is allowed to keep its ESPN and it own broadcasting rights in the Big East, then they are still in a better position than their current independence. They have a ready-made schedule of competitive teams, a partner with Boise State, and a conference who will help them negotiate for the higher profile Bowl games.

If the Big East is allowing BYU to have everything they want to join them then BYU should accept it, even if this unlikely proposal became a reality.

Ute's R Gr8
Sandy, Utah

Gotta love the PAC 12!

Hang in there Band of Lil Brothers!

Salt Lake City, UT

the suggested change calls for the BCS to sever its direct ties with the so-called BCS bowls the Allstate Sugar Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Discover Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio and concentrate solely on arranging a No. 1 vs. No. 2 national championship matchup

I'm missing something. There is a LOT of money in those 5 BCS games. I don't imagine "the BCS" would toss 4 money makers to focus on 1 game.

The best teams generally come from the leagues associated to those bowl games. If the BCS cuts ties with the Rose Bowl, for example, that means the national title game wouldn't include a team from the Pac-12 or B1G.

Unless... maybe they're saying we'd go back to traditional bowl games, where there would never be a Big 12 or SEC playing in the Rose Bowl. And the BCS national title game is a "plus one" that matches #1 & #2 after the bowl season. That would give more meaning to the bowls. If Oklahoma had to play Boise State, they'd actually care about the game this time.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Before you had a "dumb and dumber" kind of a chance to get to a BCS bowl. Something around 1 in a million. Now that "1" will be gone.

We're glad U lucked out with the "dumb and dumber" chance you had, but if the new plan is adopted, "BCS" bowls won't even exist, simply a BCS championship game.

And Utah's only claim to fame will be disappear as nothing more than a couple of bowl wins in a sea of bowls.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

I can only respond to what I read in this article, but how can such "major" BCS changes only impact the AQ status of the Big East? Undoubtedly, any/all BCS changes will also impact the Pac 12 and all the other BCS Conferences as well, particularly if the BCS pulls out of the other "major" bowl games and focuses solely on the Nat'l Championship game. I still say our Cougs have to join a strong conference. The independent schedule isn't doing them any favors. Even though the games do get a little stronger in the next 2 years, BYU is far, far from the tradition & power of a Notre Dame to solicit the interest of other power house programs year in and year out. I'm more than playing WAC teams. That's why they left the MWC!


Did I miss somethin??

What has Jimmer Freddette's girlfriend got to do with BYU affiliation with the Big Eas(y)t or the future of the BCS?

Who cares who won the "sideline" award?

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

Sorry. In my above comment I meant "I'm more than done playing WAC teams."

bountiful, ut

Even being in the Pac-12 won't have any bearing unless the talent of the conference from top to bottom improves and they actually have someone higher than #3 in the nation.... Did you not read the potato head language that all the BCS bowls could be gone and simply a championship game pitting #1 against #2? It is amazing yet tragic that people only read what they want to read when a completely different thing was eloquently said. Yes, the Rose Bowl will stay around and that has miles more prestige than the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas or the Armed Forces Bowl or any other pre-january 1st matchup. But folks, please read carefully the words these reporters are uttering... It is up to you to make yourself look like you have a lick of common sense or intelligence... So, get to work!

bountiful, ut

I feel a better title for this article would be 'possible BCS changes would impact every Division 1 program in the country' cuz essentially it would effect more than just BYU... Everyone would feel the crush from A-Z including U.

Sandy, UT


What it means is there will still be very prestigious bowls they just may not carry the BCS tag. The pac 12 will still be in the Rose Bowl, every single year. The other prestigious bowls will set up contracts with the Pac 12, Big 12, Big 10, and ACC.

It means there will be no "sneaking in" by poor teams such as Uconn from the big east last year.

Your 1 in a million shot at a "upper bowl" is now 0 in a million.

Iowa City, IA

The longer BYU keeps it's composure and stays quiet, the smarter it looks.

The real blow is actually to the U. If this happens, no luster to the PAC 12 anymore.

The irony is if this idea becomes reality, all football programs become basically independent.

St George, UT


The title of the article is "Blue roundup:..." inferring all things BYU. Hope that helps.

Iowa City, IA

Ute fans read the article real slow...AQ status would go away for all conferences not just the BIG East. C'mon little bro's, read the article.

Iowa City, IA

Thank you DesNews for allowing ute fans responses and not trying to protect them for their own ignorance.


Listen to the Utah trolls and the fans who believe they know everything. This is my opinion alone and what I read into this story. If the BCS goes away, then it paves the way for a system to be put in place that will cater only to the traditional football powers. Anyone who follows college football knows who those programs areI don't need to mention them. The next thing that will be taken into consideration is fan base and who will be the big draw that generates money. Sorry Utes, the NCAA could care less that you dwell in the Pac 12. And BYU.....you need to put a better product on the field. Obviously you have the exposure (see deal with ESPN) as well as fan base, and draw around the country.......but....you need a better football team. And that's just my opinion, and we all know what they say about opinions!!!

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU is in a pickle. The Big East is a no go if the BCS status expires after 2013. Staying independent also locks the Y out of the BCS. The only real chance was the Big 12. I say was because it appears that opportunity came and went and TCU and Virginia Tech were chosen instead. There was also the sunday play issue the the Big 12 which was a non starter. So where does this leave BYU? Staying independent will eventually cause the money to dry up and the recruits following that. I'm sure Tom Holmoe is aware of all of this and will make the best decision possible. Some key indicators will be if Bronco renews his contract after 3 years and if Tom Holmoe sticks around as well.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The BCS must be feeling some anti-trust heat in the way the access to the 4 major bowls and BCS NC game have been controlled. BCS types have long said that if that goes away, the 4 major bowls will revert to their historic conference tie-ins.

What the U fans have tried, unsuccessfully it seems, to explain to the cougies is this:
If the proposal goes through, it means the Pac-12 schools will still have the Rose Bowl tie-in (along with all the other bowls the Pac-12 has arrangements with), but the Big Least and independent schools will probably be left with just hoping to get to a lower tier bowl, knowing their noses will always be pressed against their TV screens on New Years Day.

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