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Published: Thursday, Nov. 17 2011 3:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake, UTah


"For one it makes fruit and vegetables less expensive..."

Yeah, right... a head of lettuce will cost you about 5 cents more.

In the mean time it costs the US taxpayer billions to provide healthcare, education, etc., to illegals. Send them home to get in line for work permits to enter the US. Anything less is amnesty. Amnesty only means their friends will be encouraged to come for the same treatment.


"Look around at America since the beginning of the January 2008 start of the I.C.E. Deportation/Incarceration Programs, and The January 2008 start of 'The Worst Recession in U.S. History.'"

Illegal immigrant deportation had little or nothing to do with the worst recession in US history. The worst recession in US history was a result of selling houses to people who couldn't afford to buy them, using sub-prime mortgages and allowing said buyers to qualify even if they didn't have income to pay for it. The pressure on housing caused prices to soar over the last dozen or so years. And economists, as well as common sense, tells us that housing prices (or anything) cannot continue to rise, ad infinitum.

Salt Lake City, UT

@On the other hand

"If the Church issues an official statement, you can be sure it is sanctioned by the First Presidency and is in harmony with both Church doctrine and Church policy."

Sorry, but "You can be sure" does NOT constitute the required priesthood authority, nor a bona fide invocation of such authority, to speak for the Church. The Public Affairs Department -- which actually issued the Utah Compact statements, and the one that you refer to at 2:22 p.m. -- again does NOT, in itself, have a right to speak for the Church (Handbook 2, 21.1.29).

If the Public Affairs Department -- or Elder Clayton -- is citing, referring to, or speaking in agreement with ESTABLISHED Church doctrine and policy, or conveying a statement SIGNED by the First Presidency or otherwise expressly invoking that authority BY NAME to utter that PARTICULAR statement, then that's one thing.

But to say that the Church supports the Utah Compact, or that enforcement-only legislation is likely IMMORAL?

No, that is NOT duly established, official Church doctrine or policy, nor can it be regarded as the OFFICIAL, AUTHORITATIVE position of the Church, absent the signature of the First Presidency.

Gilbert, AZ

I am sickened by the majority of the Hate Filled Comments in this Blog.

"America is great, because it is good, when it ceases to be good, it ceases to be great."

Alex De Tocqueville

I see little "Good" here.

Deporting Good, Hard Working Parents from their Legal Citizen Children, Dumping them in the Harsh Desert at the U.S. Mexico Border into a Known "Drug War", to be killed or to die of exposure where forty -two thousand Hispanic's now lie dead since the start of the 2008 I.C.E. Deportations of hundreds of thousands with out even water, perhaps will not be considered as Good, by God?

Thousands of innocent Citizen Children now have no Parents!
Thanks to I.C.E., and their Black Masks!

For those "Saints" saying: "No Amnesty" you are no "Saints", you are not even following the basic Teachings of Christ.

I olny hope your maker judges you more fairly than you are now judging millions of other "Human Beings", and that he grants you a little "Amnesty", I fear you will All Need some.

"Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone".


Salt Lake City, UT

"...Hate Filled Comments..."

You're credibility is gone, right there, for thus bearing false witness against your neighbor.

The assertion that ICE is dumping parents in the middle of the desert without water and leaving them stranded is a lie.

The implication that the inconvenience of deportation is the U.S.'s fault -- instead of the fault of the person who CHOSE to trample upon our sovereignty and laws -- likewise is a lie.

"Thousands of innocent Citizen Children now have no Parents!"

Also a lie. Deported parents are perfectly free to take their children with them, thus keeping the family intact. Parents likewise are perfectly free to NOT invade this country in the first place -- wherein they often leave family members BEHIND in their home country, in which process THEY break up THEIR OWN families.

And to respect the rule of law IS to follow the basic teachings of Christ. And it is NOT incompatible with "love thy neighbor."

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". Based on your implied logic here, the entire judicial system should be thrown out. And, of course you "accidentally" left out the part about "GO AND SIN NO MORE."

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@anti-liar, some questions:

1. Is there any new doctrine or policy in the Church's statements on immigration?
2. Do those statements constitute an official stance on specific legislation, or an effort to intervene in any judicial matters?
3. Would the First Presidency allow the Church's Public Affairs Department to make official statements that were contrary to their will or in conflict with the established principles of the gospel?
4. In the months following the statements on immigration, has the First Presidency issued any retractions or corrections?

Gilbert, AZ

I was raised L.D.S.

I was taught not to waiver, and I will always defend the defenseless.

I stand for what I believe to be right.

I was raised in "The Greatest Country on Earth."

And I always believe in "Forgiveness/Amnesty".

To: Right.


re David Nichols
I also was raised LDS
I also was taught to hold to the rod, that charity is the law of heaven. That OBEDIENCE is also a law of heaven.
I also was born and raised in America and were generations of my family before me.
I AM NOT a bigot or a BAD Christian because I honor the law of this land and ask that others do the same. Because I am a faithful LDS I would NEVER EVEN CONSIDER going into a land by breaking its laws and stealing from its citizens and putting them at risk by taking jobs that the citizens need or bring disease into the country to infect it citizens.
When the church signed the contract I think that it was reminding us that what we do, we do not do in hate. I can deal with that. But, I also have no intention of being a old rug for all the illegal aliens walk all over me as they take over my beloved country.
There are those who because of horrors they race come here to escape. They have a right to be heard. con't


but not all fit into this category. A lot come to get money and use our charity to their benefit. If they are coming here because of a real threat then they need to be grateful enough to this country to assimilate into this melting pot and become one of us instead of trying to make this country over to make it the land they left. There are poor ALL OVER the world. There are horrors going on ALL OVER the world.. NOT JUST MEXICO! We need to be fair to ALL people who want to come here and not just to the poor Mexicans! Please, even Mexico has laws about coming into their lands, they would NOT allow Americans to enter their lands like they are ours.

I get really tired of people telling me that I am a bigot just because I do not believe the same as them. One thing that really scares me is terrorist that can use the same border entry as these people do. I think that we truly need to secure these borders for our land to be safe.

Sandy, UT

Response to tenx . . . I like the reforms you've cited, but if you really believe in these (order and continuity for the benefit of our society), then you're NOT with the Chamber on this one. The Chamber wants open season on American citizen workers and taxpayers, and caters to the greedy people who profit by paying slave wages, starve out the legitimate workers, and let the taxpayers cover all the benefits. THAT'S the Chamber's idea of "reform," and that's what "reform" means to most politicians who like and support the invasion that's destroying this country.

Provo, UT

I believe in following the laws of the land. I believe in the LDS church policy to immigrate legally, and for countries to have a right to enforce it's borders/laws.

I believe in go and sin no more, not go and keep breaking the laws of the land.

I would support a 90 day window to allow those here illegally to go home, without the 10 year penalty for visas and green cards, and promise not to prosecute for identity theft for just working (felony. It falls within the Christian values of the Church. Rewarding the continued illegal behavior does not fall within Christian values in my opinion.

The 12th article of faith would be doctrine.

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