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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 16 2011 5:00 a.m. MST

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What an amazing sacrifice for Dallin Rogers and all Athletes that choose a mission over athletics. I respect the guys that can do this.

Hopefully rehab goes well and he'll be back on the field next year ready to go. The kid has great hands.


Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

bgl: thanks for all the guidelines, that nobody cares about. For someone teaching tolerance you show little if any.

Iowa City, IA

It's good to finally see ute fans talking religion and football in the same sentence without saying something negative.

This article is a great reminder to utah fans that when you bash on the lds church you're bashing on your own team.

Ted H.
Midvale, UT

@Brave Sir Robin,

Although I completely agree with your points - I also think the number of non-LDS kids attracted to the U will increase because of the Pac 12. So if you only have X number of spots/scholarships on the football team, unless the increase in Mormons kids outweighs the increase in non-Mormon kids I'd expect the number to stay the same. Agree/Disagree?

I sometimes just like to hear people's logic that's all.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I was struck by the fact that RM's now at BYU are nearly double what they were during the Crowton era. According to comments made by Coach Wittingham in 2006, Utah's 2004 Fiesta Bowl team had more RM's on their roster than BYU did that year.

So, I'm now curious to know what the number of football RM's currently listed at each school are scholarship athletes.


@Dektol - your right. it is prime physical development. I walked away from college track and never returned to competitive running (unless you consider local 5ks as competitive). However the benifits of the mission far outweigh anything track would have given me. Sure maybe I could have gotten some financial assistance during school but without sports I had more time for my studies. THis landed me a great job out of school which has eventually led me to a another great job. I was blessed for going and wouldnt trade the physical benifits I gave up for serving my mission.

I look a Jake Heaps. With him deciding not to go and now being benched, imagine if he had gone.

Maricopa, AZ

bgl, I'm a little confused over your remarks.
First of all you read the DN while sitting in Santa Monica CA.....
Second you read an article that raises a topic that you clearly dislike...
Then you take time to express your personal beliefs, in a very public way.....
And criticize anyone who would do the same.
But you seem to look down your nose at young men who actually have morals and character and tell them to keep their mouths shut.
Even when someone asks questions about their religion.
Freedom of speech pops into my mind, then hiding your light under a bushel follows that.
And I don't mean to bash you, I'm just amazed that someone would presume to tell a bunch of good kids to keep their mouths shut unless it's something like telling a dirty joke or making rude,crude,lude remarks typical of a locker room atmosphere...that to you is not a problem.
Sorry buddy, you share your personal beliefs and we'll share ours. Sound fair?

flynn is the coolest
Salt Lake City, UT

"In this day and age with the growing number of "me first" generation i.e. Wall Street demonstrators, it's remarkable to see young men choose to serve the Lord first."

Could you please explain how protesting against institutions, whose greed and corruption alone is responsible for the current economic downturn, is labeled as "me first"?

Fort Worth, TX

I agree with many others on this post, I served a mission after my freshman year and t took me three years after returning to reach the same athletic levels I did before I left. BUt there is no way I would ever trade that time. Do I wonder if I would have been a better athelte sure, but after two years of service atheletics were much less important to me. They were fun, important but I just did not have the same competitive drive as I did before, I become more focused on life long goals and helping others. I am now working as an ER doc and serving in multiple countries over the world. I never even dreamed I would be doing that before I served a mission. My hats off to all of your RM's as well as to all of the other athletes that work so hard.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Ted H.

That's a great point. The conference affiliation makes Utah a more attractive target for every good player regardless of religion. But I suspect a greater percentage of LDS kids will end up at Utah because it's still in the state of Utah, near the headquarters of the church, and being LDS at the U is not uncommon. A non-LDS kid choosing between Utah, UCLA, Washington, etc. has nothing special drawing him to Utah. But an LDS kid choosing between Utah, UCLA, Washington, etc. might be drawn a little more to Utah.


Maybe BYU should recruit outside their county.....

Kaysville, UT

The only remarkable thing about this story is that it contains the regrettable fact that the LDS church gives preferential treatment to college athletes needs and schedules (the rare privilege of leaving early). Why an athlete is afforded such a privilege when hundreds of others routinely have to postpone entering school because they return during the middle of a semester is baffling.


@ Dektol I am sure these young men choose to serve missions because they love their God and Savior more than they love football. It is called sacrifice and if a lot more people would be willing to sacrifice their time the way these missionaries do, then the world would be a much less selfish place to be. This life is about more than just football for these young men.

Wiley Old School


I don't think it's as rare as you or the author think it is. I've seen the same thing (leaving a bit prior to turning 19) happen for non-athletic reasons (that were not terribly remarkable). You also see more flexibility in the timing of releasing missionaries to catch the beginning of a semester.

Woods Cross, UT

Not sure how you conducted your search, but you missed quite a few playing at out-of-state schools. A couple were mentioned earlier. Another plays BYU this Saturday -- NMSU's OL Maveu Heimuli (nephew of Lakei and Hema) served a mission in Brazil. Although your research was incomplete and understandably slanted toward Utah, props for making a good effort.

Spanish Fork, UT

Missions are the hardest, toughest, intense experience... and the best. Mine was forever ago (1968-70) but it is still highly influential in every aspect of my life, and for the positive.

Everyone has a choice, but, I always hope a young man or young woman will give the matter deep consideration and great spiritual exploration. It is such a powerful influence I hate to see them miss it. And, more importantly, a mission is not about us, you or me. It is about "them." And decades later I can still see the positive influence I had on "them." People who were headed for disaster, families breaking up, souls in turmoil, pain and grief all turned around. Full families united. Of course some chose other paths, but those who stayed true to the commitments mostly found great joy.

I'm thankful I got to be a part of someone else's life for the good.


What classifies someone as an RM? Some of these young men only spent a few days at the MTC and never even went to the mission they were called to.



I don't think the article was written to name all the RM's that are playing football. The article picked one kid that happens to play at Utah. There was a good effort made in writting this article. The DN is the only paper in this country that would have an article like this and we should feel fortunate to here more about these kids. I never did go on a mission because I played 4 years of baseball in college and I sometimes wonder how much I missed out on prepairing myself for the future. With that said I really don't thing that the research for this article was incomplete.

South Jordan, UT

To Clarify from someone's earlier post:
1) Kevin Prince (UCLA) is Mormon but did not go on a mission
2) Steven Finau (Cal) is probably still on one. I doubt he's back

Others currently on missions (all Utah County guys):

1) Xavier Suafilo (UCLA)
2) Dallas Lloyd (Stanford)
3) Chris Badger (Notre Dame)

West of I15, UT

@TizTheSeason | 9:55 a.m. Nov. 16, 2011
Lehi, Utah
It would be fun to see the RM's that made it in the NFL.

Fahu Tahi is a RM that made it in the NFL.

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