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Published: Monday, Nov. 14 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Well done, Vocal Point! Loved your performances, every one! We felt you deserved to win, but then what? Now you really have won, because now you get your lives back.

You've made us proud, Vocal Point! GO COUGARS!

South Jordan, UT

Looking at the reactions of the other remaining groups shows they were just as surprised as many of us that Vocal Point didn't advance further.
BTW: Vocal Point is the only group in the entire competition that chose not to use NBC's music adviser to arrange their performances.

They are still the best!


Unbelievable! They were easily in the top 3. Pentatonix will win, but Vocal Point should have been in the finals. Thank you NBC for letting the inconsistent judges make the decision instead of the people.

Danbury, CT

I thought the guys did great in their performances. One observation about them and many other BYU groups: get some kids to represent us that represent more the diversity of the Church. Having an all-white group go on national TV to represent BYU in 2011, just confirms the image in most people's mind of an all-white Mormon population. I know there were non US kids in Vocal Point, but are there no Polynesian, African or Asian young men that can sing and dance?

I think this had to influence the judges perception (wrong or right) about VP's ability to perform music of different genres.

Average, SE

Vocal Point did a great job. They are without question better than two of the groups remaining. As far as the entire performance package (music, showmanship, dancing, etc.) is concerned, they were the best on the show.

Mesa, AZ

Too bad, I thought VP had the best shot at an all-boy group winning for the first time. Now its up to the Dartmouth Aires.

Salt Lake County, UT

It's as if the judges didn't even listen to the first performance of the night which was incredible. They were let go because they are not HipHop/R&B/Rap enough. That seems to be the only acceptable forms of music these days. LAME!

Dallas, TX


Are you looking for an affirmative action program for university music groups to ensure an equal representation of backgrounds? If so, would you ask the same for their sports teams?

New York, NY

The group did fine and did merits to advance, but instead of being judged on what they did they were dismissed on what they did not do on their presentations. Remaining groups struggled when performing out of their range, but were allowed to stay despite of being harshly critized. Vocal Point accepted the verdict graciously and who knows they may be a surprise for them in the future. Good luck.

Central, UT

Zoniezoobie, all-boy groups one both of the first two seasons of the Sing-off, so this would not have been the first time. Needless to say, I thought that Vocal Point were harshly judged for one mediocre performance last night. Their first song was the best of the first five performances. In my opinion, Afro-Blue should have gone. They have been in the bottom for several weeks and have had many average to bad performances, including last night. Pentatonix should win this season. They are far and away the best group with the most talent and creativity.

Orem, UT

Vocal Point was NOT the worst group last night.

I think they were voted off because of what McKay said in the video clip which preceded their second song. I just cringed as I heard it, and I can't imagine the judges didn't as well...

To paraphrase, McKay said that Vocal Point needs to win so that they could get there message of happiness out to the world.

Ugh. Those clips affect the judges.

I'm thinking the judges were not as thrilled about turning their show into McKay's Mormon evangelical hour as he was.

Suddenly, the judges, who praised Mike Christensen on an earlier show for not trying to sound like Elvis, were critical of Ben for not sounding like the original recording. And VP's arranging, which the judges were fine with when they were wowed on their earlier song, was suddenly and mysteriously "too safe" and Vocal Point was voted off.

Thankfully, the Church's "message of happiness" doesn't actually need Vocal Point to win a contest to get to the world. :-)

Well done, guys. Enjoy your families and studies.

Hopefully your experience on the Sing Off will be something to build on for your careers.

Provo, UT

sad and disappointing, but I now I get my Monday nights back


Vocal Point was amazing. I thought they were head and shoulders above a couple of the other groups last night. Their first performance was fantastic. Truly, sad to see them leave. I wish it were up to America when it gets down to only a few remaining groups. They should be proud of what they accomplished.

Brigham City, UT

I haven't watched any of the show until last night, so I don't know history. But even though I thought VP was better than Afro Blue, Pentatonix blew everyone away last night....

Madison, AL

Didn't jib with my perception, Vocalpoint should have been in the finals. is it possible there was 'another' agenda guiding the judges instead of the singing of the groups?

metamora, IL

I think the real reason Vocal Point got booted last night was because they were the least commercially viable. The producers needed to get them off the show BEFORE the audience started voting, because Vocal Point has the charm, charisma and stage presence that the other groups lack. I agree with NedGrimley that the vocal presentations and arrangements of Pentatonix are the best -- and they will win unless they totally mess up, but on stage they are boring. Vocal point however has the total package. I'm pretty sure if Vocal Point had stayed on they would have stood a good chance of winning because they were a crowd favorite.


I have watched the show and thought also that Vocal Point or Pentatonic would win. But I also worried that when it was turned over to the audience vote that many would vote against VP because of their faith. I really did not see them winning for this reason. I think that they did A LOT of good out there in showing people who we as LDS are but I agree with another poster that said it would have been nice if there were other nationalities represented in the group. But, they were great and I hope that they get lots of back up now and can get on with their lives without feeling that they let themselves,family,school,church down.. because they did not. Maybe it all boils down to the fact that God has other plans for these wonderful young men that in the eternal perspective is much more important then having a singing career... Good luck guys and thanks for all the laughter and joy we had in watching you preform.. enjoy now home, family, school and SLEEP!!!!!

Murray, UT

If you have listened to Sara's comments after each performance of Vocal Point all season, you would know that she was condescending and making light of "the boys from Provo." She was giving them back handed compliments. She was not very nice.

Vocal Point was good, they made it to the top 5 and deserved to go further, but the prejudices of Sara, and perhaps even Shawn, predetermined the outcome.

That said, their first performance last night was outstanding, the second was mediocre. But they were better than Afro Blue, which has been in the bottom 2 more than once.

Salt Lake City, UT

Tlingit of Orem said it well when pointing out this: The judges, who praised Mike Christensen on an earlier show for not trying to sound like Elvis, were critical of Ben for not sounding like the original recording.

And metamoracoug hit the nail on the head with this: I think the real reason Vocal Point got booted last night was because they were the least commercially viable. The producers needed to get them off the show BEFORE the audience started voting, because Vocal Point has the charm, charisma and stage presence that the other groups lack.

I've been admiring and cheering VP on for weeks, but hearing the judges week by week, it's pretty clear producers didn't want these guys to go all the way. Would've complicated things. One more week into the audience voting stage, and there would have been little to hold them back.

BTW, I'll Be Missing You, including Ben's lead vocal, was among the all-time great performances. Forget the pitch issues. It heard it but it didn't matter. I could not quit watching it for days, and I think the average viewer recognized it, too. Well done, guys.

Aurora, CO

I was wondering which songs from the sing off sold the best on iTunes? I think that would have been a good indicator of who really was the best group. As for me I would have only bought the vocal point songs. I love their sound. They are very marketable even without having won a silly NBC game show.

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