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Published: Friday, Nov. 11 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Here's an idea:

Go spend all day and all night bettering your financial situation instead of crying and blaming a rich guy for your failures

South Jordan, UT

No way! No way any of these people would be drug users! I can't believe that! You mean these people that have no jobs or nothing better to do than camp in our parks and streets would be shady enough to do drugs there in the park? Wow, I'm really surprised!

Springville, UT

Can someone please point out the subtle differences between the 'Occupy' bunch and Tea Partiers? Inquiring minds really want to know.

Glad the streets and parks are finally going to be cleaned up. What a pathetic attempt of nothing this was.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX

So, it took a death for the police to decide that they OWS camping had gone on long enough? Pathetic. I'm all for an individual excercising their right to voice their opinion, but the OWS movement will go down as one of the all-time biggest blunders of trying to excercise that right. They'd denounce corporate greed and talk about how those with money were running and ruining their lives, and then sit down on their Iphones/Ipads/Laptops and blog about how much they've accomplished. (Which wouldn't have taken very long to do.) They'll go back to their lives and shop at Wal-mart and eat at McDonalds, and buy clothes at the malls and never understand that while they're cause was noble, it was totally devoid of any legitimate chance of changing anything because they weren't even sure what it was they were trying to do or how to effectively organize a movement. Camping and complaining in public accomplishes nothing except bad press and gets you free food from the homeless shelter. Individually, they'd have done more for themselves by spending that time and effort looking for a better job or volunteering somewhere. What a waste....

Conservative Veteran
Layton, UT

There is a huge difference between the 'occupy' bunch and tea partiers. First, the 'occupy' bunch wants the government to give them more and intervene in business more. The tea partiers want the government less in their lives and to also stay away from businesses - intervening less.

Second, there is not a single example of drug use, rapes, or illegal activities associated with the tea partiers. With the 'occupy' bunch, there is evidence of drug use, rapes, and many examples of illegal activities - such as occupying parks after dark and more than 10% increases in crime around areas where occupations have taken place.

Do you want more examples? I can give more!

Farmington, UT

It is a shame that folks have had to die before the local authorities, namely Chief Burbank, realized this kind of assembly is simply dangerous.

It looks like occupier deaths and suicides are becoming popular nationwide.

Orem, UT

my condolences for the deceased...


Death, rape, drugs, theft, every manner of filth, etc., is par for the course for these Obamavilles. What do you expect when the country's most decadent navel-gazers get together?

West Valley, UT

If the Occupy folks really want to be effective they should be campaigning their respective states to call for a new Constitutional Convention. The Federal Govt. is rotten with greed and corruption and in need of a major overhaul.

Centerville, UT

It's about time that these 'occupy' people are leaving the park. The city has worked hard on cleaning up Pioneer Park from the homeless and the druggies and then these protesters moved in, without any real purpose or plan of action. I mean I support the right of people to demonstrate and express their opinion. I am even in favor of expressing some anger towards blood-thirsty bankers who enjoy making risky business decisions without the willingness to pay the price when things go wrong.
But in all this demonstrating there must be a purpose, an agenda and some kind of reasonable goal. These people however, dont have a unified goal; they dont have a real purpose. They just camp in the park and want people to give them handouts. Thats not a protest, that is a homeless camp. And that is why it needed to go.
However, using the death of a camper who died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a reason is a just a convenient excuse. Otherwise the police would have to clear-out every hunting camp as there are people dying from carbon monoxide poisoning every year during the elk hunt.

Othello, WA

I can tell you the big difference between the OWS mess and the TEA Party rally's. The OWS crowd was able to carry on like a bunch of spoiled fools, for well over a month, while breaking all the rules and laws of public organizing and safety. They promoted a lot of filthy, unhealthy, criminal, and dangerous conditions with their mindless activities and protests. The rest of us, and the local governments, sat by and let it go on, because of political correctness. You know politcal correctness? That little issue or circumstance where the silent majority lets the VOCAL minority get their way, no matter the level of stupidity, because they are more vocal. Anyhow, if this would have been the TEA party rallying for more then 2 days, they would have been shut down, arrested and sent on their way. Thats the difference!

bountiful, ut

Please flee all the way to Mexico and don't ever come back until you pursue nobler causes than the occupy rubbish will ever even come closer to being!


This can be laid at the feet of the police chief, the mayor, and the president! They all supported this, they gave into the filth and the dirt and the drugs and everything else that has gone on in these "camps". This property does not just belong to the police and the mayor and the city, it belongs to the people who pay the taxes.
And yes, counter intelligence - if they can't see the difference they were looking in another direction. The Tea Party people left the places cleaner than when they arrived anjd they arrived during the day and left before night fall. There was no camping, no drugs, and they showed respect to the police and didn't call them pigs, as the protestors have done.
It's about time they were cleared out.
By the way, drove past this morning a huge contingency of police, tv crews etc., wondered what had happened. Sad for the fellow who died, but it could've been predicted!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Chief Burbank, the only law east of the Jordan River.
Who allowed overnight camping where no such ordinance exists? Chief Burbank.
Seriously, on what basis did he issue camping permits at Gallivan and Pioneer?
Then again, it is Chief Burbank. His position on illegal aliens is equally disturbing.
I hope a lawsuit comes of his unilateral violation of the law.


Is this the same Chris B that spends almost all of his time bashing BYU. This is the first rational thing you've said......I believe we've found common ground.

Anchorage, AK

LoveTheNews posted:
However, using the death of a camper who died from carbon monoxide poisoning as a reason is a just a convenient excuse.

I think you unfair. How is someone strung out on drugs suppose to recognize CO2 poison amongst the other symptoms?

Good move on part of Salt Lake City police.


Hands off the Occupiers. The death had nothing to do with them. I'm amazed at how many people can be duped into supporting the ruling class.

west jordan, ut

@Chris B

Wow, I am in agreement with Pugman, first time I have ever agreed with you. If Occupy SLC thinks they are going to change a National issue by sleeping in tents hanging around doing nothing but causing an eyesore, then in all their time there they haven't learned anything. The camping will do nothing to help their cause.

Roosevelt, UT

Death, rape, drugs, theft, every manner of filth, etc., is par for the course. What do you expect when the country's most decadent navel-gazers get together?

And I thought he was talking about the people elected to the white house.....

Isn't it better we sit in our houses and think how much better we are and we watch things like the GOP debates conducted in well lit auditoriums in front of tv cameras with moderators. And they interview men who have taken jobs away from thousands, they interview adulterers who are now running for president of this country, they ask questions of someone who has paid women not to prosecute him.

As long as we sanitize our interests and stop the hooligans who have an issue with wall street and do not have a way to communicate it other than to give of their time as they may have little else to give.

What about the mote in our eye?

Taxes are paid to build roads, schools and bridges. IN USA taxes go to corrupt bankers and wall street companies. If you have an issue with that complain or camp out, but you should take issue with it.

Beaverton, OR

The Occupy Wall Street protests occurring around the country will continue to advance in other ways. We're not giving up on the message that Wall Street needs to be reigned in and kept out of politics.

Oh, also, Obama's going to win 4 more years, and we're going to get the House back.

My prediction.

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