Comments about ‘Utah Compact helped turn anti-immigration tide in Arizona’

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Published: Thursday, Nov. 10 2011 11:00 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake, UTah


"Bunch of baloney as usual,amnesty isn't going to fly this year, next year,or any other time."

Amnesty will fly... in places like Arizona and California were the Hispanic population is significant to swing the vote. Then, like a cancer, it will spread to other states.

It's becoming the eleventh hour for the US. We are in the throes of being taken over by our neighbor(s) to the south.

Miss Piggie
Salt Lake, UTah

@The Rock:

"'They work with the understanding that any children born here are not citizens.' Then what are they?"

Of course they're citizens. But their illegal parents are not citizens and should be deported. If the illegals want their kids they should take them with them as they are tossed out. Otherwise the kids will become street orphans. Their choice.

"You can't deport someone to another country unless they are citizens of that country."

You can't enter this country unless you are invited/authorized.

Salt Lake, UTah


"A final comment is that it is currently not simple to immigrate legally."

We currently don't need any immigrants. We have 15 million unemployed Americans sitting home on their buttocks drawing billions in unemployment benefits.

Salt Lake, UTah


"Asking people that look like immigrants, brown people, to have special documents at all times and can be asked for their documents without reason is not only a violation to legal people and brown US citizens..."

Non-citizen visitors to the US must carry ID with them at all times while here. If visitors can't be asked to show ID then there essentially is no need for anyone to carry ID. Laws that are not enforced/enforceable under all situations are not laws.

"... but sets the US as a terrible place to visit."

If the US is a terrible place to visit, why do so many foreigners want to come here?

"But to argue that visiting people have to have their documents at all times means that legal citizens need their docs too."

What's wrong with that?

"If legal citizens look like immigrants they can be hassled for not having proof of legality."

If you look like an immigrant it'd be a good idea to carry ID... that is, unless you want to be hassled.

"Not a nice country to live in or visit if you are different."

You're welcome if you're legal. Else stay home.

Saint George, UT

One more time! Tell me what countries you go to for business purposes that you do not have to carry a passport and produce it upon request?
I went through a red light in Ireland while negotiating a traffic circle and was asked for papers for my rented car and my Passport.I was also there for business purposes. Are you saying Ireland was racist? What is the difference if we do this in our country. I have only been stopped in my own country twice but I had to produce my license. I have to produce a picture ID if I write a check in the grocery store for over $100 . What is wrong with you people.It is not racist! In Germany I had to produce my passport before entering a museum with my German cousin,Canada needed my passport and I had to answer 10-15 questions re reasons for traveling there and for how long.Every European airport customs check does the same to some degree. I am sorry I just do not get it,and I was still able to conduct my business in an orderly fashion.

Beaverton, OR

In this recent election, it's been heartening to see some commonsense overcome extremism around this country.

Murray, Ut

Wanting immigration laws enforced is only extremism to those that support the criminal behavior.

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