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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 9 2011 12:00 p.m. MST

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Cedar Hills, UT

hmmm... I still think Jake will transfer first then red shirt.

Dog Fur
Prather, CA

I think Heaps will stay and will be a very, very good QB at BYU. I look forward to seeing him play well in the next few years. I love being able to see the games on KBYUtv. I also love Coach Bronco. Go Cougars!

American Fork, UT

With all due respect to Vai and his column suggesting Heaps transfer to Utah, well thats simply nonsense. In fact, the best thing Heaps could do is redshirt.

Heaps reminds me a lot of Jay cutler, big arm, lots of potential, but still needs some maturity.

I have not been a fan to this point, but I do see a lot of potential still there. Get in the weight room, and get serious about the game. Theres a lot more to D1 football than simply being able to throw a football.

I wish the kid best of luck...

Duckhunter Hunter
Alpine, UT

I hope he stays at BYU because I'd like for the Utes to beat him another 2 times, assuming he starts for 2 years.

Wynn 2 Hypes 0

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

I knew that this was nonsense when I read Bronco say that Jake was "excited" about the possibility of redshirting. Please....be real.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

I don't think Jake fits well within the new Doman offense. He is a pure drop-back passer with minimal evasive skills. Jake would thrive in the old BYU offensive schemes, but since that's a thing of the past, he would do much better if he transferred to a school with a more aggressive passing attack.

I would really like to see what the kid can do in with pass patterns that make up about 65% to 80% of the offensive scheme...not gonna happen at BYU.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Heaps is learning what I've said all along.

He can't win if he's playing with great sunday school teachers instead of great athletes.

He knew full well coming to byu he would not be surrounded by athletes.

Why byu fans(and players)talk about national championship hopes or BCS games ever as a possibilitly is beyond me.

You dont have athletes.

You have the honor code instead.

Heaps - you chose byu. Now you get to deal with it.

This kid could have been playing with athletes that are going to the NFL at a handful of colleges he had offers from.

Instead he chose to play with guys what will be bishops one day.

South Jordan, UT

First of all we need to call Jake's P.R. guy. I don't think this was in the cards.
Second of all, we need to have a press conference. Probably should be held at a comedy club since we're all laughing at this point.

Mcallen, TX

If BO wins the election next year, football may be the least of our concerns.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Weber State Graduate:

"I would really like to see what the kid can do in with pass patterns that make up about 65% to 80% of the offensive scheme."

At this time, that would be Houston. MAYBE Hawai'i.

Mcallen, TX

Chris B,

You can't win with honor and character? What shallow thinking. No wonder Penn State, SMU, and USC have done so well. Choose ye this day, whom you will serve. It's evident that you despise the honor code and BYU, and we get it. Adios.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I had dinner with Vai, and Kyle Whittingham last night. They are both like brothers to me. When they both got married, I gave away the brides at both weddings. I the officiated at the weddings, cut the cakes, and threw the bouquets. I also sang the Debbie Boone Hit "you Light Up My Life", which brought them both to tears. We often text, tweet, and wave at each other. Other times we just walk past each other like we have never met before.

I will bring this up as an alternative to them next time we see each other in the temple, or on a plane flying to exotic places, and see which way they would counsel Jake to go.

I think the decision is ultimately up to Vai, Kyle, and of course, Big Hapa.

Provo, UT

Well if he wouldn't have gone and got married this summer he could have gone on a mission after the semester was over, come back in two years more mature, and save his redshirt in case of any injury!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Chris B | 1:19 p.m. Nov. 9, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
Heaps is learning what I've said all along.


ChrisB, I think we could all agree that no one has ever learned anything from any of your posts.

Everyone is probably just a tiny bit dumber after reading your "stuff".



Chris B

Your ridiculous comment needs to be put to rest
Let me do the honors

BYU has:
1 Heisman trophy winner
1 Doak Walker award winner
4 Davey O'Brien award winners (more than ANY other school)
2 Outland trophy winners
1 Sammy Baugh tropy winner
5 CFB Hall of Fame players
And yes, in addition to those many ATHLETIC awards, BYU has produced countless bishops and sunday school teachers, and we are proud of it. Props to the kids who work hard on athletic skills, but ask any sane person and they will tell you more props go to the well rounded kid, the one who works hard on his athletic skills and who also has morals and goals in life - NO MATTER WHAT SCHOOL!!!

Iowa City, IA

What a bogus statement that most fans and columnists are suggesting transfer options are the best for Heaps. Not even true...well rivals fans and red loving columnists are but definitely not BYU fans!

Mesa, AZ

Chris B






Salt Lake City, UT


You sound incredibly bitter. I'm guessing your last Bishops interview didn't go so well.....

Washington, UT


Kinda like when your state sent us GB.

So. Cal Reader
Escondido, CA

I was glad to at least read some direct quotes from Coach acklowledging the distinct possibility of red shirting. However, I will definitely believe it when I see it. Jake's been "groomed" his entire life to be The Guy on the team. I just don't see him agreeing to wait. Obviously, time will tell. Also, even though Doman recruited Jake, he did that as the QB Coach, not OC. I don't see Jake fitting Doman's offense. I see Riley filling that role, a similar role that Doman played the 2 years he started.

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