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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 8 2011 10:00 p.m. MST

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spring street

How unfortunate. My heart goes out to their families.

Orem, UT

My condolences to the families!

Heber City, UT

That would be a phone call I would not want to make or want to receive. How sad. Best wishes and blesses on the families.

Dexter Maven

Let me understand that people were driving a vehicle (registered and insured?), and the driver and passengers fled the scene of the crime on foot, leaving a vehicle behind that could be identified?

It sounds pretty clear who hit them.

West Hills, CA

It might be possible that the car had been stolen. Therefore, no ID from the car except maybe fingerprints.

Dexter Maven

@kanaka818. We'd both agree that this is all very sad.

Phoenix, AZ

I am so sorry to learn of this terrible tragedy, I will be keeping the family of the two elders in thought and prayer as they are forced to endure this very sad event in their lives.

Let's be reasonable
Belgrade, Serbia

Dexter has it.

Santa Clara, UT

How could anyone hit 3 people and then leave the scene? Unbelievable.

Salt Lake City, UT

The driver could be an illegal alien, and if so they will never come forward.

Laura M. Warburton
Huntsville, UT

So sad.

Bountiful, UT

7:30pm is pretty dark right now anywhere in the states. Frankly, if you don't have flashing lights, you are difficult to see as a cyclist. The church should make sure missionaries either don't ride at night or they are lit up like a Christmas tree.

Sense Maker

I am weeping for the families of these three missionaries. But I have no doubts that the two that have passed on are in a glorious place and in the arms of their Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ.

Plano, TX

I understand it was dark and rainy. This town is near the border. It is possible (and none of us knows yet), that this was an accident and the driver & passengers fled because they were undocumented. This happens with regularity as far north as Plano. I hope this is a tragic accident and not an intentional attack. Time will tell. However, for the families of those young men, it will not matter. My heart goes out to them and I'm praying for their comfort.

Durham, NC

What a heart ache for the families of these boys(young men). To get such news would be a mothers/fathers worst nightmare. Not being able to be for them would be so hard. I hope the are able to find some comfort at some point in time, though I know that will be hard particularly as we head into the holiday season.

Such a senseless loss....

Logan, UT

So very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with these families and their friends at this time. A Missionary that dies is the whole churches sorrow.

Iowa, Iowa

Extremely tragic no matter what the circumstances when you lose a child. As a parent to 4 sons that served I can say that my heart goes out to them.

We all have to admit that people flee scenes when they think they can get away with it. All the owner of the vehicle has to do is say it was stolen.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that someone living with a fake ID only has to escape and change their name to do it again another day.


I am truly sorry for your loss. But, think of the other side of this coin..on an eternal outlook. They are free from the sins of this world and this generation. They no longer have to worry about health problems or financial worries. They don't have to worry about going to war or any of the other worries that abound in this life. They are home.. truly home.. they just left their mission earlier then what was planned. My thoughts of course are with the families. Even with this knowledge grief is something that we all must go through at the time of the death of a love one. Don't lose you faith or your hope.. you will see them again!

Sandy, UT

It's sad to see people forgetting the victims and focusing on the trespassers with prejudice. All of them need our prayers. Please, let the law take care of the law.

Livingston, TX

This is so sad. Heartbreaking sad.

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