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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 8 2011 8:00 a.m. MST

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metamora, IL

Vocal Point was AWESOME!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Oh to be 22ish again. Would be in this group. What fun. Male Chorus and a barbershop group was about it for us in the late 70'sat BYU. Yes I am old.

VP keep going you are by far one of the best of the bunch. Keep us proud and an example to all that watch. I really enjoy it! And I do not watch TV much.

Penguin Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Boy, I tell ya what, these boys are terrific! I found their performance thrilling!

sknny tires fat skis
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I've never seen the show, but watching the video I thought the men were great, but the girls were just a bit better. I'm surprised they were eliminated.

Both groups are lots of fun.

Livermore, CA

I am impressed by the girls who wore a jacket/sweater with those dresses :-) Doesn't make them sound better (they sound great!), but they represent BYU better.

Brother Dave
Livermore, CA

Comptetive Contests are sad at times, but evrybody know the rules. Only one
of over 30 teams can be Super Bowl Champion each year.

With that said: Sorry that Delilah isn't moving on to the next level.
They are talented!!

Good Luck to Vocal Point as another week draws near.

Waukesha, WI

I love this show and have watched all seasons: one thing is clear in that they often have favorites and certain kinds of groups that get cut no matter how good they are. In part they are looking at marketability, how well can they record, promote and sell the winning group later.

It has been clear this season that they favor the group with the rapper despite them consistently being less than the other groups, with weaker performances and often lack of star quality. It appears some producer is telling them to continue to keep them in despite mediocre performances and less than stellar critics feedback.

We predicted they would be kept to the end and the next to g will be either the jazzy group or the Dartmouth boys. No group that focuses on jazz has won even though it was clear in the first two seasons that the best group was not the winner. Thats not just my opinion, that was widely panned in the media.

Regardless of that the show is great fun, don't be surprised with who wins, it's a calculated thing, just enjoy the music.

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