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Published: Monday, Nov. 7 2011 9:00 a.m. MST

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Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT


Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I don't agree with Nutz from Smithfield (he's probably a Cougar hating Aggie) but we'll definately have to play a lot better from January thru March than we did last week to win the WCC. We have to shoot better from the outside and play a LOT better defense.


If we play defense like we did against Dixie, dethroning Gonzaga, or even beating St. Marys, won't happen. Nothing against Dixie, as I was impressed with their style of play. But that game should not have been as close as it was. Of course, it is early in the season. Go Cougs!!!!

Burley, ID

BYU probably won't dethrone the Zags this year, however, they are going to provide Gonzaga another tough opponent.

With BYU in the league, the WCC won't be nearly as easy a pushover for the Zags as it has been, at some times, in the past.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Right after the big 12 calls

Or right after you go to a bcs game

South Jordan, Utah

Until football season is over, I don't care. Whoops, oh yeah it already is.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

sissy b
right after utah's rose bowl win


join the Big East along with Boise. PLEASE

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

ute alumni,

why didn't you say right after Utah's goes to a bcs bowl or right after Utah wins a bcs bowl or right after Utah earns a bcs invite?

LOL. We did those things.


Blue Chelan56
Chelan, WA

I believe we will see a lot of split wins and loses. The Gonzaga "Kennel" atmosphere is something beyond anything BYU Coaches and athletes have ever experienced before. It is way beyond the Utah Crowd up North or Wyoming in the winter, or UNLV in Vegas. Believe me, it will take some getting used to! West Coast Officiating is another experience at the Kennel Club. It will be a challenge,it will be interesting to say the least. Goooo Cougs !!

Clearfield, UT

Chris B:

Why would you be talking about football on an article talking about BYU dethroning the Zags in bball? Oh, I know! Because the Utes can't dethrone Adams State.

Can the cougs dethrone the zags? As of now: no. But Dave Rose will have this group in position to come WCC tournament time.

go cougs!

Elmo, UT

Not just No but...heck NO!

Frisco, TX

I expect the Cougars to struggle early as they get their guard play figured out, but we'll see significant improvement once Carlino gets into action and Zylsta moves over to his natural position at the 2 spot.

Tough early match-ups will be Utah State, Wisconsin, Oregon and Baylor (with only Baylor in the friendly confines of the Marriott center).

In conference play, I'm expecting the Cougs to split with the Zags and St Mary's with each team winning at home. WCC Championship Game will be the Cougs vs the Zags. Cougs will surprise a lot of people by winning the WCC in their first year, knocking off the Zags.

Cougs line-up seems to be solidifying. Once conference play starts you'll see:

5: Davies, Collinsworth
4: Hartsock, Rogers, Sharp
3: Abouo, Rogers
2: Zylstra, Harrison
1: Carlino, Zylstra

@Chris B - Congrats on your Utes staying so close to Div 2 Adams State. Although you didn't win, it must make you very proud to know you can hang in there with a team like that on your home floor. Good luck against San Diego Christian College. They may be your last chance for a W this season.

Layton, Utah

Oh sissy B

How are those bball utesies going to do this year? LOL

National championship.
Heisman trophy winner.
Super bowl QB's, etc. etc. Wow two BS wins in your whole storied history. A BS mvp who couldn't even play in the UFL. Congrats.

Tooele, UT

While it may not be the PAC 12, I'm excited to follow the BYU men's basketball teams this season as they play in the WCC. I'm especially excited to listen to or watch their games against St. Mary's and Gonzaga.

Both schools, especially the Zags, will be high quality opponents.

This is going to be fun! GO COUGS!

Salt Lake City, UT

Rememeber byu does not have the the Jimmie this year... What they going to do now? Oh yeah they joined the WCC.

Salt Lake City, UT

Too many people live in the past. Sometimes you have to because of the disappointments of the current season. So far this year, it is pretty tough to brag about Utah, Utah State or BYU basketball after last week's exhibition games. But all three teams will get better.

Utah State appears to have the best chance to win a conference championship with BYU having a shot also. Utah is most likely a year or two away from contending in the PAC.

On topic for this article, the WCC appears to be a stronger basketball conference than the PAC, MWC or the WAC. BYU, Gozaga, and St Mary's all lost key players but return strong teams. Should be a fun year for BYU with three teams going after each other as well as playing the new teams in the new conference. BYU is basically trading SDS and NM for difficult games with Gonzaga and St Mary's.

Anonymous Infinity
American Fork, UT

Can BYU dethrone Gonzaga, is the question? The answer is an emphatic no. Take a look at their (Gonzaga's) roster and notice the big people on it. And they are used to playing in high school size gyms. Couple that with the Y's notoriously poor road record over the years versus decent, and even lesser talented teams. They (BYU) doesn't win those games. Remember, this is the post "Jimmer" season. They (BYU)doesn't have experience in the backcourt, and they don't have big enough people up front to guard the opposition in the paint. They need more meat and more overall speed, and better shooters. After saying that, I am ready to see what happens. I am tired of collegiate football at this point. I'm ready for round ball.

Salt Lake City, UT

Oh and byu might play as a team this year instead of one playing as a ballhog.

Farmington, UT

Does Utah even still have a men's bball team? I couldn't find any headlines for men's basketball on the DNews at all, just womens. Is that what it's come down to on the hill? The major sporting attractions will now be football, gymnastics and women's basketball?

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