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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 2 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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This is another example of the cops looking out for each other regardless of how wrong their actions are. It's no wonder citizens have less and less respect for the police, they think they are above the law and better than those around them when in reality they are at the bottom of the employment chain in a job few want yet anyone could get.


Lesson: Don't do stupid things and you won't get pepper spray in the face.

Williams, AZ

I beleive that people will believe what they will reguardless of what is stated. Reviews have become tougher in recent years and if you can't understand this. You weren't their during the investagtion you are talking out your backside. I have been in Law Enforcement and retired after 30 years and a greater part of my time I did Internal Investatgation. So I do know what I am talking about. The Officers can be 100% right and somebody will scream cover up not so anymore.

Dart Thrower
Ogden, UT

Most people, including me, expect Police to be more even tempered, professional and mistake free than ourselves. It is a very tough job that doesn't pay well. But having said that, it would be nice if the Police said "ooops, our mistake" more often. If my wife or children were given ten seconds to disperse and got pepper sprayed and clubbed when they didn't hop-to, I might be a little cheesed off. This was a non-violent situation that was escalated by the police

Murray, Utah

Yeah, I guess the question I have is if a common citizen had felt threatened by what was going on and reacted the same way as the police did, would they now be facing charges?

South Jordan, UT

Spray away. If you act dumb, dumb things happen.

Hurricane, UT

While I wish that some other means could have been used, I can't understand why those from a visiting school would block the exit and perform the Hakka. It seems like an excuse and an attempt to intimidate or provoke the patrons of the home team.

Next time, perform the Hakka by your teams bench...away from the exits and the people who are trying to leave. Use common sense, for heaven's sake!

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

I've seen a lot of people saying negative things about the police on different sites on this issue and I don't agree. Watching the video it seems to me they had multiple chances to listen to the officers and move out of the way. I'm not saying they couldn't have dealt with it better, but I don't think the officers were wrong either. They've got a tough job and they were doing what they thought was right.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Today's youth are growing up in a culture where the word "NO" is politically incorrect. When the police issue a lawful command they expect you to comply. People that misbehave shouldn't expect the police to act like permissive mothers.


Bottom line, if a cop tells you to do something in a public place, like "make a hole" or "get down!" you should. The cop is trying to protect people. I think they should look out for each other because they put their lives on the line everyday. I highly doubt this is any kind of coverup, putting myself in the position these cops were in, I'd do the same thing.

Murray, UT

what about the innocent people who were also pepper sprayed? including some young children
if a cop shoots into a crowd, and hits a few people, is it ok if he also gets a couple of the criminals?
those who did nothing wrong, should sue for violation of their civil rights.
The police should be charged with assault.
better yet take away, guns, pepper spray, batons, from the police. They clearly have shown they can not handle the responsiblity.
but in all seriousness, they should have just sacrificed these cops; clearly they were in the wrong, a police coverup is not helping the city of roosevelt, they city is going to be sued and have to pay out alot of money.
The federal governement should also step in and charge them with violating the citizens civil rights.
it may have happened in a small town, but the truth will come out in the big city.

Murray, UT

The other thought I have it this:

If this had been a team of white cheerleaders, would this have ended the same?
I think we all know the answer to the question.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: VIDAR | 1:37 p.m. Nov. 3, 2011
"if a cop shoots into a crowd"

If this was Syria your question would be valid. Where this is Utah you can be reasonably sure that the police would be firing wildly into a crowd of people to get their man.

If this had been a team of white cheerleaders the police wouldn't have had to ask them twice to behave themselves.

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