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Published: Wednesday, Nov. 2 2011 10:00 a.m. MDT

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DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

BYU needs a satellite location in NYC or Boston. BYU-B could definitely be in the Big East.


Why is the title of this article so misleading? I thought by the title that there had been discussions but BYU is not interested. That doesn't seem to be the case though.


Why torture me with the daily reports of nothing. It's like asking a hot girl out on a date and havIng her keep saying I'd love to go but let me check my scheduale. Just tell us one way or the other you cold cruel woman. Yes or no but this "let me check my scheduale" nonsense is making me crazy and feel like I need to climb the Carillion Bell Tower to exact revenge.

Is it us that does not want to play in a BCS league. Maybe we just can't stand the word "Big" in front of a league we are invited to join.

Maybe the feeling of joyful Infependence is due to being free from the clutches of the Mountain and all the second rate schools we used to live with. (no Utah I'm not talking about you - stop being so narcassitic).

I don't care why I just need this to stop so I can go back to reading the Church News and reports on the Romney campaign instead of daily therapy here in the comment section.

"I'm joe and I'm an realignment addict"

"hi joe"

It helps to keep admitting it.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Daily Deseret News rumor-mongering article regarding BYU going to a BCS conference....check.

See you tomorrow, November 3rd.

Orem, UT

will somebody please draft us?! please!

Salt Lake City, UT

Who cares? The mass speculation of where BYU will end up is getting as rediculous as ''The Decision". For crying out loud, call up the local YMCA and hold a press conference informing us where you're going to "take your talents"! Until then let the speculation stop. Report news, not pure speculation. We've got Chris Brussard via ESPN for that garage.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I've just looked at almost every newspaper where a Big East school sits and none of them mention BYU as a condidate for the Big East. Beyond the named 6, it appears that Memphis and Temple are next in line. Remember, the Big East is really a basketball conference. I think, even with Boise, it could lose it AQ status and no one get it. The other 5 conferences will just add it to their numbers. This is about money.

Roy, UT

I think BYU should hold out for the Big XII myself! The Big East is a Dying Conference and will be the leftovers of Conference USA and the Shafted Schools of Craig Thompson in the Mountain West Conference! That is what they will be! Boise is getting shafted not including all their sports! They need to talk to BYU about forming ANOTHER Conference! They could get a lot of decent schools, like Fresno, Nevada, Hawaii, Utah State, Texas El Paso, maybe steal a TEXAS TECH, bring in Montana and an Eastern Washington and potentially Weber State? Make it 12 teams and no Sunday Play? They could really put something together good! Boise, Fresno, Nevada, Hawaii, & BYU is worthy of an automatic bid!!!

Minneapolis, MN

Not sure why anyone's shocked at this...

The Big East expects to still have Pitt, Syracuse, AND West Virginia for another 27 months...

(as said elsewhere, though, "BOOM goes the lawsuit" regarding the Mountaineers...stay tuned on that one, kids...)

IF the Big East (or the Big 12...or really anybody else not named the Pac 12, since geography doesn't seem to matter anymore) needs to replace a school on very short notice (say, because of a lawsuit, perhaps), they know that BYU will still be there.

The Cougars are, in essence, every conference's check down receiver.

Sort of like the nice guy/girl that's always available for the prom.

Captain Sweatpants
Hampstead, NC

Gotta give two thumbs up to BYU Joe, for using the phrase "..you cold cruel woman" in his amusing post.

The Big East would be a good deal - if the East Coast weren't 2,000 miles away! I hope Boise State doesn't join for the same reason.

Pete in Texas
Copperas Cove, TX

Thanks for the breaking news update, DesNews.

In other breaking news that is BYU related: BYU won't join the SEC yet. Also, BYU won't Join the Big XII yet. Uh oh.... wait a minute! This just in: BYU won't join the PAC 12 yet.

Also, BYU is not planning to become a nation-unto-itself and announce secession from America, yet.

Did I miss anything BYU related that hasn't happened yet? Stay tuned tomorrow....

Syracuse, ut

I would much rather be in the Big East-West conference with a chance to play for a BCS bowl every year and make bank in television revenue than to endure another year of this Independence experiment. Bronco said it himself, he wants BCS access. Its not as cool as the Big 12 or the Pac 12, but hey, its better than the MWC or playing WAC teams every November in Independence. I don't think the Big East will lose it AQ status, where would it go? Not the MWC or C-USA. There would be too much fallout from the eastern media and sports market.

Just my opinion.

Mcallen, TX

Quite frankly, I like where BYU is right now. Why share revenue with a bunch of other teams? MWC feasted on BYU TV revenue, than regulated it. Oh, the breath of independence!

Cedar Hills, UT

I have to wonder who keeps seeding the rumor mill with all these conference alignment talks about BYU. BYU isn't going anywhere - no one is interested in adding BYU and BYU isn't interested in joining. There may be speculators out there that keep these rumors going but until Tom Holmoe or the AD of the BIG 12 or BIG East or whatever makes an "OFFICAL" announcement about BYU being under strong consideration then this is all just hot air. Here are the reason why I think BYU will NOT be added to any BCS conference...

1. BYU carries too much baggage. No sunday play, LOADS of lds mission considerations and exemptions, etc... Now they also have their own TV network to wrestle with.
2. I think the BCS is headed for Sunday play in the near future.
3. BYU's poor record against BCS schools doesn't help any. Compare Boise St. against BYU and you can see why Boise is always ranking high and is now probably headed to a BCS conference.

I do think that BYU is in danger - if they stay independent - of not being able to compete money wise in the very near future.

Iowa City, IA

BYU is very smart to not be anxious to jump quickly out of the Indy ship. In it's inagural year it's made it's mark in ratings. BYU is not floundering or dependent on share the revenue schemes.

Conference realignment is not a good bet right now. Don't jump into sinking ships. BYU is secure for the next 8 years. Greed is rampant in the NCAA. No one will be happy for a long period of time.


Cougar Keith:

It is best to stop drinking the Kool-Aid or smoking whatever it is you smoke up in Roy. We are dying to get into a conference with Texas/Oklahoma and you are talking UTEP and Montana. I imagine Texas Tech will sign right up for that glorious "conference of champions" (note the small caps).

As for the "decent schools" like Fresno and Utah State or the power house known as Eastern Washington - I almost have nothing to say except you make me want to be a Ute fan - and that's saying something because I won't allow any shade of red in my house (Christmas colors here are Gold, Green and Silver - red is of the devil)

Yet your genius post makes me think I need to reconsider why Utes everywhere go nuts when some BYU fans open the old pie hole.

Boise, Nevada, Fresno, Hawaii and BYU is worthy of an automatic bid? - Yeah to to the looney bin. Which is were I'm headed right now to get me own dome checked for damage caused by hitting my head against the computer screen.

Please Tom Holmoe end this nightmare. Save me from this crazy world.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Woah, buddy, Boise and Hawaii are the only two in that group to ever play in BCS games and Hawaii lost miserably. Boise by itself is not going to get a new conference BCS consideration. You're way too optimistic, if you think that conference would get a sniff from that BCS. Boise would have to keep playing like they are for another 4 or 5 years and one or two of the others would have to step it up as well.

Redlands, CA

Read any of the East Coast newspapers; BYU is never mentioned in any of the expansion articles. This is only a local driven news item that on a daily basis teases the fans.

Lindon, UT

BYU is better off waiting as an Indy rather than joining the sure-to-fail (way to) Big East

Oceanside, CA

I really hope that BYU would NOT turn down an offer from the Big East. I know that we all wish that the Big 12 had asked us to join. But they didn't. What are we going to do. Sit home and cry? No! We go to a BCS conference and play well! We show that they made a mistake.

Bottom line.. being in the Big East would be the best of our options right now. It beats being indy. It also gives us leverage to negotiate with the Big 12 some day if we do well there.

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