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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 1 2011 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Monument Valley, Utah

Maybe parents in Utah need to ban together to make drug dealing to minors a crime that you have to pay for. This is just unbelievable. The neighbors knew but said nothing to the parents. I lost the drug war with my son, thank God for now he is alive, however, even though he is alive he suffers with addiction since the age of 12 thanks to adults who think it is great to give kids drugs.Who would htink this could happen?

Wasilla, AK

It would seem that Alexis has now been assaulted twice.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

How unfortunate. The ugly truth now starting to come out. Alexis has been described as a "free Spirit"... apparently so.

Mesa, AZ

Its sad that the innocent sitter perspective is now gone, and it appears she may have died from a drug overdose. Too bad she fell among these folks embroiled in such bad actions. I fear the anticipated murder 1 charges will drop to negligient manslaughter.

Lindon, UT

If there is blood everywhere then she didn't overdose, she was murdered. My guess is the threesome idea was theirs not hers. She was probably raped and then murdered to keep her quiet. These people need the death penalty, and soon.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is such a tragedy! We will probably never know the full truth of what occurred but we have a beautiful young girl dead, children whose parents will end up in prison, and some young people who will be frightened off for a while, but will soon return to the euphoria of drugs. Parents need to draw their children closer to them and know with whom they are associating.

Farmington, UT

1) you don't have sex with children
2) you don't give drugs or sell drugs to children
3) you don't hide the body of a dead child unless you're guilty of something very, very bad

Alexis may not have been the perfect child, but she was a child, and there is no question the Millerbergs made poor decisions.

Saint George, UT

In our personal lives, I believe we are to blame for not learning from positive and negative lessons of life, in all their variety.

In this instance, discussing the lessons to be learned from this young lady could be construed as "insensitive" or "disrespectful". That would be uninformed and narrow-minded.

If we neglect to teach our children about negative examples and experiences such as this one, and instead put lipstick on it and call it "free spirited" & "smart" we're being dishonest and negligent.

Turns out "Free spirited" & "Smart" in this story equate to "no supervision", "consorting with losers", little evidence of morals, and horrendous judgment.
Then there are the allegations of drug deals, being paid with drugs, and orgies. Again, allegations.

I'm sorry for her family and their loss. I love my kids more than anything.

We must teach our kids. We must be sterling examples. We must be involved in their lives.

This is what can happen when you don't; chances increase.

Saratoga, UT

Seems easy to cast stones at a teenager who is no longer here to speak up for herself.

I think it may be wise to consider that the information comes from an "associate" of someone in jail for drugs, etc. My heart still goes out the the family and their loss.

Mesa, AZ

Indeed sad that these older folks had influence over this young teen. The newer article is saying the babysitting may have been a ruse...

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