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Published: Monday, Oct. 31 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Wally West

re BYU Joe | 1:20 a.m. Nov. 1, 2011

"We are at war with Eurasia - no, we are at war with Eastasia (reference to 1984 and how the party keeps switching the war and everyone just accepts it, for those of you who went to the U and don't read real books"

Paraphrasing Animal Farm... All DN posters are equal. Some DN posters (byu fans) are more equal than others. Is that it?

salt lake city, UT

LOL all you byu lovers are hilarious saying you have two bcs wins against two of the worst teams in the bcs thats funny. and youre just going to keep playing the oh utah just got its first win against an osu team "we already beat on the road" haha yeah and they also put up 28 pts against your team.
@anti bcs
do you realize how clueless that makes you sound?? #67 and #87 and youre saying pitt is barely ranked higher than ole miss??? thats like saying the #1 team is barely ranked higher than the 20th ranked team hahahaha bigggg difference buddy big difference.
until you beat somebody with a winning record then YOU can talk. byu has one of the weakest schedules in college football

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

"Apparently your College Education has not taught you how to recognize a Phony Construct. And it has not taught you basic logic, but it has taught you how to argue against a Strawman."

Bluto...that was a clever insult. However, your personal attack provided a great example of a "straw man" by attacking me and then proclaiming victory.

By the way, the correct term is "straw man" if you are interested in how to argue using basic language rules.

Folks, it's not rocket science...it's all about winning and winning the big games earns respect from everyone, including the BCS. If a team doesn't win, then TV markets, football attendance, football stadium size, and athletic budgets all become problematic. It's as simple as that and complaining about politics is another phony straw man.



You saw the movie I take it?

And while that is a good reference as well - it is not my point. Just three weeks ago the Big 12 was dead and unstable. Now it is the best in the land.

Big Brother changes everything every day and we all just follow along waiting for a scrape of bread (info).

And Ute fans love to get on the Pac 12 high horse and look down at BYU - while BYU fans make silly arguments about U being bottom dwellers. (yet just about every BYU fan would love to be in the Pac - can't admit it but its true) But the truth is we would all be bored without each other to beat upon. Imagine Grant without Lee or Patton without Rommel. What you think that your new "rivalry" with Colorado is going to be this much fun -

So everything keeps switching around and we all just go along - I'd rebel but I am afraid of rats.

better dead than red
Pocatello, ID

All you BYU haters out there. I know that you have nothing better to do than put down the cougars. I am sorry that your team has been an absolute flop in the pac 12, but no need to take out your frustrations on the cougars. There is still a chance you get to 500 in conference, a slim chance, but it is out there. As for BYU to the big east... I don't think it is a good fit.. The conference is called the big EAST which is somewhat of a demographical issue for BYU. Besides there is a chance that the big 12 comes to there senses or maybe the pac 12 decides to rescend their offer to the most recent additions who can't seem to survive the rigors of the brutality of a schedule that includes washington state, Arizona, Colorado and UCLA. Heck I guess Utah belongs on that list to given their succes thus far in conference.

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