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Published: Monday, Oct. 31 2011 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Juice Box
Eureka, UT

This comment board is funny. Can I add to the pot?

@ BYU: How does it feel being on the outside looking in?
@ BYU fans: What team are you watching that is "good"? I saw a team get creamed by TCU last weekend. Nothin to pound your chests about right now, your special teams can't even kick in bounds or catch a snap, so no room to talk.
@ BYU fans: TCU may not be a BCS team, but they sure humiliated you on national tv. If you can't beat a non-BCS team, why the talk of joining a conference where you play quality BCS opponents on a quality basis?
@ BYU: How's this Independence "exposure" thing working out for you? I thought you were already claiming a National Championship before the season?
@ Bronco: Smile once in a while. (Last week doesn't count because the team you are coaching was certainly something to be embarrassed of.)
@ BYU fans: I hope someday is occurs to you that you all talk a lot, all the hype is getting ridiculous when in reality your team i crumbling and diminishing before your eyes. Why is it not obvious to you?

Sandy, UT

Magic Happens @ 3:34

A September 19th article in the New York Times by Nate Silver explaines that BYU has a larger fan base than 27 BCS teams and double that of
Utah and TCU for that matter. ESPN has said they are delighted with the ratings of BYU televised games. Their comments along these lines are
plentiful. That is good enough for BYU fans. BYU's agreement is with ESPN so we value their opinion more than others not less.

Think independance Cougars. Think about an 18 year old kid trying to decide to play in the PAC12 or BIG12 Or SEC or BIG10 or ACC...or
play for BYU and play in all these conferances and most all your games will be nationally televised. The future is bright Cougars. Forget the BCS garbage.

South Jordan, UT

BCS conferences don't care one whit whether BYU can play championship football or not. Those who think otherwise had better realize the world isn't flat. Conferences only care about getting fans in stadium seats and viewers on TV.

Their obsession with money is so ingrained, however, that they are willing to forgo BYU's ability to get fans for football, because they can't see past BYU's Sunday play policy.

As negative as certain narrow minded local sports writers try to make it sound, it is easy for BYU to reject any invitation from a conference that has no geographical connection to the Utah area.

Independence is just fine, thank you!


BYU has a bye this week. At least they wont lose-- but with that said, I am just going to take even money in the the event they can find a way for a loss to happen.


We are at war with Eurasia - no, we are at war with Eastasia (reference to 1984 and how the party keeps switching the war and everyone just accepts it, for those of you who went to the U and don't read real books)

I can take it anymore - I need lithium - its as if I'm spinning round just trying to be accepted yet now I find myself rejected and loving it - no wait I want into the Big 12 because its cool again - but I thought it was dead. But it lives and is better.

No we're going to the Big East - except wait they are dying now. Oh wait, we get to play Boise State in the East - but we just signed a marriage contract to play them forever because they are our rivals. I thought that was Utah - except didn't we just play them in September. So confused.

Are we in a league with Air Force - maybe SDSU and UNLV can come. Are we playing Hawaii. Is this the WAC?

Where am I Alice. Quick click my heels three times Dorothy - there's no place like home. But where is home - not Kansas. Kool-aid anyone?

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

"For all you know BYU, BSU, Air Force, Navy, SMU, UCF, and Houston could all be BCS teams by this time next year, which would make BYU's record against BCS teams 3-3, according to your twisted logic."

Uteanymous...such anger. Yes...it's possible that a few might become BCS teams, but they are not now and TCU is officially in a BCS conference. But, according to my twisted logic they are not yet a BCS team, even though they are officially in a BCS conference. You see they still play in the MWC this year. I'm wrong, TCU is not a BCS team...5, 4, 3, 2, 1...ta da! TCU is now a BCS team next year!

What does this have to do with the original message...if the Cougars want BCS respect, they need to beat quality BCS opponents on the national stage?

Springville, UT

At this point, all gossip. And the Examiner? A horrible free daily newspaper with no credibility.

Triple B
Milford, NH

I don't believe that BYU is looking for respect. They have already earned that. Some with a degree from Weber State on the other hand...

Salt Lake City, UT

Weber State Graduate

"What does this have to do with the original message...if the Cougars want BCS respect, they need to beat quality BCS opponents on the national stage?"

The point is, your original premise is flawed: "BCS respect" is NOT a requirement for being invited to a BCS conference.

Colorado has been a disaster for years. Cincinnati, Louisville, and USF were all invited to a BCS conference long before Utah. What sort of "BCS respect" do you think any of those teams had? In 2009, the year immediately preceeding Utah's invitation to the PAC 12, BYU's win over then #3-ranked Oklahoma on the national stage is far bigger than anything Utah did to earn "BCS respect". BYU also destroyed then #16 Oregon State in the Las Vegas Bowl the same year. BYU(11-2) finished 2009 ranked #12 in both polls with a win over #18 Utah(10-3).

In other words, BYU accomplished far more to earn "BCS respect" in 2009 than Utah accomplished.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

Triple B, try to avoid the cheap shot at my degree and my university. Such silly personal attacks don't represent BYU well...the university that claims to have higher standards.

BYU has all kinds of respect...they are a very fine, respectable institution. However, "BCS" respect is a different story. That precise respect won't come until they earn it, which means they must win enough quality games to be invited to a BCS bowl and actually "win" those BCS bowl games. At least Utah has previously met this challenge by virtue of their BCS invites and BCS wins.

"BCS respect" is NOT a requirement for being invited to a BCS conference."

Perhaps so, but it certainly doesnt help BYUs cause by losing to quality BCS schools on the national stage.

Why is this such a difficult concept for many BYU fans to understand? Such reality is not a ridicule against the school...it's a fact that most reasonable fans will admit and something BYU can overcome by winning. Simply amazing how testy and far removed from reality some BYU fans are.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Certainly entertaining to see this "INDEPENDENT" thing working out nicely for BYU.

Big East........did I just see BYU's travel budget increase 10 fold?????

Salt Lake City, UT

Traveling across country for every road game sure doesn't sound good for local fans.The money, time isn't worth it for the average BYU fan.Stay Independent until something better comes your way.


A list of observations:

1. To those of you who are discounting Big East football, note that they are currently rated #6. The MWC is #9 and the WAC is #10.

In the last 10 years, the MWC has been rated higher than the Big East once, in 2004 (repeat after me, "Thank you, Utah"). The WAC hasn't been rated higher than them - ever.

As of today, the worst team in the Big East is ranked #84 - the MWC has three teams much worse (ranked 145, 148, and 196), and the WAC has five teams ranked lower (#s 98, 99, 102, 130, and 146).

2. Looking forward, since WVU, Pitt, and Syracuse won't be in the Big East, traveling to the East Coast for conference games doesn't make much sense. Don't do it Cougars and Broncos.

3. Neither BYU or Utah have beaten a team that is worth bragging about.

Utah's wins are against #55 (BYU), #67 (Pitt), #76 (Montana State), and #101 (Oregon State).

BYU's wins are against #83 (UCF), #87 (Ole Miss), #99 (SJSU), #101 (Oregon State), #102 (Utah State), and #207 (Idaho State).

Save your powder for next season, there's no point in arguing this year!

Sandy, UT

@Weber State Colllege Graduate

Apparently your College Education has not taught you how to recognize a Phony Construct. And it has not taught you basic logic, but it has taught you how to argue against a Strawman.

BYU is more qualified to be considered a so called BCS school than 2/3 of the schools which currently label themselves such.

Utah was invited because they were the last choice to get to 12, and BYU is a Faith Based Institution..

And we are seeing that Utah ranks near dead last in the Pac 10+ in just about every category.

Academics (10th) BYU would rank 6th
Football Stadium size (11th) BYU would rank 5th
History "get serious" see BYU's Legacy Hall compare to Utah's closet
Football attendance (11th) BYU would rank 3rd
Annual Athletic budget(12th)
Endowment (10th) BYU 3rd

TV market (Utah sports are #3 in the SLC market, BYU is #1)

You are fooling yourself if you think this is based upon merit.

Utah is a bottomfeeder tag along just like Washington St.,Northwestern, Indiana, Duke, Rutgers, Baylor etc.

This is about politics, not legacy, brand, tv markets, academics or anything else.

Your Superiority complex IsPhony



You have clearly invested a lot of thought in this, but you are missing a few key points:

1. Bringing up Washington State, Northwestern, Indiana, etc. doesn't add anything to this discussions since the BCS conferences aren't considering UNINVITING any current members. They are already in the "club." As a non-member, you don't get a say in club membership.

But since you brought up Washington State, remember that they went to the Rose Bowl in 1998 and 2003, and have 4 AP Top Ten finishes in the BCS era. BYU has zero.

2. BYU has respectable football history, but the history that most Cougar fans are understandably proud of is decades old. BYU's National Championship game was played 27 years ago, and Detmer's Heisman trophy was awarded in 1990. To many fans, neither meet the "what have you done for me lately" criteria to merit discussion in 2011.

3. Few if any of us know the real formula that the Pac-12 used to determine who to invite and why not to invite a solid BYU program. But how does discrediting a Utah program, that has beaten your Cougars in 7 of the last 10, strengthen your argument?

Cedar Hills, UT

Patriot said,

"Uh, Peyton is out for the season. Try to keep up"

Uh, That is exactly my point.

Point being, I don't see any 100 yard games in his future anytime soon. Of course he won't get another concussion either:)

Hank Pym

Just read off the AP wire that Boise and Air Force were invited to the Big east made but byu wasn't.

Thats okay. You'll always have the WCC which I 've read (can't recall where? ROFL) that it is a superior hoops conference to the PAC12

meridian, idaho

I am all in favor off BYU jointing a conference, but not just in football. All of their teams need to be in the same conference.

BYU needs a vision which they don't have. If they did they would have done everything they could to get into the Big 12. Being in the Big 12 is the place they need to be. This conference is ideal for them, but not just in football, all sports, or none at all.

They also need to make football their number one priorty during the season. Nothing should be more important than football during the season. Wake up BYU* and do what all the big time programs do.

Sandy, UT

The question is not whether the Big East wants BYU.
Reading articles all accross the country, the answer to that question is Yes, they do.

The more important question is, does BYU want the Big East?
And, what must they give up in order to accept?

You nervous Nellie Utah fans are laughable. You continue to say nobody wants BYU and yet according to Holmoe they have been negotiationg with Conferences (plural) for months.

It's a matter of what BYU has to give up.

You see, unlike Utah, BYU has "Assets" to negotiate.

-ESPN contract
-National Network Games(10 this year)
-Same day Replay rights
-BYU-TV-Their own Network

Whether or not BYU is willing to part with some of these Assets, is what is at play here.

Utah fans "Naivete" on this whole matter is to be expected.

Utah joined the Pac 10, and good for them.
And they took whatever Commisioner Scott put on the table, including no full revenue for 4 years. Why? Because they had no other choice.

BYU has hard choices (assets) to consider.

By the way, Colorado came in with full revenue sharing, Year One.

Hank Pym

re: Bluto | 12:28 p.m. Nov. 1, 2011

Utah is a bottomfeeder tag along just like Washington St.,Northwestern, Indiana, Duke, Rutgers, Baylor etc.

Lumping the U in w/ the likes incredibly solid academic institutions such as Duke, Northwestern, & Indiana? Interesting?

So? BYU is the Cal-Berkeley of the Mtn time zone; right?

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