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Published: Friday, Oct. 28 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

If this is a "must win" for Jr, then it appears it's over for the most arrogant of all candidates--and the one candidate who said he was going to run a civil campaign (until it became necessary to attack his opponents). Romney will soundly win NH. Ol' Silver Spoon might come in third at best.

Mesa, AZ

If Romney tabs Jr for VP, could it be the 'end times'?

one old man
Ogden, UT

"A well-lubricated weather vane." Gotta love that. A perfect description not only of Romney, but Hatch, too.

Eugene, OR

Actually, you have to go back to the Washington Post story in the late winter when Huntsman was still in China. The Post basically accused Huntsman of wanting to run now rather than later simply because he couldn't stand seeing Romney be the front runner instead of him. It detailed the way he wanted to be in charge of the Olympics but wanted to be drafted for the job rather than going all out to apply for it as did Romney.
His goal seems to be to stop Romney from succeeding. There is no other legitimate conclusion to draw from his continued candidacy at this point.....unless of course what he rally wants is be Obama's running mate.
His chances of playing that role in 2012 are far greater than his chances of finishing New Hampshire... in even third place.

Draper, UT

Huntsman is a very bright, capable person who has been the victim of an absolutely abysmal campaign. All decisions are ultimately his, of course, but he apparently has surrounded himself with advisors who have no idea how to run a campaign. From his announcement on it has been one misstep after another. It is doubtful at best that he could ever have won the nomination but he should have shown much better in the polls than he has. IMO, his poor performance puts him in very real danger of being irrelevant in 2016 and beyond.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Seriously wondering if Huntsman may change parties in the future. This may all have been planned to see how he was received. Stranger things have happened..........


When Huntsman entered the race I didn't know much about him, however, his call for civility in politics and statements on foreign affairs made me decide to follow him a little more and see how far up my personal list he would move. I will admit that he was at the bottom of list at the time. After moving up the list initially, in the past few weeks he has moved back down and this last maneuver of his makes me want to see him pack it in altogether. His pandering to the CNN types to try to salvage a failing campaign has violated one of the fundamental rules of do no harm to your own party. As far as I can see the Ohio ballot measure controversy is something that one of the anti-Romneys at CNN fabricated (Peter Hamby has been following Romney around muck raking at every stop) and for Huntsman to decide to pile on with some of the most vicious attacks shows Huntsman to be a much smaller man than I had him pegged for.


I have had a hard time with Huntsman on a few things. The most important one is that he was a kiss up to Obama. His ideas are more like a Democrat than a Republican. I did not like that way that he came off on how he felt about being a Mormon. Many things really bother me about him. I especially do not like any kind of negative remarks that those who are running for office about the others who are trying to get elected. I was all for Perry when he first went in but because I saw really what he was all about I have totally changed my mine. I still think that Romney is the only one who can beat Obama and so for this reason this is who I am leaning towards. I do like Cain but I wonder if he can go up against Obama. Time will tell. As for Huntsman he is also very arrogant and to me we already have that in the White House.

safety dictates, ID

violated one of the fundamental rules of do no harm to your own party.

Yes, that has been the Republican strategy for some time. How about just telling the truth? Serving and protecting the party was the communist motto. How many people in the former USSR love the old politburo?

Washougal, Washington

It makes no sense politically to comment on state ballot measures when you're in someone else's state(Kasich). To leave the state and then comment gives people the breathing room that they need. This is not "weather vane" it's being smart. Romney is smart politically, and will never fall into the trap of being honest, yet stupid politically. Sounds like jon has fallen into the trap set by the kingmakers for Mitt. Get ready now for the powerhouse that is Michelle Bachman.

Salt Lake City, UT

"And if no success, Huntsman can then EXIT the race and run for Congress against Matheson! "

As a liberal... I trust Huntsman more than I do Matheson. Go right ahead.

"If I make $100K per year, and the flat tax rate is 9%, I pay $9000.00 in Federal Income Tax. If you make $10K per year, you pay $900. Doesn't that mean that I am paying 10x what you are paying for exactly the same services? Exactly how is that regressive? Sounds pretty progressive to me."

To the first question... yes, for the most part. To the second question... it's not regressive, or progressive. The definition of a (progressive/regressive) tax is one where the (top/bottom) pay a higher percentage in taxes than the (bottom/top). Since it's the same percentage in your example, it's a flat tax.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

I can't help thinking that there's more than a little of "What does today's crowd want to hear from its leader today?" to Mitt. Does he STILL want to double the size of GITNO?

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