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Published: Monday, Oct. 31 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Ogden, UT

From what I've seen of Survivor, I wouldn't be too quick to brag that Mormons are found participating on the program.

MarieDevine Divine-Way
Kansas City, MO

"What is highly esteemed by men is abomination to God." Seeking riches and honors is not supposed to be our goal. Modesty, cooperation not competition, and showing dignity and holiness are what we are to witness to the world.

Latter-day Saints have been given great messages from Jesus Christ, published in the Doctrines and Covenants; they are supposed to be leading the way to the restored truths of God's Church. As God said, great deception would be in the world, so much so that even the very elect of God could be taken in by it.

We are priests and kings to show leaders of government and religion what is clearly written in God's word, the Bible. The Book of Mormon is another witness to truths of the Bible; more people must want to read it before condemning the words of Jesus Christ unknowingly. God does all things out of the mouth of two or three witnesses. God has used other written prophets to verify the Book of Mormon and Bible. We should not be surprised that God is true to His word to both restore His truths and be found faithful.

Huntsville, UT

Oh my bob, Mormons are jumping down the throats of these two?

Seriously, can you get your panties in any more of a wad? You two (yarrlydarb & MarieDevine Divine-Way) won't be happy until everybody spends every waking moment of every day of their lives with their eyes glued to their feet and their noses poked into some religious text or other. When should we start wearing our burkas?

Give it a rest. These two have done nothing that would embarass any active Mormon I know.

Kaysville, UT

As ye judge ye shall be judged.... I wonder if you Mormon, Mormon haters are perfect???
I don't watch this show but I'm pleased 2 individuals from Utah are representing us. I wish them luck in their efforts.


I had Dawn Meehan as one of my English professors, and it was one of the best classes I took at BYU. She is such an enjoyable, fun, and engaging teacher, and I wish her the best of luck in the competition!

Kennewick, WA

I have really enjoyed watching the two Mormons on Survivor this season. Both of them have comported themselves admirably and are to be commended for keeping high standards of behavior, especially given how competitive Survivor is! Dawn Meehan singlehandedly won one of the recent challenges for her tribe, and was a great example of endurance!

Cora Smith

Except for extreme religious people who live, breath, and eat scripture all day long, if you take religion out of these two contestants story, they are, just people being people. Like most all human beings on this earth, they want love, some fun, and some life experience and friendship.
Some of us need to lighten up on the religious soap box talks. They don't do anything for anybody. I will attend church for my lessons, thank you.

Cedar Hills, UT

Ha! The first two comments are awesome(sarcasm)...and sadly typical. I wish both of these contestants luck.

The Authority
Richfield, UT

Rick will defeat them all with the power of his mustache!

Logan, UT

The cowboy has played a low-key smart game and will make it to the merge then we will see what he can do.

After the professor quit crying she actually was impressive and I hope she does well.
The best part is when she pulled the food out of Hanz's teeth. That was true grit.

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