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Published: Sunday, Oct. 30 2011 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Bakersfield, CA

grindael, I'm not sure why you feel that the circumstances of PPP's murder fascilitated events of the MMM, when all this occured a decade earlier?

But while comparing frontier prophets to ancient Israeli ones seems a favorite pastime of some, I can't recall a single Biblical prophet who defied the law for 20+ years by harboring murderers of a heinous massacre. Then turning over one of the 50 murderers to face the firing squad. Can you?

layton, UT

Bill in Nebraska, See Fair LDS Article, Mormonism and polygamy/Parley P. Pratt's marriage and murder..
Pratts last wife, Eleanor, was sealed to him WITHOUT divorcing her legal husband, who fatally shot Parley near Van Buren, Arkansas (p. 333). There is, however, much that we are not told. Eleanors husband was a heavy drinker, which in 1844 resulted in separation. The couple was reconciled, and the family moved to San Francisco. While in California, Eleanor discovered the church. Her husband forbade her to join and purchased a sword cane and threatened to kill her and the minister who baptized her if she became a Mormon.

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