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Published: Friday, Oct. 28 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Colorado Springs, CO

Everyone saying BYU only plays 1-2 games back east is likely wrong. Based on 8 conferance games they would need to play 3 games back east with 5 in their division. Still this is not bad and they get tons of exposure in huge markets with the proposed Big east arrangement.

Houston, Dallas, and all the large markets on the East coast.

If they went independent for exposure joining the BE makes more sense than the Big 12. Kansas, Iowa, Ok City, do not compare with the BE markets.

Finally with proposed BE they would be better than the current BE. BSU, Hoston, BYU, AF vs Pitt, Syracuse, WV. WV is their only real loss in football although both Pitt and Syracuse hurt BE B-ball, but BYU would not care there as they will still be in WCC.

Colorado Springs, CO

One last thought. Under proposed BE Lousville is final west division team as Navy and UCF become east division.


Championship game rotates between Dallas (Cowboys stadium) and New York City.

This should be a no brainer for BYU so long as the BE can work with the quirkiness that BYU brings.

Iowa City, IA

Bluto makes some good points. So I won't repeat them here.

Still, I bet BYU stays independent.

Y needs new coach
Oceanside, OR

After watching tonight's game, I think it's obvious that the football team needs a new coach. Bronco is a good man, but he's taken the team as far as he can. There's a reason BYU hasn't been in a BCS bowl game. Bronco cannot help his players execute at a high level (his players consistently make too many mistakes) and, most importantly, the players have no mental toughness; they cannot handle pressure. Better prepared, better coached teams like TCU, FSU, (gulp) Utah consistently beat us now because we crumble under pressure. The Oklahoma game a few years ago is the only exception. Bronco is better at making his program appealing to Wasatch Mormons than he is at actually coaching--"Pursuit of Perfection" come on, what is he the new AP of his mission.

This fall he cut camp short because this team was way ahead of other teams he's coached?
No one noticed Alisa in the beginning of camp?
He thought Heaps was progressing well?
I'm also concerned about his pharisees comment a few weeks ago.

I would never want anyone to lose a job, but, at the same time, BYU is in danger of being permanently irrelevant.

Fairfax, VA

AFCoug: You're right about playing 3 games against the eastern teams. But every year, 1 or 2 of those games would be out west against an eastern team. Wouldn't impact your travel. Obviously some years would be worse than others.

I like your division alignment though. I think it is imminent that Boise State will go. It would be nice to have BYU join them and build a nice conference rivalry.

bountiful, ut

Cush81 you hit it right on the head. :) Not every 'east' game would be at 'their' home. Some of them would be right in Provo..... Kansas State brought back Bill Snyder who helped Kansas State be a power in the 90's and maybe 80's too.... Why can't BYU bring back our beloved Lavell?


Travel wouldn't be that much of a factor in the decision because as an independent, BYU is going to be traveling all over the country anyway.

I like BYU to the Big East in football only, assuming BSU and Air Force are also going, as part of a western division. I like it more than BYU going to the Big 12 in all sports. Though, while Louisville as the 6th member of the western division would be great, I think it's inevitable that Louisville will end up in the Big 12.


I hate to say this, but it makes sense for BYU to join the BIG East in football only. It allows continued affiliation with WCC for non-football sports, gets BYU the BCS tie in... Provides re-connection with old foes like Air Force...

And I think the affiliation with the BIG East gets BYU's Basketball some great games.

It also gets better exposure than the BIG12 would get. Playing games on the East Coast is better than playing in Oklahoma and Kansas. Just sayin...

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