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Published: Friday, Oct. 28 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

Cork you need to very gently put a cork in your comments because they are out in left field.

Holmoe does not talk about negotiations. BYU has always played it close to the vest.

Just because you have become used to other people violating confidences and blab about this or that invitation you expect BYU to tell you the details of what is happening.

I don't think it is religion which causes problems for BYU The mission of the school and the church, which means walking away from the ESPN contract and the option of putting every game on BYUtv nationwide. Remember there are over 60 million viewers for BYUtv. That is exposure.

I do agree there are other factors, but that come into play, but I really do not think religion is part of it, that was only with the snooty PAC 12 presidents, but not with the coaches. They wanted BYU. The arrogant President's didn't want them.

We need to beat the AQ schools and the very best teams from the non AQ conferences. No more letting the Utes get in our heads and letting them blow us out of the water.

Mapleton, UT

BYU needs to keep it's lucrative ESPN contract and stay independent. Too many people are obsessed with the BCS. Utah has gotten a lot of money by joining the PAC-12 but has not been successful on the field. Go Arizona - beat the Utes! There you go Chris B.

caleb in new york
Glen Cove, NY

a few thoughts -

Who needs a traveling partner for a football only league? Teams will play one away football game then travel back home. Traveling partner only is necessary or helpful for other sports. Boise St. might be clamoring for BYU to get in because they might need BYU's pull to get into the WCC for their other sports.

Those who are bagging on BYU leadership for not obtaining the Big-12 invite should realize that the Big 12 had two open spots and at least 4 quality schools (TCU, BYU, Louisville, and West Virgina) looking to fill those spots. BYU was not a guarantee and it was not a matter of mere incompetency by BYU's sports leaders that caused them not to received the invite. I'm not sure what TCU's athletic budget is, but BYU's annual athletic budget (32 million or so) was only about 60% of West Virgina's and only about 60% of Louisville's (which were 50-60 million).

Cedar Hills, UT

The Big East is a joke. A conference of left overs and left outs.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

So who is more desperate the Big East or the Y?

Bountiful, UT

So it would be the western division being the football Big East as none of the teams in the easter part of the Big East could play with BSU, etc. Basketball would be just the opposite. UConn would make fools out of Boise or TCU. Another stupid idea that can be tied to the BCS. College sports are a complete mess with conferences. Nice work, corporate America.

Everett, WA

No longer care where they go. If BYU can't win a single big game, then it doesn't matter anyway.

IA Cougar
West Des Moines, IA

Tired of the Ute fans banter. I'm also tired of our big talk and no action. BYU sealed the deal in my mind tonight by proving that they are not worthy of it. I'd love them to join the big time but you have to play big before you join the party. That, is something they have yet to do. Coaching is poor and until that gets fixed, we need to stay independent or seek to go back to the MWC or the WAC where we can pound up on losing records. I'm trying to think of our last win against a winning record. Hmmmmmm. Utah is finding it hard as well. Mistakes on both sides. Delusions of grandeur!


In all honesty, who really wants to deal with BYU? They have so many aberrations to contend with. A real conference never gave them the time of day, not EVER. The continuous articles pertaining to BYU's acceptance somewhere is all hype and a desperate hope that somebody "may" like them someday........ which will NEVER be the case. The day will come when the LDS officials in SLC will drop BYU athletics, as the clock is ticking folks.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

After watching BYU get pretty much schooled tonight in Texas, I'm thinking that the Big East would be a great conference for them. The travel expenses double, the maximum 2 hour flights just turned into 4 hour flights and 2 hour time zone should really keep your boys fresh!!

I chuckle at all this "conference" shake up, I've predicted for years that it will all come down to "greed". Certainly is a sad world we live in when money becomes a priority over rivalries.

Sorry Utah and BYU fans but many of you took the bait, and now you won't see any legit BCS Bowl game in years to come!! In some ways I smile and sit back and tell many BYU and Utah fans......"see I told you so"!

San Diego, CA

A geographic nightmare.

Cougar Nation #1
Provo, UT

No to the Big East!!!!! Independent or Big 12 are the only real options. The Big East is weak in football and let's face it BYU is in the WEST!!!

Lincoln City, OR

BYU can always return to the position it is in today.... Indy and WCC.... It is critical however that we don't get left off the list of AQ Conferences as they expand.

We become a much more attractive package once we are in and AQ Conference.... It's kind of like looking for work.... It's always easier when you already have a job.... Even with all that aside, I think that the East/West Divisions of the BE conference is intriguing.... I could see where it could turn out to be a very good deal.

Sammamish, WA

I'll skip over all the drivel from the Ute trolls but BYU going to the Big East would be the absolute stupidest move of all that have been seriously discussed. It's tanking on all fronts, the team travel, the physical proximity to BYU Alumni and more reasons, I'm sure make this ridiculous on it's face. I think I'd lose all respect for those involved.

Colorado Springs, CO

I would like to see BYU in the BE(football only) and with the schools mentioned they easily retain their BCS status and are beer than the ACC. I already miss playin AF evry year and we have no rivalry games to get excited about in the current system. BYU vs BSU every year! BYU vs AF again! BYU vs Houston! The west division would be stacked. It would be nice to lose 2 games and still be able to go to a BCS game by winning the championship game. Access would be so much better. Visability would improve as the biggest markets on the east coast would be watching BYU every week. Currently the BE is the weakest BCS conferance but with the teams being discussed added it becomes 3rd or 4th best passing the ACC and possibly the PAC-12. With the teams listed bowl eligble teams each year for the past 5 years are;
2010 9/12
2009 10/12
2008 9/12
2007 11/12
2006 10/12
Some of those are barely but even the 2nd tier bowls improve dramatically and likely get better with West division. Holiday Bowl??

Fairfax, VA

The people who keep talking about how awful the travel would be aren't really looking closely at the situation. If BYU joined the Big East, they'd be in a Western Division. They would probably only play 1, maybe 2 games a year on the East Coast. In the Western division, the furthest they'd have to travel is Texas (which they seem to do every year anyway) and Cincinnati, and that wouldn't even be every year. If we were talking all sports, it would be stupid. But it's just football.

Another thing: BCS bid. People like to keep saying the Big East is going to lose its auto bid, but what proof is there that that will happen? Adding all those schools will make Big East stronger, and all non-AQ conferences weaker. They'll keep the bid, especially if the service academies join. And if for some reason they do lose their auto bid in the Big East, BYU can just go back to being independent. My point is - it can't hurt to try. So instead of turning your nose up at the idea, why not look a little closer at the details

Richmond, VA

@ IA Cougar, I couldn't have said it better! All this talk of joining an AQ conference is getting very old and tiresome and a huge waste of time. How about we win some meaningful games first? Respect will come only after we prove we can compete with the best. Until then, we'll continue to be irrelevant to the conversation as more and more people disrespects us and treat us like the ugly bridesmaid that no one wants. Last night should've been a win but we once again kept shooting ourselves in the foot with stupid mistakes in the red zone. We left at least 3 scores on the field because we simply didn't play smart football when it counts. Riley was great but also tried too much to be a hero and ended up making costly mistakes.

We talk of exposure as one of our main goals, but that too will be hard to achieve if we can't win the big games. Neither independence nor belonging to an AQ conference will matter if we can't compete with the big boys. Those are the only type of games that will generate excitement and bring in real exposure.

Sandy, UT

What are the Pros to BYU joining the Big East?

-They keep all Olympic sports in the close-by and alumni-heavy (fan base) WCC.

-They are in the "Club" an AQ Conference, which the Big East will never lose.

-Football Bowl opportunites improve immediately, even as a 2nd, 3rd or 4th place team.

-Scheduling becomes easier as 5-8 games are built in annually.
No more San Jose St. and Idaho St..

-BYU can still schedule 4-5 games annually with any team ie. Notre Dame, Texas, Georgia Tech etc.

-Bronco said he wanted to play the Academies. Navy and Air Force fit 2/3 of that bill.

-Western Division, means just that, most Conference games are in the West with Boise St., Air Force, Houston, SMU, and maybe one or two games a year back East.

-A Championship Game (for BCS berth) in Yankee Stadium one year and Jerry's World the next.

-They are in a League which is in the Major Media Markets, which is exactly why the Big East will never go away.

-A Big East Association, will allow BYU to fill in their non-conference games for B-Ball with Big East teams.


Sandy, UT


This is BYU's last chance, and with a Football only invite, it's the Ideal.

The Big 12 will "Never" happen, the Pac 12 was "Never" going to happen and the other Conferences, yea right?

The Silver Lining in all of this is the fact that the concept of 4 16 team Super Conferences with only 64 teams is dead.

Unfortunately the BCS system is "The Governing System". 6 BCS Conferences assures that this system is here to stay. This new round of Conference re-alignment's has effectively put every school under the BCS umbrella, that deserves to be there, except.......BYU.

If BYU wants to sit back while schools like Boise St., SMU, Houston, Air Force and teams which were not even D-1 even ten years ago (South Florida and Uconn) attain AQ status, then BYU will become the "Tulane" of College Football.

(Tulane voluntarily withdrew from the SEC years ago) good move?

The process has effectively weeded out the 40 schools or so, which should not even be Division One. Wyoming, San Jose St. etc, teams which draw 10-15 k per game, c'mon now.

Let's hope BYU makes the move.

Sandy, UT


Still nervous about BYU we see.
Man are you insecure.

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