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Published: Friday, Oct. 28 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Don't join the Big East because it is now becoming the sinking ship of bcs leauge. Stay Independent for now.

South Jordan, Utah

BYU's "failure" to be invited to either the PAC 10 or Big 12 can be boiled down to one issue - religion. And in most cases, Sunday play. BYU has the reputation, history, following, etc. What they are not willing to do is compromise their standards - and that scares potential suitors.

Anyone who claims the BYU is not wanted for any reason other than religion is disingenuous at best.

Serenity Now
Highland, UT

Holmoe: Do not allow BYU to join the Big East--it's a sinking ship. While I would have loved BYU to join the Big 12, independence in football is far better than the Big East.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is becoming very interesting. The 12 team football league is not a bad fit for BYU.

All the Utah fans seem to have forgotton that they were the last in, throw in to make 12, whatever you want to call it, after T and O and their friends wouldn't come. They also had to agreed to join without money for one year and then a graduated scale for two more.

The talk then seemed to be that Utah would either end up in the PAC or in the "remnants" of the Big 12. We all know how it ended. A great deal for Utah, at least once they pay their way in. How soon they forget!

Another big plus to all of this is "Sunday play". The reason BYU is not in the Big12 or PAC12 for that matter.

This solves the Sunday play problem quite nicely and also the integrity issue of ditching the WCC after only one year.

If this works, the State of Utah is a big winner. Two teams in big revenue football conferences. Both Utah and BYU can carry the "brand" of the great State of Utah all over the country.

Done That
Monroe, CT

That would be awesome for Basketball!! I live in Connecticut so what do you expect me to say. BIG EAST BB Tournament at MSG just an hour 15 minutes down the road. With BYU and BSU, that would make the BIG EAST a respectable football conference as well.

Danbury, CT

Captain L

Patience Schmatience. I say jump in the Big East or any BCS conference and sort things out later. Everything will change again anyway.

Exposure is more than ESPN for a few games a year. It's playing in stadiums in bigger metro areas than Provo-Salt Lake, it's being in the paper, on the daily drive time radio show, local talk radio in the bigger markets. It's playing in FRONT of a top recruit's family and not just on TV.

But I would push to play basketball in the BE too. That's where the real action is.

I like it...

Muss Man
Draper, UT

@Kiboo: "BYU's "failure" to be invited to either the PAC 10 or Big 12 can be boiled down to one issue - religion."

Can you say "persecution syndrome," anyone?

Temecula, CA

So many words and comments on so little info. The BYU A.D says boo and the Deseret News has ten stories from it. Well, I heard BYU is holding out for the super division. It would create the largest division being a part of the AFC West. Playing San Diego, Oakland, Arizona and San Francisco would give BYU: 1. Destination cities, 2. More chances to make the Championship game, 3. A real playoff format, 4. Higher TV ratings, 5. Increased name branding sales, 6. Piles and more piles of cash, 7. Trips to London, Toronto, Miami, and Atlanta occassionally. 8. One step above Utah's conference if that really matters, 9. The only draw backs are Sunday play and playing in Green Bay and Chicago in the winter. But the advantages outweigh right?

Actually remaining Independent seems the most logical. If BYU plays good football and that continues to sell the program then the options for Bowl games will increase from not just the Championship game but to other bowls! Just like it was supposed to be for Norte Dame before it folded up football in South Bend. I vote for the current structure.

Omaha, NE

This would be like BYU going to a party after everyone else but the clean up help went home. The SEC will get 2 invites to the BCS games before the clean up help at the forgotten East will get one.

bountiful, ut

Please cite your exact source that enables you to flat out say that BYU and the Big XII is guaranteed to at no time forthcoming ever going to form a partnership. For now it is nothing more than unsubstantiated speculation that I do not for even a nano-second buy into. Basically what I am saying is that until either the university or the conference says so I don't buy the presses nonsense.

Layton, UT

This does very little for BYU. I hope they don't seriously consider this option. I don't think that the Big-East will be a BCS conference in a couple years anyway.

This makes it easier to schedule teams, but does nothing else.

Orem, Utah

It's pretty obvious all the pundits out there providing "news" have no clue about BYU, and that includes ESPN's.

Boise State's "traveling partner" for the Big East? What a laugh.

BYU's not dumb enough to join a midmajor-overhauled conference that's unlikely to retain its BCS status for very long. The instability of the Big 12 that's been concerning BYU doesn't look so bad in comparison to the Big East's instability.

WVA's invite is expected, as the Big 12 needs to jump on getting them to save that school $5 mil. Doesn't mean BYU's now "out of the running." Clueless pundits.

It's going to be fun watching whether the Big East's by-law for that waiting period holds water, as WVA's apparently announced that they're leaving before the required time. Lawyers' wallets just got fatter.

Orem, Utah

The elephant in the room in conference expansion is what will the Big Ten do? Rumors keep popping up that they're also thinking about expanding---to 15 even!

Where will those additional teams come from?

When the Big Ten drops the other shoe, all 7344 will break loose!

The ACC and SEC are committed to at least going to 14 each. The Big 12 won't survive long if it stays at 10. It'll need to get to 14 also.

Gonna be interesting, to say the least.

Mesa, AZ

Rearranging deck chairs is lunacy.

There was talk earlier this week of a merger between the Big East, Conference USA, and the Mountain West Conference. How did BYU enter the picture? And what about all the other members of those conferences?

All the cherry-picking other conferences teams may become a mute point shortly, if the BCS desolves conference tie-ins and goes solely on its rankings system of all FBS eligible teams.

If the BCS does this, we'd probably still see the same teams year-in and year-out, with an occasional Cinderella. I guess the big thing is, all the Cinderella's will just be happy to be invited to the Ball. A little respect is all they want, just to be included, to make it seem like the playing field is level, fair and equitable.

The problem is, the money will get in the way. It always has, and always will. Its not about the student-athlete and football, but revenue.

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

I have been against anything Big East for a while, but, if they can arrange a western conference with BSU, Houston, SMU, Air Force, BYU, and somebody else of note, I think I could go for that.

Murray, UT

Big East? Better off in the Big Sky. How much deeper of a pit can Holmoe put us into? Open your mouth, Tom, and do two things. One, tell us why we aren't going to the Big 12 - really, not some tripe they hand you to read. Second, announce your overdue resignation.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Daily Deseret News article on expansion rumors that *might* involve BYU...check.

The D-News must be afraid that BYU fans will stop taking the paper if they don't publish this article every day.

Orem, Utah

@ SpanishImmersed,

I was with you on "Rearranging deck chairs is lunacy."

But, where'd you get the idea about the BCS desolving conference tie-ins? First I've heard of that. Source? - thanks.

Heber City, UT

Some of you couch potato coaches keep saying the Big East will lose it AQ status but you sure don't name a conference which will replace it. Mark my words down, the BCS wants to have 6 AQ conferences and they want the eastern schools to be the majority of the AQ conferences. That is the way they set it up. With Utah and BYU out of the MWC and if Boise leaves there is no way the MWC gets AQ status ever. The WAC won't get it, Conference USA won't get it and this super conference with the WAC, MWC and CUSA isn't going to achieve it either.

This all is becoming a joke.

One thing that may hurt BYU is the fact that these AQ schools are moving to a situation where they do not want their teams to play out of conference once conference play begins. That only gives BYU FCS teams to play after the first 3-4 games. Not a good schedule.

Alpine, UT

Naval Vet

FUN FACT: The BCS is a failing system that was bogus to begin with. There a lots of mid-majors in major conferences - see mirror.

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